What Caused Soldier Boy to Kill Mindstorm? Explained

What Caused Soldier Boy to Kill Mindstorm? Explained

The Boys offers a novel and perhaps even partly real perspective on the superhero-populated universe. In contrast to other superhero franchises, it explores the power struggles, moral decline, and mental issues that both those with and without abilities experience.  Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is one of the show’s more unstable ones. He was thinking about murder as soon as he was released from captivity. He had been deceived, and he sought retribution from everyone who had wronged him. One of them was Mindstorm, and in the seventh installment, Soldier Boy gets even. The real cause for the treachery is revealed in this episode, whereas the previous ones only provided a hint. The following explains why Soldier Boy killed Mindstorm and was seeking Payback.

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When Soldier Boy killed Mindstorm, why?

When Homelander is revealed to be Soldier Boy’s kid, “The Boys” surprises both the viewer and its protagonists. The biologically linked Supes experience an emotional upheaval as a result of this revelation and those who had been counting on them to kill each other are left with a great deal of confusion. At this point, Soldier Boy is already enraged when the news is disclosed to him. His level of savagery increases after he learns this information. A terrible Soldier Boy when Payback’s members dared to speak out against him, he would nearly murder them. He would do this on purpose. Soldier Boy’s brutality did not spare Mindstorm, and he had the same desire for Soldier Boy’s removal as every other Payback member, with the exception of Gunpowder.  In fact, nobody could do anything because Soldier Boy was both the national hero and the face of Vought. He was also the deadliest Supe still alive, therefore defeating him would require much more than just physical might.

Payback had long harbored animosity toward Soldier Boy, but when Vought decided to get rid of him, they had their chance to act. He was already replaced, and they were certain that he wouldn’t take the news of abdicating his kingdom well. Additionally, Soldier Boy’s misdeeds were becoming more hassle than they were worth addressing, so getting rid of him would provide Vought with a fresh start. With Vought’s permission, Black Noir, Crimson Countess, the Twins, and Mindstorm engaged Soldier Boy in combat and eventually defeated him. They surrendered him to the Russians while making out that he had been slain in combat. Vought concocted a tale that would allay any rumors around his demise and restore Supes’ reputation. Soldier Boy only understood the full scope of Payback’s treachery when he found himself in captivity and subjected to years of torture by Russians. When he realized they weren’t doing it for the money but rather out of hatred for him, it got worse.

After learning of this, his rage toward his crew only grew, and it became clear that everybody who had ever deceived him would have to pay a price. He slaughtered the Twins and the Crimson Countess. Additionally, he puts Mindstorm to death for the same reason. The extreme brutality of the crime is what makes Mindstorm’s death stand out. With his strength, Soldier Boy killed the others. He didn’t have to work very hard to kill them. He becomes physically aggressive with Mindstorm to the point where he splits his head in half. The fact that Mindstorm revealed to Soldier Boy the reasons Vought abandoned him sparked this heinous deed. The Supe was still perplexed prior to this as to why the firm had abandoned him at the height of his career. It wasn’t that the thought of a replacement was unthinkable; rather, what caught him off guard was the nature of his connection with his successor. When Homelander’s father, Mindstorm, reveals to Soldier Boy that he is his son, the Supe goes insane for the same reason that Homelander did when he learned that his son’s identity had been kept hidden from him. He combines all of his grievances against Payback and Vought into one and directs his wrath at Mindstorm.