Catherine Marlow Murder: Where is Matthew Fagan Today?

Catherine Marlow Murder

Catherine Marlow Murder: Where is Matthew Fagan Now? – Cathy Marlow, 28, was murdered and then left abandoned in a shower stall. The horrific story of Catherine Marlow, who was killed in her south London office in January 2007, is chronicled in HLN’s episode “Vengeance: Killer Coworkers: Overtime Overkill.” She had decided to go to work on a Saturday, and her perseverance finally led to her tragic death. We’ve got your back if you’re curious about the case and want to learn more about who the perpetrator is and where they are right now. Here is all the information you require!

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How Did Catherine Marlow Die

Who Was Catherine Marlow and How Did She Die?

The youngest of Bernie and the late Claire Marlow’s three children in New Zealand was Catherine “Cathy” Marlow. Despite having a sweet and compassionate nature, she was wild, daring, and the life of every party. Cathy was compassionate, enthusiastic, and intelligent, whether she was chasing butterflies in the garden or saving the family pet fish from the kitchen sink. Cathy, often known as Cath or Catherine Mouse to some, enrolled in Taradale High School when her parents moved to Hawke’s Bay. Later, she got a position at an accounting business and started taking night classes at the Eastern Institute of Technology.

She relocated to London while she was in her 20s, and in 2007 she was employed by Research Now, a company that conducts market research. She was expected to start working in her position in the middle of January 2007, after taking a two-week vacation in Egypt and the Middle East. But on January 13, 2007, her body was discovered strangled and tied up in one of the shower cubicles at her workplace. Cathy went to her office on the morning of January 13 at about 9:15. She felt awful for falling behind on her work schedule.

She had discussed going out to lunch with her flatmate, Rachel Warren, around 1:30 pm, but she never showed up. Cathy’s coworker, Simon Edwards, received a call from a worried Rachel asking where she was. Around that time, the office employees searched for her and found her body in a cubicle in the restroom. When the police were called, they arrived on the scene to find the walls and floor covered with blood. Her asphyxiation was the cause of death, according to the autopsy report. The deceased was fully dressed, and they could not detect any signs of sexual abuse.

Who Killed Catherine Marlow

Who Killed Catherine Marlow and Why?

The Metropolitan Police Department’s personnel gathered forensic evidence from the crime scene. Additionally, they extracted DNA samples from Cathy’s fingernails, and all of the evidence was transferred to the forensic lab for examination. The forensic results came back with a match, a person named Matthew Fagan, so the police did not have to continue their search for the murderer for very long. His DNA was found in the federal database after he was detained in November 2005 for being drunk and rowdy.

From April 2005 until April 2006, Matthew worked for Research Now. He left the company the same month. He was demoted from his position due to incompetence, and he has worked for a moving company. He used to also commit burglaries on the side for some extra cash. He declared bankruptcy and had a lot of debt. In the early hours of January 13, 2007, Matthew decided that his former place of employment would make a suitable location for a burglary. He went there, apparently with two other accomplices.

However, instead of stopping the crime, Matthew bound Cathy with her scarf and locked her in the restroom when his former coworker, Cathy, came in on them. He was seen leaving the office with a packed backpack as it was captured on office surveillance. He admitted stealing 6 Dell laptops from the office when confronted by the police but vehemently denied killing Cathy. The marks that the police discovered on Matthew’s neck were from when he was allegedly swarmed in mid-January 2007, according to Matthew.

The police had arrested Daniel Martin Kennedy for stealing Cathy’s credit card and murdering her. The 28-year-old coworker who reported the finding of Cathy’s body and was later released was also detained by the police. In the last week of January 2007, Matthew was detained and charged with the murder of Catherine Marlow.

Where is Matthew Fagan Today

Where is Matthew Fagan Now?

In May 2007, Matthew Fagan appeared in court at London’s Central Criminal Court, also known as the Old Bailey, where he asserted that Cathy was still alive when he abandoned her. But the jury didn’t accept his explanation, and in September 2007, the 33-year-old American was found guilty.

In January 2009, he received a minimum sentence of 26 years in jail. In a prison in London, England, Matthew is still completing his term. He had completed 15 years of his term as of 2022, was in his late 40s, and still had 10 years to go before becoming eligible for parole.

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