Are Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed Still Together?

Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed – Are you a fan of reality television, or do you follow your favourite stars off-screen as well? If that is the case, chances are you have heard about Darren McMullen – an Australian-Scottish television and radio personality known for his captivating charm and versatile career path. Today, we will delve deep into his personal life, particularly his romantic journey and particularly with former Teen Wolf star Crystal Reed (now ex-Teen Wolf star). Let’s discover whether their star-studded romance has stood the test of time or whether there have been changes along this journey.

Before diving deeper into Darren and Crystal’s romance, let’s first meet their partner Darren McMullen himself. Darren McMullen is more than just an entertainer on television; his career spans multiple aspects of the entertainment world.

Who Is Darren McMullen?

Born February 10, 1982, in Glasgow, Scotland, Darren McMullen is one of Australia’s most beloved television presenters. At 12, he decided to immigrate with his family from Scotland. Although initially, his journey may have seemed difficult – from selling hot pies at football matches, eventually moving up in sales roles to leading teams at Optus as head sales force manager by his early 20s – success eventually followed him, Darren, as his popularity increased with every appearance he made on screen since.

His career began with appearances on Arena’s Exclusive News on Foxtel and advertising campaigns for Westfield and Gloria Jean’s, but it was on MTV Australia where his prominence truly began to grow with shows such as ‘The Lair’ and the monthly car DVD titled ‘Ignition.’

Love in the Wild’s hosting gig on NBC propelled his career forward. However, other roles, such as hosting ‘Darren McMullen’s Outsiders’ on National Geographic Channel and ‘The Voice Australia‘ followed suit. Additionally, he ventured into acting by portraying Alex Larden in the drama series House Husbands.

In 2014, Darren hosted his series ‘Darren McMullen’s Outsiders’ which focused on unconventional lifestyles and forbidden adventures. Later, he appeared in both “The Masked Singer Australia” and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia”, where he finished as runner-up, raising over $500,000 for Feel the Magic charity.

As Darren meets new challenges in both his professional and personal life, it becomes evident that he is an enthusiastic individual ready for new challenges and adventures.

Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed

Timeline of Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed’s Relationship

Now that we’ve seen into Darren McMullen’s life let us focus on his star-studded romances that have captured public imagination. One such relationship between the two was Crystal Reed – an actress well known for her role on Teen Wolf who would become one of his significant relationships over time – and Darren, making an exciting journey together that lasted several years and is worthy of further examination.

Darren and Crystal met for the first time on a night out in 2013. It was serendipitous – as Darren recalls, it was when Crystal picked him up in a bar; “she just looked at me and smiled, then said hello. When she returned my greeting, it took my breath away; we just clicked!”

But their connection was more than mere casual romance: Darren made it clear he wanted a life partner, not simply someone to pass the time with. Their romance wasn’t broadcast all around; they preferred keeping it private. Yet both shared dreams of starting a family; Darren discussed his desire for children but expressed hesitations over becoming an older father; waiting until their careers were on track would allow for that journey of parenthood to start in earnest.

Early 2019, however, took an unexpected turn when Darren returned from Los Angeles, where they had been living together, to Australia to appear in a television reboot of ‘Seachange.’ Though it was an emotionally challenging period for Darren, he remained positive, citing how everything happens for a reason and cherishing all the wonderful times they shared together – an indication of just how close their bond had once been.

Are Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed Still Together?

The current day brings us back to Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed; their relationship began back in 2013 but ended abruptly in 2019. Unfortunately, they are no longer together as a couple.

The breakup was an emotional chapter in Darren’s personal life, but he has an optimistic approach and believes everything happens for a reason. While their romantic journey may have ended, their bond as friends remains strong – proof of both parties having matured throughout their past relationship.

Notably, Darren’s decision to wait for same-sex marriage legalization to proceed played an integral role in their relationship dynamics and is a demonstration of his support for LGBTQ+ rights as well as his commitment to principles he holds dear.

While Darren McMullen and Crystal Reed may no longer be romantic partners, they remain close as friends – which stands as a testament to the depth of their connection.

Who Is Darren McMullen Dating Now?

Since his breakup with Crystal Reed in 2019, you may be wondering who Darren McMullen is dating now. At present, however, Darren remains unmarried; his most recent public relationship was with Crystal Reed before they parted ways this year. Since their split up, Darren has kept his romantic life under wraps.

Although Darren McMullen is well-known in the entertainment industry, his personal affairs remain private – an ingenious move that adds mystery and intrigue. We cannot provide details regarding his current romantic affairs; instead, we can confirm that Darren is focused on both career advancement and personal growth.

Darren continues to make waves in reality TV, most recently competing on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia,’ raising over $20,000. Additionally, he will host Network 10’s ‘The Real Love Boat’ and participate with Tristan Dougan in The Amazing Race Australia for its seventh season.

Darren McMullen remains a versatile individual whose career continues to blossom; although some aspects of his romantic life remain unknown, his professional journey remains thrillingly captivating.

Overall, Darren McMullen is not simply a reality star; he’s an impressive individual who has gracefully navigated the entertainment industry with ease and grace. His past relationships, particularly his long-term romance with Crystal Reed, have left their mark on him. However, their love story may have reached its conclusion, and it serves as a reminder that life’s path may take unexpected twists and turns. Furthermore, his commitment to his values and LGBTQ+ rights shows the depth of character behind his charismatic on-screen persona.

Though we may not know all the details surrounding Darren’s romantic affairs, we do know that his career remains on an exciting trajectory – more exciting chapters have yet to unfold. We wish him all of the best in his future endeavors, both personally and professionally.

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