What Happened to Alonzo Teja and Where Is He Now?

Where Is Alonzo Teja Now

What Happened to Alonzo Teja and Where Is Alonzo Teja Today? – On March 1, 1989, the Colorado Springs police lost little time in responding to the call after receiving information about a potential killing. However, when they arrived at the scene of the crime, they discovered 27-year-old Timothy McClure dead, and his roommates were mum about what had happened.

Timothy’s death is detailed in “Homicide Hunter: Hot on The Trail: A Burning Mystery” on Investigation Discovery, which also demonstrates how Alonzo Teja was the obvious suspect. Let’s examine the crime in more depth and learn Alonzo’s current whereabouts, shall we?

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Who is Alonzo Teja and What Did He Do?

Alonzo was in his mid-twenties and going through a difficult time in his life when Timothy was killed. He was described as being blind and residing in a nearby shelter in the program. Alonzo, however, was still a novice to the harsh ways of the world and found it extremely difficult to adapt to such a setting. As a result, he was frequently the target of bullying, which only made matters worse.

Alonzo met Leah, one of Timothy’s housemates, while residing at the shelter. Leah frequently dropped over to see another acquaintance. The show said that because Leah had lived in a shelter, she was more tolerant of others’ needs when the situation called for it. She, therefore, welcomed Alonzo to stay with her after learning that someone had taken his sleeping bag.

Alonzo spent the night at Leah’s house on March 1, 1989, sleeping on the couch without waking anyone. The program noted that Timothy detested freeloaders and frequently treated anyone residing there without paying rent badly. The 27-year-old was also pretty drunk on that particular day, which heightened his rage. As a result, the episode claims that when Timothy saw Alonzo asleep on the couch, he approached the individual and attempted to rouse him forcefully.

Alonzo was startled by the unexpected physical attack because he couldn’t see anything, but he quickly fought back to protect himself. Alonzo was a good wrestler, and no one else in the house knew it, so he quickly got the better of Timothy. The episode also demonstrated how he repeatedly demanded Timothy’s surrender while holding him in a chokehold. The victim had already died from asphyxiation when the others could have rushed to Timothy’s rescue since he had grossly underestimated his ability.

It’s interesting that Timothy’s housemates chose to keep quiet when the police showed up since they didn’t want to say anything. However, after being individually questioned by police, the majority of them confessed and blamed Alonzo. Alonzo, however, asserted that he had acted in self-defense and had no desire to murder Timothy.

What Happened to Alonzo Teja and Where Is He Now?

The accusations against Alonzo were significantly reduced once the matter was presented to a grand jury, who determined that he had no intent to murder Timothy. According to the episode, Alonzo Teja was cleared of all charges after it was found that the suspect had acted in self-defense as well.

Unfortunately, Alonzo hasn’t been as active on social media afterward and now chooses to keep his personal life private. Furthermore, it is still unknown because there is no information revealing his present whereabouts.

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