Southern Charm: Are JD and Elizabeth Still Together or Divorced?

JD and Elizabeth’s Southern Charm Journey

Southern Charm: Are JD and Elizabeth Still Together or Get Divorced? – John David “JD” Madison and his wife Elizabeth were regulars on Southern Charm until season 4, when the Madisons, along with their buddy Thomas Ravenel, were fired.

The Madisons, who appeared to be the ideal pair, abruptly divorced. Their plot blew out when season 4 began with the announcement that they were separated, despite the fact that they were never on the main cast list.

The female characters on the show sided with Elizabeth Madison and slammed JD Madison. Some cast members were confused and even hurt when the couple came together for Cameran Eubanks’ baby shower.

Mind your own business, Elizabeth Madison told the women, particularly Naomie Olindo, who had her back. The reason for the breakup was that JD Madison had cheated on her, and the cast couldn’t understand why she would want to return to him.

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Are JD and Elizabeth From Southern Charm Still Together

The Southern Charm Journey of JD and Elizabeth

Unlike some of the other well-known faces from ‘Southern Charm,’ JD and Elizabeth were never regular cast members or visitors on the show. Because of JD’s connection with Thomas Ravenel, the two were linked to the series. Despite their infrequent appearances, the two were well-liked by spectators and locals in Charleston. Despite not being a major presence, JD and Elizabeth’s pleasant personalities and calm demeanour earned them fan favourites.

However, many viewers were stunned when JD announced that he and Elizabeth were divorcing on season 4 of ‘Southern Charm.’ Although this was not a legal split, it did raise quite a commotion among their admirers and social circles. Surprisingly, the majority of the show’s female cast members sided with Elizabeth on the divide. According to JD, the pair had drifted apart as a result of their different work habits and shifting priorities. It didn’t, however, stop Naomie Olindo from publicly accusing JD of cheating at Shep Rose’s birthday party.

Naomie took some things I had discussed with her in private and blended them with lies, hearsay, and her own personal judgments to paint J.D. in a poor light,” Elizabeth said in response to the rumours. I’m forced to correct the record since no one at the party stood up for J.D.

J.D. is an amazing person who is full of love, strength, and sensitivity. It was terrible because J.D. had only shown respect and kindness to those girls. It is not in his nature for him to be cruel or mean to others. He is a wonderful and caring father.”

Despite this, Elizabeth and J.D. were soon seen together at Cameran Eubanks’ baby shower, causing doubt about their relationship. The show’s ensemble, particularly the women, expressed their surprise at the unexpected turn of events. In exchange, Elizabeth asked the socialites to mind their own business, particularly Naomie Olindo, who had been a staunch supporter of Elizabeth during the separation.

As a result, it’s only reasonable for fans to be inquisitive about what happened to JD and Elizabeth. Their appearance on the show has dwindled since then, notably following Thomas Ravenel’s departure after season 5, leaving their supporters in even more limbo. So, here’s the latest on JD and Elizabeth’s current situation.

Is J.D. and Elizabeth Madison Still Together?

Because JD Madison was primarily related to the series through Ravenel, the Madisons quietly quit the show once Ravenel was no longer going to appear. JD Madison was later accused of sexual assault, which was later proven to be false.

So, did the pair stay apart? In September 2020, JD Madison shared a photo of the couple together. Someone else remarked on another snapshot of the couple in January 2020. “Wow, that’s a nice profile pic!” “I hope you and Elizabeth are well!” wrote the person. “I’m doing great,” JD Madison said. Thank you for your help. We are incredibly fortunate, and we will be eternally grateful.” It’s unclear whether the pair are happily co-parenting while separating or have reconciled.

During their split on the show, the pair appeared to be pleasant. JD Madison, on the other hand, told Bravo that the couple had drifted apart. “Whether it was due to lifestyle differences, tough job hours, high levels of stress, or the duties of marriage, we had drifted apart over the last few years,” he wrote.

Is Gentry Still Owned by JD Madison?

Gentry, which comprised a bourbon and hospitality division, was owned by JD Madison. Gentry Bourbon is currently being sold at local liquor stores in Charleston, indicating that the bourbon business is still viable. Local restaurants carry the bourbon as well. Fans of bourbon can still get products from the company.

However, the company’s hospitality division has shut down. The Gentry Bar and Lounge, as well as the Gentry Hotel, were both closed before the pandemic struck. JD Madison is said to have ceased paying the bar’s rent.

In an email to Charleston City Paper in 2017, JD Madison wrote, “It is no secret that conducting business on King Street has become tough for the tenants due to high rent and tight restrictions.” “On the other hand, it is an excellent moment to invest in King Street real estate.” He vowed to move the tavern to a new location. It was never reopened after that.

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