‘Siesta Key’ Update: Are Juliette and Clark Still Together?

Are Juliette and Clark From Siesta Key Still Together

Are Juliette and Clark From Siesta Key Still Together? – ‘Siesta Key‘ is a gripping coming-of-age reality show that follows the lives of a group of young adults living on the island of Siesta Key, just off the coast of Sarasota, Florida. Cameras follow the students as they juggle their personal and academic commitments while dealing with common concerns such as heartbreak, friendship, love, and betrayal.

Furthermore, with maturity looming large in the future, the cast recognises that they must make a concerted effort to rediscover themselves before venturing out into the world. Despite the fact that Juliette Porter’s current boyfriend, Clark Drum, made his MTVSiesta Key‘ debut in season 4, the couple has been linked since October 2021. Juliette’s breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Sam Logan, was a huge part of season 4, so fans were eager to learn more about her new beau.

Let’s take a look at Juliette and Clark’s relationship and see if they’re still together.

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The Journey of Juliette and Clark's Relationship

The Journey of Juliette and Clark’s Relationship

Juliette Porter met Clark Drum for the first time in public when he joined her as a plus one for Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto’s wedding in October 2021. Juliette and Sam, who had been together for two years, announced their public breakup just two months before the wedding. As a result, when Clark appeared beside Juliette, heads turned as people were anxious to learn more about the new face on reality television.

Juliette revealed shortly after that she was dating Clark Drum, a broker for his family’s real estate firm in Fort Lauderdale. He’s also a qualified yacht dealer who, by all accounts, enjoys travelling around the world.

Juliette stated in a March 2022 interview that all Clark cares about is being happy with her because he lacks a large ego. The reality star went on to praise her new lover, saying that in addition to being kind, Clark listens to her and recalls everything that is important to her.

Juliette also waxed poetic about the beginnings of their relationship, saying that it seemed like they had been dating since the first time they met because they never stopped communicating and tried to spend every weekend together. Juliette’s joy, while touching, suggested that she was ecstatic to be with Clark, which was a nice contrast from her ex’s ostensibly “draining” relationship.

Is Juliette Porter Still Dating Clark Drum?

We’re happy to report that Juliette and Clark are still together and doing well. Despite their preference for seclusion in their personal lives, the two have published regular updates about their relationship on social media and even shared some of their favourite memories as a pair. Furthermore, it looks like Juliette and Clark are serious about their future together, as Clark appears to get along well with Juliette’s family.

Juliette and Clark, like most reality TV couples, have had their fair share of breakup rumours. However, they have never let such rumors hinder their relationship, which appears to be becoming stronger by the day.

Juliette even brought up the idea of marriage during the same March 2022 interview, saying that while they were committed and exclusive, they had no reason to rush into things because they just wanted to enjoy life and have fun for the time being. To say the least, seeing Juliette and Clark’s charming love story is wonderful, and we hope they find happiness in the years ahead.

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