M3GAN: Who Are Violet McGraw’s (Katie) Real-Life Parents? [Updated]

who are Violet McGraw Real Parents

Who Are Violet McGraw’s Real-Life Parents? – The second movie of the new year, the sci-fi horror film M3GAN, is scheduled to be released in January. Allison Williams, who plays the lead and is one of the executive producers, is featured in it. Director Gerard Johnstone is behind M3GAN.

The narrative centres on Gemma, a roboticist employed by a toy manufacturer, who unexpectedly takes custody of her eight-year-old niece, Cady. After losing her parents in an accident, Cady is devastated. When Gemma sees the little girl’s suffering, she considers doing something kind. She has no prior experience with children, and she detests seeing the young girl so depressed and alone. Therefore, she creates M3GAN, a life-sized, lifelike AI doll trained to learn about her friends. Gemma thinks the doll may be her ideal companion and guard her against harm. Only that M3GAN goes a little too far with it. As it progresses, the bot starts to change into a more conscious person, from talking back and defying orders to vicious bloodbaths.

M3gan turns dangerous as she goes over and beyond to defend her new human companion in proper Chucky form. The young actress in the film who portrays Katie, an orphan, is named Violet McGraw. Who are her real-life parents?

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Who are Violet McGraw‘s parents

Who Are Violet McGraw’s Real-Life Parents?

Violet Elizabeth McGraw was born to Colin and Jackie McGraw on April 22, 2011, in California, USA. Violet is an actress who has appeared in a wide range of television shows and motion pictures. Young Violet had a passion for acting, and in the television series Love (2016), where she portrayed the recurring part of Nina, she obtained her first credit role. She later starred in several other television programmes, and in the 2018 film Ready Player One, she made her feature picture debut (2018).

She has acted in numerous commercial spots for various businesses and brands, including her career in television and movies. In the 2018 season of the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, she was given the part of Young Eleanor “Nell” (2018). She was chosen to play Violet in the 2019 motion picture Doctor Sleep (2019). She is the younger sister of Madeleine McGraw, an actress, and actors Jack and Aidan McGraw.

Violet’s Instagram bio states that her parents manage the account. Additionally, numerous photos of her with her loved ones, friends, and co-stars are scattered throughout her page.

Violet’s parents have undoubtedly been very encouraging of her acting career because M3gan isn’t the first role she’s been able to secure so far. Just a few of the projects Violet has been involved with throughout the years include Separation, The Haunting of Hill House, Black Widow, Dr. Sleep, and Ready Player One. Being so young, her parents’ support of her work is probably a significant factor in why she has been able to advance as far as she has.

Meet Violet’s Parents, Colin McGraw and Jackie McGraw

Violet McGraw is the youngest child of Colin and Jackie McGraw. Actors Madeleine, Aidan, and Jack McGraw have a younger sister named Violet. As a couple, Colin and Jackie have a close relationship. They had been dating for 18 years at this point. They exchanged vows on October 23, 2004. The couple celebrated their 11 years of marriage in 2015, according to Violet’s Instagram. They both previously worked in the entertainment sector as co-producers and actors in the movie Grummy (2021). Under their real identities, the couple is not active on Instagram, but Jackie routinely updates his Facebook page with pictures.

In the Disney movies Secrets of Sulphur Springs and The Black Phone, her older sister Madeleine is recognized for her portrayal of Zoey Campbell. At the same time, his older siblings are widely known in the entertainment industry. North of Los Angeles, in Santa Clarita, California City, Colin and Jackie will reside in 2022.

Violet’s Parents

Colin McGraw is a Financial Service Advisor

Violet’s father, Colin, was born in December 1972, and in 2022, he will turn 50. Colin is currently a financial services advisor. In June 2020, he became an advisor for FwdThink. The company helps clients position their assets for life insurance and make the most of their retirement resources for income and wealth accumulation for their families and themselves. While seeking for telecommuting options, he previously worked for himself as a sales and business development professional. He has also worked as an actor and a co-producer on movies including Grummy and Vessel. According to his Linkedin profile, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in management at the United States Military Academy at West Point from 1991 to 1995.

Meet Jackie McGraw Handel, Who Runs Several Social Media Pages for Her Kids.

All of Jackie McGraw’s children have social media accounts, including Violet. Jackie makes brief appearances on occasion. Jackie, who was born on March 10th, 1971, runs their Instagram account and makes a quick cameo appearance. She has a close bond with her children. In addition, Jackie has been the owner of a Jack and Kate business since October 2012, offering its clients party styling services. Her firm hosted a party to commemorate Maddy and Aiden’s fifth birthdays. She has also worked as a marketing and advertising consultant for her own private company. She is incredibly supportive of their children’s performance endeavors and is adored by everyone. Given their young, their dedication to their job has likely played a significant role in how far they have come.

M3GAN Movie Release Date

On Friday, January 13, 2022 (she beat you too, Freddy and Jason! ), Universal Pictures will release M3GAN in the US.

M3GAN Trailer/ Promo

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