What Happened To Candy Williams & Where Is She These Days?

What Happened To Candy Williams

Web of Lies: The Candyman,’ an episode on Investigation Discovery, go into the story of Jovan “Joe” Collier, AKA Peter Zimmer, with a focus on his adult machinations.

After all, not only did he murder his whole family in Wisconsin when he was 14 years old in 1983, but he was also arrested in 2009 and 2014 for harassing numerous of his former partners in Florida and Texas, respectively.

Candy Williams, the first of his unknowing and utterly blameless psychic victims, is one of them. Let’s learn more about her now, shall we?

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Where is Candy Williams Now

Candy Williams, Who Is She?

Candy Williams, a second-grade teacher, though she’d met a man of her dreams when she met Jovan “Joe” Collier on a bright Florida beach in late 2005.

“We hit it off that day,” she told ABC’s 20/20,’ adding, “It was a frenzy.” It happened in a flash.

He was quite enticing, a smooth talker who was nice and witty.” Thus, Joe’s portrayal of himself as someone who’d lost his parents in a car accident and suffered as much loss in his family as she had only accelerated their progress, especially since she felt the agony of being alone.

Joe moved in with Candy three months later, and the two began to make plans for the future, even discussing marriage.

“I was looking for someone with whom I could share my life,” she explained. “All I needed was a significant someone who I really wanted.”

That’s why she backed him up in all of his endeavours and stood by him even when he travelled out of state to see friends, ex-wives, and his children.

Candy, on the other hand, was unconcerned since she assumed he was striving to be a part of something bigger, until she came across his profile on a racy dating site in 2009.

Menacing letters: Collier sent his ex-girlfriend Candy Williams, harassing emails and letters

Candy ended their relationship and sent Joe out right afterward, only for him to start pestering her through hundreds of e-mails ranging from compulsive to dangerous.

Finally, after he drew a knife on her in public, she obtained a restraining order against him. Despite this, Joe is said to have stalked her at all times of the day.

Candy became even more terrified after learning of his twisted past and the fact that he was the one who murdered his adoptive parents.

Thankfully, he was apprehended shortly after for shipping her a dead piglet and putting her information on the internet.

Candy Williams

What Is Candy Williams These Days?

In May 2010, Joe Collier pled guilty to severe harassment related to Candy Williams’ case and was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

Nonetheless, she never truly had a chance to be at peace because he was released in just two years, especially since his second arrest in 2014 on similar charges in Texas didn’t result in a long-term jail sentence either.

Candy believes she was fortunate to have survived Joe, but that someone else might not, and the notion weighs over her like a heavy cloud.

Regardless, she is determined not to let him succeed by enjoying her life to the best of her skills, which, as far as I might know, is still in Florida.

Candy may no longer be a teacher, but she appears to be happy with her current situation.