Christopher Northam Murder: Where Is His Son ‘Chris Northam’ Now?

Christopher Northam Sr.
Christopher Northam, 44, was found shot to death in his skim boarding complex in California.

Christopher Northam Sr. Murder – A wealthy extreme sports owner’s son has been arrested for his father’s murder, with investigators concluding that money was the motive. Christopher Dale Northam, 44, was a blossoming sports magnate when he was found dead on May 30 of last year within his extreme sports complex. After a lengthy investigation, police arrested his 25-year-old son, Christopher Jon Michael Northam, for premeditated murder.

On May 30, 2011, police officers in California were surprised to discover Christopher Northam Sr., the proprietor of Skim X, slain inside his business. The subsequent investigation, on the other hand, proved to be incredibly difficult, as investigators had to sift through a long number of suspects before identifying the perpetrator.

Dateline NBC’s Family Secrets‘ takes viewers through the gruesome murder and shows how cellphone and wifi data assisted cops in apprehending the killer. If you’re intrigued by this case and want to know where the killer is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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Both the senior and junior Northam’s loved extreme sports

What Caused Christopher Northam’s Death?

Christopher Northam Sr. was a well-known businessman and the founder of the Roseville, California-based indoor sports company Skim X. Aside from his thriving business, Christopher Sr. was said to have a nice family life and a close relationship with his son, Chris Northam (Chris Jr.). Christopher Srloved .’s ones were startled by the events surrounding his death and continue to miss him to this day. He was described as a well-liked, kind-hearted, and generous man.

Authorities received a call concerning a deceased corpse at the Roseville Skim X indoor sports facility on May 30, 2011. Officers arrived at the scene and saw Christopher Northam Sr. laying on the floor. He was pronounced dead on the scene, and an examination later revealed that the business owner died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds to his body.

Despite the fact that there were no traces of a brawl or forced entry, investigators discovered that passers-by, including Christopher Sr.’s own son, had heard gunshots ring out from the building prior to the murder.

Northam and Easley
Easley (left) filed a restraining order against Northam (right) in December saying that the only reason they got married was so that she wouldn’t be required to testify against him about the murder

Who Killed Christopher Northam Sr. and What Is Motive Behind the Murder?

The police questioned Christopher Northam Sr. son, Chris Jr., who was present at the murder scene in the hopes of finding a lead. When he dropped off his father at the establishment, he stated that everything was OK. However, Chris Jr. claimed to have received a phone call from his father shortly after, claiming that someone had broken into the building. He even claimed that after his father’s call, he heard gunshots, but that the assailant had left by the time he arrived.

According to the episode, the police were flooded with a big suspect list when doing their initial interviews since Christopher Sr. was associated with a number of investors who had an adequate motive for the crime. However, thorough and precise police work quickly ruled them out, and the authorities were forced to start over.

Surprisingly, Chris Jr. married his girlfriend, Averill Elizabeth Easley, not long after the murder. This marriage prompted investigators to investigate the victim’s son, and officers learned that Chris Jr. stood to profit handsomely from his father’s death thanks to a sizable life insurance payout. Officers began poring over Chris Jr.’s financial documents and discovered that his money was in arrears, despite Easley’s statement not assisting them in reaching a conclusion.

Chris Jr. was late on his bills, according to the episode, and the police suspected him of murdering his father for quick cash. Officers then obtained the Skim X building’s wifi records as well as Chris’ phone records. Surprisingly, both records have him inside the building at the precise moment of the murder, bolstering the police theory. Despite the fact that Chris Jr. appeared to be deeply affected by his father’s death and even wrote about it on Facebook, the cops refused to believe him and instead arrested him for murder.

Chris Northam
Chris Northam, 25, was arrested Wednesday for shooting his father to death with a rifle in May of last year in Roseville, California

What Has Happened to Chris Northam Jr. and Where Is He Now?

While Chris Jr. was caught and charged with murder, Averill Elizabeth Easley, Chris Jr.’s ex-wife, was also detained as an accessory after the fact. Chris Jr. accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter after being brought to court. In 2015, he was sentenced to 13 years in jail as a result of his actions. Chris Jr. is currently enrolled in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Fire Camp program and will be available for release in July 2022.

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