Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill His Father and Brother? Where Are They Now?

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill His Father and Brother

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill His Father or Brother? What Happened To Them? – The frightening portrayal of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s life and deeds in Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has generated buzz. Between 1978 and 1991, during the time when Jeffrey was active, he murdered about 17 men and boys in Wisconsin and Ohio. People have questioned whether Jeffrey killed his father because serial killers frequently kill mercilessly. People have also asked whether his brother ended up being one of Jeffrey’s victims due to the lack of his sibling from stories and films. Let’s find out what happened to the father and brother of Jeffrey Dahmer, shall we?

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Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill His Father or Brother

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill His Father and Brother?

NO, Jeffrey Dahmer did not kill his father nor his sibling. In actuality, he never even touched a member of his own family because most of his killings were motivated by a need for sex and a desperate attempt to exert total control. Readers might be astonished to learn that Lionel Dahmer, his father, had always made an effort to be a good father figure since he was a little boy. The serial killer’s father stood by him throughout, despite the latter’s many arguments with his wife, Joyce, and their final divorce, leaving a bad taste in Jeffrey.

In addition, Lionel wouldn’t let Jeffrey confront anything by himself. He attended each of his son’s sexual abuse hearings and tried fruitlessly to change Jeffrey’s bad habits. However, readers should be aware that the serial killer’s father was completely unaware of the killings until his capture in July 1991. Naturally, the horrifying truth startled him, but he nevertheless decided to support his son and paid many visits to him following his arrest.

However, despite being seven years older than David, Jeffrey adored and looked out for his younger sibling. The younger brother was more outgoing than, the older brother, who preferred to spend most of his time alone. Both brothers had distinctive personalities. Nevertheless, Jeffrey and David got along incredibly well and never had any significant fights. But when their parents divorced in 1978, Joyce was given custody of their younger kid, and Lionel was given visitation rights. She then relocated to Fresno, California, where she raised David independently.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father

What Happened to Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father and Brother?

Following his divorce from Joyce in 1978, Lionel Dahmer married Shari Dahmer the following December, and the two made Ohio their home. It’s interesting to note that Jeffrey lived with them briefly after leaving the service and his college before relocating to his grandmother’s home in West Allis, Wisconsin. Nevertheless, Lionel kept in touch with his kid the entire time and was there for him at every turn. After being imprisoned in 1992, he not only frequently saw Jeffrey but also made an effort to bond with Shari and her stepson.

The same year, the family of Steven Hicks filed a wrongful death claim against Lionel, Shari, and Joyce. Jeffrey’s father fought Joyce in court and won the right to cremate his son’s remains after the serial killer Jeffrey was killed in the same year he released his story, “A Father’s Story.” Since then, Lionel has spoken about his experience in many documentaries, but he currently seems to live in Ohio with Shari.

At the time of Jeffrey’s arrest, David was an alumnus of the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, yet, he refused to continue to be associated with such a horrific killer. As a result, he changed his name, created a new identity, and reset his life. Shari stated in 2004 that his brother was doing well and that he and his wife were expecting their second kid, although he now maintains his life a secret and has never been seen in public discussing his brother.

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