Are Cecilia Montes and Víctor Pizarro Based on Real People? Where Are They Now?

Where Are Cecilia Montes and Víctor Pizarro Now
Claudia Di Girólamo as Cecilia Montes. Image Source: Netflix

Are Cecilia Montes and Víctor Pizarro in ’42 Days of Darkness’ Based on Real People? If yes, then where are they now? ‘42 Days of Darkness,’ a Chilean drama series on Netflix, is about Verónica Montes’ mysterious disappearance and murder. Cecilia Montes links up with lawyer Víctor Pizarro to solve the mystery of Verónica’s disappearance.

The efforts of Cecilia and Pizarro result in significant advances in the investigation of the former’s sister’s murder, leading them to accuse Verónica’s husband Mario of being the perpetrator.

As the battle between Cecilia Montes and Víctor Pizarro against Mario develops, fans of realistic dramas must be curious if the two characters have real-life parallels. We’ve got your back if you’re looking for answers to the same query. Let’s see what we can find out.

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Monica Haeger
Cecilia Montes is a fictionalized version of Monica Haeger, the sister of Viviana Haeger. Image Source: Netflix

Are Cecilia Montes and Víctor Pizarro Based on Real-Life People?

Víctor Pizarro and Cecilia Montes are based on real individuals. Monica Haeger, the sister of Viviana Haeger, Verónica Montes’ real-life counterpart, is fictionalised as Cecilia Montes. Monica was living in front of her sister’s house at the time of Viviana’s death. Monica’s life was badly shaken by her sister’s death.

Her relationship with her nieces, Vivian and Susan, altered in a similar way to the show. According to El Mercurio, Monica and her family told Susan that her mother had to go after Viviana went missing, only for Jaime to reveal the reality to his daughter soon after.

Monica stated her dissatisfaction with not being able to do anything while Viviana was murdered next door in a 2016 interview. Monica added that it is important not to condemn oneself for not doing anything to continue living nearly six years after the murder. She also stated in the interview that Viviana was killed before she could realise her destiny.

Sergio Coronado
Víctor Pizarro is a fictionalized version of real-life lawyer Sergio Coronado. Sergio represented the Haeger family during the trial of Jaime Anguita & José Pérez Mancilla. Image Source: 24horas/YouTube

On the other side, Víctor Pizarro is a fictitious version of real-life attorney Sergio Coronado, who represented the Haeger family during the prosecution of Jaime Anguita and José Pérez Mancilla.

Pizarro is more involved in the case in the show than Sergio was in real life. Pizarro and Joaco’s complicated connection was likewise constructed with artistic licence. Pizarro’s previous client leads him to Jaime Jara, Verónica’s killer, in a pivotal sequence in the play.

Sergio’s meeting with a former client, who brought him to José Pérez Mancilla, inspired this scene. As a result, the show’s creators used a mix of fiction and fact to create Pizarro. Pizarro’s personal life is an important component of his storyline in the show, but it has no obvious connection to Verónica’s case.

Sergio Coronado 42 Days of Darkness
Sergio Coronado is still practicing law, in Puerto Montt near Puerto Varas. Image Source: 24horas/YouTube

What Has Happened to Cecilia Montes and Víctor Pizarro?

Monica was stunned when Jaime Anguita was acquitted of Viviana’s murder charge. She expressed her dissatisfaction by claiming that now “any husband who obstructs his wife can hire a hitman” (as translated from Spanish). Monica and her family attempted to get the trial dismissed through Sergio, but they were unsuccessful.

Her social media accounts indicate that she still lives in Puerto Varas and is close to her family. Sergio Coronado continues to practise law in Puerto Montt, a place around 20 kilometres from Puerto Varas. Jaime filed an appeal to the Puerto Montt Court of Appeals after his acquittal, but it was denied. Sergio was found guilty of illegal custody of individuals in the case of Mariela Barra’s disappearance in 2011.

He was also charged with illegal coercion and individual abuse, but both charges were dropped. Sergio was given a 61-day suspension from holding public office without facing a prison sentence. He has opted to be private in his personal life.

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