Bianca Rudolph Murder: Where is Lawrence Rudolph Now?

Who Killed Bianca Rudolph

Where is Lawrence Rudolph Now? Let’s find out. This summer, a former Westmoreland County dentist accused of killing his wife while on an African vacation will go on trial. Beginning July 11, Lawrence Rudolph of Three Rivers Dental Group will be on trial. However, he’ll be tried alongside his putative mistress in an unexpected twist. Rudolph is accused of killing his wife, Bianca, while on vacation in Africa, according to the FBI. Lori Milliron, his alleged mistress, and former office manager, is accused of covering for him and giving him an ultimatum to leave his wife.

Lawrence Rudolph, a wealthy dentist who seemed to have it all, sadly lost his wife, Bianca, on a hunting trip in October 2016. However, as time went on, officials discovered more evidence that proved Bianca’s death was not an accident at all.

The CBS News programme ‘48 Hours: Death on Safari‘ looks at why the FBI accused Lawrence of murdering Bianca as well as how the case has proceeded since then. So, we’ve got you covered if you’re wondering where Lawrence is right now.

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Where is Lawrence Rudolph Now

Lawrence Rudolph, who is he?

Lawrence founded and led the successful Pittsburgh dental practise Three Rivers Dental. He had been married to Bianca for 34 years, and they had lived in Arizona since 2012. The duo enjoyed big-game hunting in Africa in addition to their dental practice. Bianca was fatally shot from a shotgun gunshot to the heart when at the hunting camp in Zambia, Africa, on October 11, 2016.

Lawrence claimed at the time that it occurred by accident because the gun had most likely been loaded the day before. According to the diplomatic chief of the US Embassy in Zambia, Lawrence wanted his ashes cremated as soon as feasible. On the other hand, the consular head believed something was wrong with the situation and photographed the deceased body.

Then he claimed Lawrence was enraged when he discovered the truth. He went on to explain that Lawrence had encouraged Bianca to kill herself. According to the authorities, his children learned about Bianca’s death a week later, and other family members learned on the funeral day.

According to the FBI and consulate officials, the gunshots were not fired at close range. Bianca could have been shot from 6.5 to 8 feet away. “It would be virtually hard to discharge this shotgun in its carrying case by accident and cause the entrance fault seen on Ms. Rudolph’s body,” a Colorado medical specialist said.

Lawrence claimed seven different life insurance policies totaling over $5 million in the aftermath of Bianca’s death, according to a subsequent investigation. There was also evidence that he had an extramarital affair with Lori Milliron, his former office manager, who was later charged in the case. Authorities eventually decided that the murder was motivated by a desire to live with his lover and financial motivation.

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What happened to Lawrence Rudolph and Where Is He Now?

Lawrence was charged in January 2022 with one count of assassinating a US citizen in a foreign nation and one count of mail fraud. The 67-year-old has pleaded not guilty and says that the federal government is “building” a case against him, according to his lawyer. According to the defence attorney, local police and insurance companies agreed it was an accident.

When queried about a financial motive, Lawrence’s lawyer stated that the dentistry practise was successful. It was also alleged that Bianca signed a prenuptial agreement so that he wouldn’t lose money in the case of a divorce. Lawrence was arrested in Colorado, where one of the insurance businesses is based.

Lawrence’s plea to reside with his daughter in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, was denied by a judge in late January 2022. Lawrence is now being held in detention in Denver, Colorado, pending his trial. In April 2022, it was agreed that he and Lori would be tried in July of this year.

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