ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ Season 9 Cancelled or Renewed?

'Black-ish' Season 9 Cancelled or Renewed

‘Black-ish’ Season 9 Cancelled or Renewed? – Season 9 of Black-ish will not be renewed. After eight seasons, ABC decided to terminate the sitcom.

‘Black-ish,’ or simply ‘black-ish,’ is an ABC sitcom that follows the Johnsons, a wealthy black family. Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson, his wife Rainbow, their four children, as well as Dre’s parents, Earl AKA Pops and Ruby, make up the multigenerational family. Apart from focusing on the Johnsons’ daily lives, the comic show also addresses current sociopolitical problems.

The sitcom was created by Kenya Barris and premiered on September 24, 2014. The series sparked a lot of curiosity among viewers when it first aired, especially because of its ability to approach delicate issues while retaining a comic tone. It was nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes, among other awards. As a result, it’s natural if you’re hoping for a sequel after Season 8 ended on television.

So, let’s talk about the possibilities of a ninth season.

Season 9 of Black-ish: Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled?

Season 8 of ‘black-ish’ debuted on ABC on January 4, 2022, with the season finale airing on April 19, 2022. The eighth volume consists of 13 episodes, each lasting approximately 22 minutes.

We have some updates on the show’s ninth season. Fans will be disappointed to learn that the eighth season will be the sitcom’s final season. “I personally think that the programme could have gone on and continued to tell more stories,” Anthony Anderson (Dre), who is also an executive producer of the show, told the Los Angeles Times in April 2022. The network, on the other hand, had a different opinion.”

However, after ABC announced that the eighth season would be the show’s final season, Barris took to social media to claim that the decision to stop the series was mutual. “In this day and age, it’s rare to get to decide when your show should come to an end, and we’re grateful, along with ABC, to be able to make this final season exactly what we’d hoped for – and to do it with the entire and AMAZINGLY STELLAR cast coming back to close this chapter out with us the right way!” he wrote in the caption of his May 2021 post.

ABC's 'Black-ish' Season 9 Cancelled or Renewed

Barris also complimented the cast, crew, and fans for their contributions to the ABC production’s success. The sitcom’s creator and executive producer even acknowledged his pride in all the show stands for, as well as the change it has made in society, by bringing up things that the general public was uncomfortable discussing.

Despite the ABC comedy’s enormous popularity, it’s difficult not to notice the steady reduction in the number of viewers turning in each season. As a result, the network’s decision to discontinue the show with the eighth round was unsurprising. Considering everything, it’s quite doubtful that season 9 of ‘Black-ish’ will be produced. However, an eight-season run is nothing short of remarkable, as not many series are given that opportunity.

The ensemble had spent eight years of their lives working together, so filming the final season was a very emotional experience for them. “I did [tear],” Anderson said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” However, I did not cry as much as Tracee Ellis Ross [Bow]… Actually, I think I sobbed a little more than [Ross] on the last day, and I didn’t expect it to hit me the way it did.”

“I had been preparing myself for it, and in the last scene on the last day is when I lost it, and it was unexpected for me,” Anderson concluded.

But that just goes to show how much I enjoy what I do [and] how much I enjoy doing it with the folks I’ve spent the previous eight years with.”

Similarly, Ross has spoken out about her experience filming the last episodes on multiple occasions. Despite her exhaustion, she was ecstatic and proud of what they had accomplished together. You can watch the spin-off series ‘Grown-ish‘ if you can’t get enough of the Johnson family. The show is still going well, and it has been renewed for a fifth season.

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