Summer House: Are Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera Still Friends?

Are Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera Still Friends

Are Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera Still Friends? – Summer House, an American reality show, has been aired on Bravo since January 9, 2017. Due to the show’s success, a sequel, Winter House, was produced. Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera, two of my best friends, have been rumoured to have broken up recently. After all the years they’ve spent together in mutual support, it’s hard to believe that things could have ever gone wrong. Is it a fleeting rumour, or has time indeed passed since they last spoke? Let’s look into it!

Danielle and Lindsay’s Summer House Jouney

“Summer House” Journey of Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera

While Lindsay is a production manager with a financial background, Lindsay specialises in public relations. It was obvious that the two had a great friendship before the show. In the first two seasons, none of their lingering issues blew up in front of the cameras. But, in season 3, they were revealed when unresolved conflicts between Kyle, Lindsay, and Danielle caused friction in the home.

A few days later, Lindsay told Danielle and Paige about a controversial rumour that was still up for dispute. Next season, Carl and Lindsay take their friendship to the next level by dating. Soon after, she confronted Danielle in front of her friends and revealed their relationship. The newlyweds’ first date in the city ended in disaster. On the other hand, Carl seemed discontent with their marriage and expressed concern about its failure.

Throughout the fifth season, they remained close friends, and their budding romance faced no serious challenges. In season 6, Lindsay had a bonfire by the ocean and shared her life story with Danielle. It seemed like there was no bad blood between them, but has that lasted?

Are Lindsay and Danielle Still Friends?

They are no longer together but merely acquaintances because they are both cast members of “Summer House.” Lindsay claims that everything started when Danielle first resented her relationship with Carl but afterwards indicated an interest in sharing a joint with him.

Danielle’s absence at season 7’s public congratulations for Lindsay’s engagement was the final straw for viewers. Yet Danielle claims that she was merely exhausted from juggling too many responsibilities. Lindsay seems to desire to restart their connection despite the sadness she feels about the situation.

In an interview with ETOnline, Lindsay said, “I’m still trying to process everything,” the Summer House star admits to ET, sitting down to promote season 7, alongside her co-star and fiancé, Carl Radke, in New York City. Much of the fresh batch of episodes will focus on Lindsay’s falling out with longtime best friend Danielle Olivera. The two are not on speaking terms after filming the season, which wrapped last September. 

“We’re not in communication,” Lindsay reveals. “I think we both needed a lot of time to process our feelings and emotions. … A lot happened, a lot was said this summer that I don’t know if I’m over quite yet. So, until I can get to the point within myself where I’m even ready to forgive somebody, there’s no point in talking until I’m ready.”

“I’ve spent a lot of my therapy sessions really trying to understand what happened,” she shares, “and I’m still not quite understanding, because I think my genetic makeup when it comes to friendship might be a little different. Maybe that’s all I need to understand?”

“I don’t know, I mean, I’m looking at the trailer, watching the weekend that Carl and I were not there, the girls are now convincing Danielle that maybe we’re not good friends to her? So maybe that was the moment? Again, I don’t know the exact moment. It was very unclear.”

“Danielle and Lindsay went on a trip in September, after season 6 filming,” he recalls. “They went to Mexico and Lindsay kinda opened up to Danielle and was like, ‘Hey, Carl and I are having some things…’ and Danielle was very like, ‘No!’ Like, she was a little resistant to it. Fast forward a few months, obviously we had hung out with Danielle, and we were friendly. We’d do different things together, slowly it seemed like she was getting more comfortable around it.”

“I did not expect anything to deter us from our friendship,” Lindsay jumps in. “That would have been the last thing I would have ever thought would have happened.” 

The group had managed to convince Danielle that Lindsay and her fiance weren’t close friends of hers, but Lindsay wonders whether the first week she was gone was the tipping point. Yet, Lindsay’s friendship with Danielle was very important to her, despite the fact that they were not the closest of friends. So now Lindsay wants to apologise and make amends. Danielle is working tirelessly to launch her new business while Lindsay and Carl are planning for the future. Even though they’ve had a dispute, we really hope they can find a way to reconcile and resume being friends.

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