Where Are Senzo Meyiwa’s Parents Now? How Did His Father Die and Where is His Mother Now?

Where Are Senzo Meyiwa’s Parents Now

Senzo Meyiwa’s loved ones and legions of followers were grieved by his untimely demise in October 2014. While it took years for officials to figure out who killed Senzo, his parents, Irene and Sam Meyiwa, persisted in demanding answers and hoping for a resolution. ‘Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star,’ a Netflix documentary, covers the lengthy investigation into Senzo’s death and includes Irene’s account of her trauma. We’ve got you covered if you’re curious about what happened to the footballer’s parents.

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Who Are Irene and Sam Meyiwa

Where Are Senzo Meyiwa’s Parents Irene and Sam Meyiwa Now?

Ntombifuthi Meyiwa, who plays Senzo’s mother Irene on the programme, commented about how Sam would constantly text his son after a game and address his mistakes. Senzo, who had a difficult childhood and subsequently became the family’s earner, received the family’s entire support. As a result, everyone was taken aback when the young man was fatally shot in October 2014.

Senzo had been seeing South African singer Kelly Khumalo while married to Mandisa Mkhize. In fact, when the incident occurred, he was with Kelly at her home. Senzo’s connection with Kelly was a source of discord in the Meyiwa family at the time; they didn’t approve of him dating Kelly because he was already married to Mandisa. As a result, Sam’s public statement that the singer was not welcome at Senzo’s funeral came as no surprise.

Early on, Irene and Sam were upset by the lack of progress in the inquiry. Sam acquired knowledge about the killers’ identity from a tip in 2015, and he immediately reported it to the police. However, they did not follow up on the information they eventually obtained until 2020.

Irene, on the other hand, was still convinced Kelly wasn’t telling the truth about what transpired that night. “I’m afraid of her,” the mother continued. The same person who continues to refuse to reveal the truth regarding my son’s death. My greatest goal is for the persons who murdered Senzo to be apprehended and for the truth to be revealed entirely.”

Where is Irene Meyiwa Now

What Caused Sam Meyiwa’s Death? What happened to Irene Meyiwa?

Sam Meyiwa eventually died without ever learning who killed his son. He had a stroke in August 2018 that left him bedridden, according to family members, because he was having a hard time dealing with Senzo’s death. The 66-year-old never fully recovered, passing away in the early hours of July 29, 2019, from a second stroke.

According to our information, Irene still resides in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She said in a recent interview that she was having financial difficulties. “I needed the money, so I agreed to do it,” Irene added, “but we hope the series will finally see the killer brought to justice for Senzo’s murder.”

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