ABC’s ‘The Goldbergs’ Ending After Season 10: Here is Why?

the goldbergs end after season 10

‘The Goldbergs’ To End After  Season 10 – ABC recently announced the end of their beloved show “The Goldbergs” after its tenth season. Since 2013, viewers have enjoyed following along on this hilarious and quirky journey through the lives of a family living in a Philadelphia suburb during the 1980s. Jeff Garlin, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Sean Giambrone, and George Segal – who originated this beloved cast – have become beloved by viewers for their portrayals of these special characters.

Fans have had a mixed response to the announcement of its cancellation, with some feeling shocked and others believing it was inevitable. It remains uncertain why ABC chose to end the show after such an enjoyable ten-year run; external factors may have played a role. Regardless, those who loved and missed this endearing cast and its nostalgic portrayal of 1980s America will surely miss its lovable characters and charming nostalgia.

Overall, “The Goldbergs” has marked the end of an era for viewers who have grown to appreciate its humorous yet touching family moments. It will be remembered as a show that transported viewers back in time and for its beloved cast of beloved characters that viewers have become attached to.

Why "The Goldbergs" Ending After Season 10

Why “The Goldbergs” Ending After Season 10?

Over the years, “The Goldbergs” has had some cast changes. Jeff Garlin, who played the head of the Goldberg family, was ultimately forced to depart due to allegations of misconduct in December 2021; thus, he did not finish filming Season 9. Beverly Goldberg actress Wendi McLendon-Covey commented on Jeff’s departure during an interview on SiriusXM. However, she didn’t go into details, revealing that it had left her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

In March 2021, the show suffered a profound loss when George Segal (Charles “Pops”) Goldberg passed away due to complications from surgery. George had been an integral part of the series since its inception and was beloved by both fans and cast alike. The Season 9 premiere paid tribute with a title card to honor his memory.

“The Goldbergs,” despite its numerous cast changes, remains a beloved show among fans who appreciate its humor and touching depictions of family moments. Its ability to entertain audiences with its unique blend of comedy and nostalgia has kept viewers hooked for decades.

Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Beverly Goldberg on “The Goldbergs,” had expressed her concern that changes to the show’s cast may negatively impact viewership. In an interview on SiriusXM, Wendi stated that audiences could not be expected to grieve the loss of cast members forever. Unfortunately, Wendi’s fears proved correct; Season 10’s ratings experienced a major drop; TV Insider reported there were 2.43 million fewer viewers than in Season 9.

Despite declining ratings, fans can still enjoy the show’s first nine seasons, which can be streamed on Hulu. Season 8 of “The Goldbergs” is currently airing on ABC every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Though its changing cast and declining ratings may cause some concern for fans, “The Goldbergs” has left a lasting impression on viewers who appreciate its unique combination of humor and touching family moments. It has earned a special place in the hearts of many viewers thanks to its unique style of comedy and heartwarming portrayals of family moments that distinguish it from other shows.

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