Aleta Diane Ray Murder Case: Who Killed Her and Why?

Aleta Diane Ray Murder
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

Vernon Jensen is so terrified of his wife, Vicki, and her violent temper that he decides to divorce her; it’s only after he’s gone that he realises just how far she’ll go to avenge herself.

Aleta Diane Ray, a Twin Falls County, Idaho resident, was discovered dead inside her home in September 1999. Although her death was initially thought to be natural, authorities quickly discovered evidence of insulin and methamphetamine within her, indicating that she had been murdered. ‘Evil Lives Here: Divorce? Never. Murder? Maybe.‘ on Investigation Discovery recounts the horrifying murder and demonstrates how a thorough police investigation led to the perpetrator and her accomplices. Let’s go a little deeper into the details to learn more.

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Aleta Diane Ray with daughter
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

What Caused Aleta Diane Ray’s Death?

Aleta Ray, a respected member of society, lived with her boyfriend, Vern Jensen, and her daughter in Twin Falls County, Idaho. Locals regarded Aleta as a happy, upbeat woman who enjoyed assisting others whenever she could. She had also accepted her motherly responsibilities and had always strived to put her daughter first. Aleta was a delight to be around, and she is still sorely mourned by the community.

When the authorities arrived at Aleta’s Twin Falls County home on September 9, 1999, she was found collapsed on the floor. Officers noticed her lips had turned blue due to the poison, and she was pronounced dead on the scene. Surprisingly, no evidence of a robbery, brawl, or forced entry was found. However, Aleta’s young daughter, who was present during the murder, kept implying that there had been other people in the house earlier.

After an autopsy, medical examiners discovered that Aleta died as a result of an overdose of methamphetamine and insulin administered via syringe. Authorities classified the situation as a homicide and began their investigation after Aleta’s boyfriend stated that she did not use drugs.

Vicki Arlene Jensen
Vicki Arlene Jensen

Who Killed Aleta Diane Ray and Why?

The police were startled to find how Vern Jensen and Aleta were hounded by Vern’s estranged wife, Vicki Arlene Jensen, when they first started their inquiry. Despite the fact that Vern had cut off all communication with Vicki before to moving in with Aleta, the estranged wife discovered Vern’s present address and drove over.

Vicki would frequently come up at the door unannounced and engage in large altercations before threatening Vern and Aleta, making them worry for their life, according to the show. People, on the other hand, had no idea how far Vicki could go in her quest for vengeance.

Vicki’s previous actions naturally made her a prime suspect in the murder, and authorities narrowed their inquiry to her. Vern was certain that his estranged wife was involved, but he had no proof to show the cops. Nonetheless, when Vicki’s then-teenaged cousin, Autumn, told a classmate at school that they could take care of people without getting caught, the police got a huge break. Investigators were quick to notice, and when Autumn was interrogated about Aleta’s death, she sobbed and confessed to everything.

Vicki was arrested for her role in the murder in February 2000, bringing everything to light. Vicki contacted Aleta while she was alone in the house on September 9, 1999, and asked to use her phone, according to the police.

Autumn Pauls, Vicki’s cousin, and Matthew W. Pearson, Autumn’s boyfriend, were also present, albeit in disguise. As usual, Aleta invited all three of them inside before turning to get the phone. They brandished a gun, held Aleta at gunpoint, and injected her with an overdose of methamphetamine and insulin as soon as they walked in.

The attackers then waited for the poison to take effect before fleeing when Aleta was unable to cry for aid. The police charged Vicki, Autumn, and Matthew Pearson for their roles in the murder based on Vicki and Autumn’s claims.

Autumn Pauls
Autumn Pauls

Autumn Pauls, Matthew Pearson, and Vicki Jensen: Where Are They Now?

Autumn, Matthew, and Vicki plead guilty to first-degree murder after being brought to court. In the same year that Vicki was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release, Matthew and Autumn were sentenced to 15 and 12 years in jail, respectively.

Autumn was released on parole in 2015 and had been spending her days in Idaho Falls, Idaho, according to current prison records. Matthew, on the other hand, is still imprisoned in the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Ada County, Idaho, and Vicki is incarcerated at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center in Pocatello, Idaho.

‘Evil Lives Here’ premieres on Investigation Discovery on Sunday, April 10th at 9 p.m.

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