Bar Rescue: The Brick Tavern Bar Rescue Update – What Happened to ‘Char Bar & BBQ’?

Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue crew are in Sachse, Texas, this week to save The Brick Tavern. Charlene Winter, a successful real estate entrepreneur who decided to enter the bar business, owns The Brick Tavern. She purchased the bar in 2012, and it was originally successful thanks to its dedicated clientele. Unfortunately, Charlene is said to be $530,000 in debt and has used her retirement assets to pay it off. Jon must aid Charlene in becoming a better boss and in convincing her personal assistant Cassie to take the reins and manage the bar.

Jon Taffer opted to alter the name of The Brick Tavern to Char Pub & BBQ during the Bar Rescue makeover, and the bar has preserved the name. Let’s look at some of the information, reviews, and updates for Char Bar & BBQ since Bar Rescue arrived and made all of the adjustments.

The Brick Tavern rescue update

Bar Rescue‘ is an intriguing reality television series that follows host Jon Taffer as he takes struggling bars under his wing and uses his skills as a nightlife adviser to help them turn over new pages. Jon, who has reopened over 600 bars and clubs in his career, investigates every nook and corner of each one before offering his professional advice on how to get the business back on track.

Aside from that, the dramatic modifications most places go through in order to obtain a new lease of life contribute to the show’s excitement. The Brick Tavern, a Texas pub that had incredible success before it all came apart, was featured in Season 8 episode 15 of ‘Bar Rescue.’

Let’s have a look at the specifics of the pub in question and see how it’s doing right now, shall we?

Where Is The Brick Tavern Now

‘The Brick Tavern’ Bar: What Happened to It?

The Brick Tavern is a 30-minute drive from the JFK plaza in Dallas, and is located in a strip mall in Sachse, Texas. Because of the upscale neighbourhood, the bar should have a consistent stream of customers all year.

Despite the fact that the restaurant has been around for a long time, the current owner, real estate executive Charlene Winter, purchased it in 2012. Charlene stated that she bought The Brick Tavern with the intention of running it after she retired, but her aspirations were destroyed when the bar went into debt.

The Brick Tavern, according to the episode, had a devoted following that continued to attend the establishment even after the ownership changed. The rapid decline in quality, however, drove the residents to seek out a better option. Jon Taffer was taken aback by the state of disorder at The Brick Tavern when he arrived. For starters, Charlene had no prior experience managing a bar and appeared to be incapable of doing so.

Moreover, even in the absence of an official manager, the owner refused to trust her employees and attempted to micromanage them at every turn. Furthermore, the lack of a comprehensive framework meant that practically all day-to-day operations were chaotic and disorganised.

The Brick Tavern kitchen was also a source of concern because it was filthy and unsanitary. Mold and insects were found throughout the facility, and even the personnel refused to eat the meals cooked there.

According to the show, Charlene entrusted her personal assistant, Cassie, with administrative responsibilities in order to resolve the numerous concerns. However, Cassie’s inexperience, along with the bar’s excessive workload, exacerbated the situation, resulting in a $530,000 debt. Jon, on the other hand, did not give up hope and remained optimistic about the outcome.

He began repairing the kitchen, making certain that there were no pests or mould present. The team also deep-cleaned the entire facility, and Jon assisted Cassie in assuming a leadership role so that she could relieve some of Charlene’s stress.

Although some of the bar’s unique elements, such as live music, remained, the finished makeover was a far cry from its prior untidy state. Furthermore, as part of the restoration, Jon Taffer renamed the barbecue joint Char Bar & BBQ.


Where Is Char Bar & BBQ Now?

We’re happy to announce that The Brick Tavern in Sachse, Texas, is still open under its new moniker, Char Bar & BBQ. One of the pub’s biggest draws is live music, which is frequently performed by fresh and promising bands. Furthermore, their current menu appears to be both interesting and budget-friendly, since it features an outstanding combination of BBQ and sandwiches, all of which are priced between $5 and $16.

Despite inconsistent recent reviews, the experiences of a few happy customers show that with more hard work and dedication, Sachse’s Char Bar & BBQ could be on its way to success in the near future.

However, the new business’s reviews do not appear to be much better than when it was The Brick Tavern. While there isn’t a Yelp page for Char Bar and BBQ yet, the Google Reviews aren’t great, with only a 2.6-star rating.

People appear to believe that the food and service are still poor. A commenter also mentioned being obstructed by a bunch of bikers. As previously said, Char Bar and BBQ still feature live music performances, so you may enjoy some music while grilling.

The bar seemed to be expanding during the time of the Char Bar Rescue episode. They offered $100 if someone referred an employee who worked for the bar for more than 30 days in a post on their Facebook page on March 30, 2022. So it appears like they’re actively looking for more employees, which I suppose is a positive indication.

char bar and bbq

The Facebook group also promotes a variety of musical acts, including Motley Crue and Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute bands. Overall, the verdict on whether or not the Char Bar Rescue episode will be a long-term success is yet out. But, for the time being, the bar remains high.

If you’re in the Sachse / Wylie, Texas region and want to check it out, visit the official Char Bar and BBQ website for additional information.