Evil Lives Here: The Killer Speaks 1×06 Where Is Killer Patrick Pidock Now?

Where Is Killer Patrick Pidock Now? – Welcome to an engaging tale of crime, punishment and unanswered questions. In this article, we delve into Patrick Pidock’s case – his story is both compelling and disturbing – which has us mesmerized by its truths. If true crime stories are your forte, don’t miss this fascinating insight: We take you behind the scenes of “Evil Lives Here: The Killer Speaks 1×06,” an episode entitled “I Always Knew I Could Kill,” that originally aired November 5, 2023, on Investigation Discovery channel 8 pm ET.

Directed and produced to explore the darker corners of our human psyches, “Evil Lives Here” exemplifies the compelling storytelling style for which this show has become known. Thanks to an experienced cast and network that are fully committed to telling these stories, this episode delves deep into Patrick Pidock’s mind, sending chills down your spine!

Who is Patrick Pidock

Who is Patrick Pidock?

On October 14, 2012, in Perry County, Pennsylvania, Patrick Pidock’s life took an unspeakably tragic turn when his 39-year-old wife, Suzanne M. Brown, became his target and victim. What caused such a man to commit such an atrocious act has long since haunted us all.

Although we still don’t know all of the answers, some disturbing details have surfaced. Patrick was sentenced to 18 years to life for murdering Jennifer; that fact only deepens our interest. According to The Perry Tribune, Patrick received 15 years for murder plus 3 for using firearms during this crime spree.

The timing was incredibly eerie in this case: Suzanne had just given birth three months before Patrick pulled the trigger and was holding their newborn when the bullet struck her. To make matters even more shocking, Patrick threatened to kill their infant first before pulling it. What could motivate someone so dangerous as Patrick to put an innocent life at risk?

Why did Patrick Pidock kill his Wife

Why did Patrick Pidock kill his Wife?

Unfortunately, Patrick Pidock remains silent regarding the cause of his shocking act. According to reports by The Perry Tribune, he did not provide any reasonable explanation as to why he took his wife’s life, thus further deepening the enigma surrounding this tragic tale.

However, it’s clear that Patrick had anger issues and was prone to sudden outbursts. According to this article, Patrick may have been an emotional time bomb waiting to explode; October 2012 marked that day as its time. Additionally, he may have been under the influence of alcohol at that point, which only compounded matters further.

Notably, Suzanne M. Brown was not living together with her son at the time of this incident; their infant was only three months old at the time and emerged unscathed physically; she witnessed it all but is now cared for by an aunt of Suzanne M. Brown’s family; this tragic event has left them all suffering emotional wounds that may never fully heal.

At the court proceedings and sentencing for Suzanne’s murder, members of her family, who were understandably desperate for answers, confronted Patrick. One can only imagine their shock and fury at having had to endure his decision to take their loved one from them.

Babs Proctor addressed Patrick with raw emotion in the courtroom: “You took my sister, and I want to know why.” This powerful line encapsulates our collective pain after such an unthinkable tragedy has unfolded. Linda Stonebrook made it clear she was looking for justice on Suzanne’s behalf rather than revenge against Patrick; instead expressing sorrow over losing a child under such tragic circumstances as this trial would bring. With regretful words, she stated, “It is such a shame it took this long for us to know how you treated her.”

Although his family sought answers from Patrick Pidock during sentencing proceedings, his actions remain unexplained – leaving open-ended questions as to his motivations for murdering Jocelyn. To this day, this remains one of the more haunting mysteries in legal history.

Where is Patrick Pidock Now

Where Is Patrick Pidock Now?

As we explore Patrick Pidock’s story more thoroughly, it is imperative that we consider where he currently resides. Following his sentencing hearing in Chillicothe Correctional Institution – his punishment of 18 years to life is an ever-present reminder of the consequences of his actions on that fateful October day.

Patrick made a surprising move by choosing to plead guilty instead of trial for Suzanne’s murder, sparing the family the trauma associated with it. Sam Shansky represented Patrick on behalf of Patrick as they expressed remorse he has shown toward them: “Pat wishes to express the regret he has shown us,” Sam shared with them. This decision may help ease some of Suzanne’s family’s pain but does nothing to answer their burning question as to why this tragedy took place in the first place.

At his sentencing proceedings, Patrick was in courtwear from prison-issued and in chains. Members of Suzanne’s family held conversations with him but could find no answers; their question about why he took Suzanne’s life resonated through the courtroom while Patrick remained silent with an expressionless face.

Andrew Joseph, another of Patrick’s attorneys, stressed the significance of Patrick taking responsibility for his actions right from the beginning. Andrew noted the impact the crime had on not only its victims but also on their family members; Patrick ultimately pleaded guilty to murder with firearms specifications, waived presentence investigation procedures and received a maximum sentence for murder plus three additional years for firearm use charges.

Today, Patrick Pidock is 63 years old and imprisoned at Chillicothe Correctional Institution. While serving his sentence – set for parole eligibility in 2030 – remains unexplained, its aftermath will forever haunt his soul.

I Always Knew I Could Kill” leaves us with the stark realization that evil lurks among us, even among people we thought we knew well.

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