Is “Classroom of the Elite” Season 3 Renewed or Cancelled? Release Date and Plot

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Renewed

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Renewed or Cancelled? – Classroom of the Elite,” also known as “Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e,” is a psychological thriller anime that was influenced by the light novel series written by Shougo Kinugasa. The program centers on Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a student at the Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, where students are divided into four classes, which appear humble and ordinary.

Although the reputable educational institution initially seems to be a utopia, the meritocratic system forces pupils to resort to extreme tactics to survive. The game of survival and brutal competition eventually takes an ugly turn in which Kiyotaka actively plays a crucial role because there are no restrictions on the tactics they ultimately turn to.

The show’s debut on July 12, 2017, was a big success, and both critics and anime fans praised it. Therefore, when the second episode of the series was broadcast, interest in “Classroom of the Elite” only grew. Fans have been speculating about its reappearance since the recent premiere of its conclusion. If this has piqued your interest, we have information for you.

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Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Release Date

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of “Classroom of the Elite” debuted on July 4 and ended on September 26 of the same year. The show’s second season consists of thirteen episodes, each of which lasts roughly 23 minutes.

We have some encouraging news for fans of the psychological thriller anime’s third season. Studio Lerche has formally announced that there will be another season of the anime. The news was made in March 2022, a long time before the start of season 2. Although there have been no updates regarding the official date, another official statement was issued shortly after the debut of the season 2 finale stating the show is scheduled to return in 2023.

Given the show’s devoted fan base and consistently surprising high ratings throughout the course of its seasons, the new decision should not come as a surprise. Additionally, the creators do not need to delay production because there is more than enough source material. We may anticipate the third season of “Classroom of the Elite” to debut between June and September 2023, assuming there are no unexpected delays.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Plot

What Could Be the Plot of Classroom of the Elite Season 3?

Ayanokouji encounters Ryuuen in the season 2 finale after saving him from being expelled from school. Because Kushida has been bothering him for a while, he intends to use him as a pawn to get her out of the way. As he had promised Manabu, he also sees Horikita and attempts to persuade her to join the student council.

On December 25, Ayanokouji and Satou go on a date, and Karuizawa and Hirata accompany them. Ayanokouji politely rejects Satou’s approach when she subsequently asks him to marry her and then has a meaningful talk with Karuizawa. The relationship between longtime coworkers Ayanokouji and Karuizawa is anticipated to receive more attention in season 3 of the anime.

Ayanokouji considers a romantic connection in the final episode of the second volume, which seems like an unusual change of events given how thoughtful and intelligent he usually is. It would also be intriguing to see how he intends to use Ryuuen to have Kushida dismissed from school. There is a significant probability Ryuuen will attempt to sabotage him, but the key question is whether or not he will be successful.

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