Jamie Faith Murder Case – Where is Darrin Lopez Now?

Darrin Lopez
On January 11, 2021, Darrin Lopez was arrested in Tennessee. Law enforcement conducted searches in one of his vehicles and his home and discovered the alleged murder weapon, credit cards in Jennifer Faith's name, and a mask matching the description of the face mask that Jennifer recalled seeing on the shooter.

48 Hours: The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith,’ a book about the tragic murder of American Airlines CEO Jamie Faith in October 2020, is detailed. The inquiry into the terrible incident found a complex scheme to cover up Jamie’s wife Jennifer’s death and her lover Darrin Lopez’s assassination. While much is already known regarding Jennifer’s conduct, let’s shed some light on Darrin’s role in the jolting case.

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Jennifer Faith and Darrin Lopez met in high school.
Jennifer Faith and Darrin Lopez met in high school.

Darrin Lopez, Who is He?

Darrin Ruben Lopez, who was born on June 7, 1972, fell in love with Jennifer, a classmate at Salpointe Catholic High School, and the two dated throughout high school and college. After completing basic training in the army, the couple planned to marry but broke up while she was attending college, and he was deployed to South Korea. Darrin went on to serve in the Special Forces for 26 years as a Medical Sergeant. During his stay in Iraq, he sustained a traumatic brain injury that left him unable.

Darrin settled in Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee, after retirement, and was most likely living apart from his daughters. After seeking for Jennifer, he contacted her. She was married to Jamie Faith, an American Airlines technology director, and the couple lived in Oak Cliff, Dallas County, at the time.

In March 2020, Jennifer and Darrin began communicating again via messages, emails, and phone conversations, and their old feelings were quickly reignited. “I love and miss you so much,” he wrote in an email dated April 6, 2022. Continue to fantasise about our future together. Continue to arrange our life together.”

Jennifer returned the favour and covertly had an emotional affair with Darrin, which Jamie was allegedly aware of. She later created two phoney email accounts, one for her husband and the other for an ex-colleague, and began reporting to her lover that Jamie was physically and sexually assaulting her. She used stock photographs of injuries from the internet and sent them in emails to back up her claims.

With such communications, she persuaded Darrin that Jamie was an abusive husband and that she wanted nothing more than to rejoin with him. Darrin drove to Oak Cliff, Dallas County, and waited in the empty house adjacent to the Faith residence, enraged by Jennifer’s condition. Jennifer and Jamie were out for a stroll with their dog Maggie at 7:30 a.m. on October 9, 2020, when a disguised Darrin approached them from behind and shot his lover’s husband with a.45 calibre handgun.

Jamie was shot a total of seven times: three times in the head, three times in the chest, and once in the crotch. Darrin then proceeded to duct-tape Jennifer’s hands and stole her valuables, but he eventually gave up and drove away in his black Nissan pickup truck.

black Nissan pickup truck
A neighbor, along with surveillance cameras, captured the shooter’s vehicle. It was a black Nissan truck with a distinctive “T” decal on the back window of the driver’s side.

Jamie died on the scene, and Jennifer was just slightly hurt during the event. Jennifer texted Darrin regularly as the inquiry began, especially in the 12 days following the murder. However, when the police discovered all of their correspondence on Jennifer’s iPhone, they discovered their diabolical scheme.

In addition, a neighbour snapped a photo of Darrin’s truck as he fled the scene on the day of the murder, and another neighbor’s surveillance camera caught the whole thing on film. The authorities observed the above-mentioned truck while performing aerial surveillance on Darrin’s Tennessee home and concluded that he could be their suspect. When Jennifer learned of this, she demanded that Darrin remove the “T” sticker from his truck, which was seen in the video.

Jennifer also used $58,000 of the $60,000 in GoFundMe donations she had received as assistance to buy him a TV and plane tickets for him and his girls. Apart from that, she gave him two of her credit cards and filed a claim with Jamie’s employer’s insurance company for $629,000 in death benefits. Darrin was caught at his house on January 11, 2021, as he and Jennifer plotted to make their cover stories sound the same.

Darrin’s house also yielded the alleged murder weapon, the mask he wore, which Jennifer described to the police, and both of her credit cards. Despite his incarceration, she continued to communicate with him in prison via an unknown third party, declaring her love for him through texts.

Darrin confessed in custody after Jennifer’s arrest for obstruction of justice in February 2020 that she had asked him to murder Jamie and that he had done so to “protect” her from her husband. He went on to say that he shot Jamie in the crotch in retaliation for Jennifer’s claims of sexual abuse. In October 2020, she was charged with interstate commerce in the commission of murder-for-hire based on his evidence.

Where is Darrin Lopez Now
Darrin Lopez

What happened to Darrin Lopez and Where Is He Now?

Darrin Lopez was charged with the murder of Jamie Faith as well as a federal firearms offence, to which he pled not guilty. He is currently being imprisoned in the Dallas County Jail, awaiting trial. On the gun crime accusation, he faces up to ten years in federal jail, and on the murder case brought by Dallas County, he faces up to life in state prison. Jennifer, on the other hand, has pleaded guilty to both charges and taken responsibility for her acts, and she will be sentenced in May 2022.

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