Where Does the Black Knight Take Place?

What Time Period is Black Knight set in and Where Does It Take Place

When Did Black Knight Take Place? – Netflix’s ‘Black Knight‘ depicts an Earth that differs drastically from our own in appearance and atmosphere. Once-thriving regions have been reduced to barren wastelands, with only 1% of humanity surviving. Despite this uncertain environment, humanity still finds ways to divide and discriminate against one another. Oxygen has become even more precious, and its production requires the processing of a rare element known as oxyanium for survival purposes. For those curious about the setting and timeline details of ‘Black Knight,’ don’t worry; we have you covered!

What Time Period is Black Knight set in? Where Does It Take Place?

The Netflix show is inspired by Lee Yun-kyun’s popular webtoon of the same title. Our narrator begins the series premiere by setting the scene in 1980, when an impact from a comet caused destructive waves to wash over our continents, submerging them entirely beneath the water. By 2071, only 1% of humanity resides on the Korean Peninsula, which is now filled with the toxic air pollution that makes breathing impossible. The once lush ground has transformed into barren desert savannas.

Black Knight differs from other TV shows where human actions lead to disaster in that its misery caused by humanity has its own form. After the comet’s impact, Cheonmyeong Group became powerful by extracting oxygen from oxyanium and selling it, becoming just as influential as government agencies. In this episode of Cheonmyeong, we see that despite his father’s best intentions, Ryu Seok proves himself a heartless and cruel individual. Our protagonist recently received devastating news: he’s been diagnosed with one of the new diseases caused by the comet’s arrival. Time is running out, and he must find a cure quickly or suffer irreparable effects. This possibly explains Ryu Seok’s despicable behavior at this point in time.

When Does Black Knight Take Place

After being hit by a comet, the Korean Peninsula has become a barren wasteland, setting the scene for Black Knight’s captivating tale. Seoul lies in ruins, and survivors must adapt to new social norms. Our characters live in three distinct groups: General, Special, and Core. Each group resides in different districts. Core is made up of only the most elite members of society, living under an artificial sky that ensures its air stays clear. In contrast, the General District experiences exposure to sunlight exceeding 10 minutes at any one time.

And now, we introduce a fourth group of individuals. Refugees live lives fraught with misery and struggle to access even basic resources. Cheonmyeong agents frequently eliminate them without mercy, leading some refugees to hunt and thievery to secure the resources they need for survival. Enter Cheonmyeong’s elite delivery force, the Black Knights. Their job is to transport vital resources directly to those in need. The deliverymen are known for possessing exceptional fighting and driving abilities while frequently encountering hunters during their job runs.

In this post-apocalyptic world, a government is established with the President acting as the head of state. However, Cheonmyeong also holds significant power, giving little control to the government over their actions. As season one ends, Defense Minister Ryu Seok arranges a coup with support from Defense Minister Park Seon-wook (Chan Myung Seon).

As the season draws to a close, Ryu Seok’s schemes are ultimately foiled, and his coup is effectively crushed. A shocking twist reveals that Cheonmyeong had been using mobile air-purifying machines to pollute the atmosphere. However, somehow a miraculous transformation occurs: Earth begins healing itself, the skies clear out, and the air becomes fresh and pure once more.

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