Netflix’s UFO Odysse ‘Encounters’ Review

netflix Encounters reviews

Encounters Review – Welcome to the exciting world of “Encounters,” the 2023 Netflix docuseries that has taken the world by storm. In this article, we’ll delve deep into this captivating show by investigating its plot, reviewing critical reviews and major sightings, as well as ultimately answering whether or not “Encounters” is worth your time.

“Encounters” is a four-part documentary series directed by Yon Motskin that invites viewers to investigate the mysterious and unexplained phenomena surrounding UFO sightings. Following reported encounters between unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and otherworldly beings and real-life individuals, this journey challenges our perceptions of reality while raising questions about extraterrestrial life.

Aired on Netflix, “Encounters” has quickly captured both believers and skeptics alike. This series’ release could not have come at a better time, considering the recent spike in UFO interest caused by military whistleblowers and government officials disclosing previously classified information about UFOs – something the Netflix series delves deeper into while giving more credibility to a topic usually associated with pop culture or conspiracy theories.

In this article, we’ll give a run-through of “Encounters,” providing a summary of its plot as well as reviewing its episodes to discuss major sightings explored within them and helping you decide whether it deserves your time and attention.

Encounters Plot Story

Encounters Plot Story

At the center of “Encounters” lies its storytelling. Real people describe their experiences with UFO sightings and encounters with otherworldly entities; we journey around the globe, investigating various incidents that have left witnesses confused and questioning the boundaries of reality.

One of the series’ central themes is exploring whether or not we may not be alone in the universe. Each episode explores evidence, eyewitness accounts, and expert opinions to challenge conventional skepticism around UFO sightings; each report of mass UFO sightings from different parts of the globe provides a more thorough look into this phenomenon.

“Messengers” takes us back to Central Texas in 2008, where over 300 people reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky – this event is called one of the most significant civilian sightings of recent decades. Witnesses such as Steve Allen and Lee Roy Gaitan share their experiences of encountering blinding lights or fiery orbs; even more intriguing are reports about F-16 jets appearing shortly afterward, making us question any possible government cover-up of such sightings.

“Believers” revisits a 1994 incident in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in which schoolchildren reported encountering aliens aboard a large silver disc carrying messages emphasizing environmental conservation. This episode raises questions regarding why children were chosen as messengers and what motivated these encounters.

The “Broad Haven Triangle” episode travels back to 1977 in Wales when pupils at Broad Haven Primary School reported witnessing a flying saucer. This documentary explores the similarity between descriptions given by children who reported seeing one and those given by adults, suggesting the influence of pop culture on children’s accounts.

“Lights Over Fukushima” explores the connection between UFO activity and nuclear power plants, specifically the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown in 2011 and UFO sightings by witnesses. Witnesses reported seeing mysterious lights following the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown; Miho Ninagawa boldly claimed she is an alien; her statements add an entirely new element to this episode and add depth and dimension to the series as a whole.

As we follow these accounts, we witness how these encounters have had profound repercussions for those involved, from relationships falling apart to businesses being devastated – some individuals even experience threats and harassment for speaking up about their experiences. Furthermore, the government’s role in concealing information, as well as military involvement, adds another layer of intrigue to this narrative.

“Encounters” is more than a documentary; it’s an adventure into the unknown that challenges our understanding of reality and forces us to examine the limits of human knowledge.

Encounters (2023) Review

Encounters (2023) Review

After we have explored the plot and premise of “Encounters,” let’s dive deeper into its evaluation. Directed by Yon Motskin and produced with support from industry titans such as Stephen Spielberg’s Amblin Television, Boardwalk Pictures, and Vice Studios, “Encounters” offers an intriguing examination of an idea that has long mystified humankind.

This four-part docuseries deftly sheds light on an often controversial subject matter. It offers support to those brave enough to share their encounters with unknown entities, supporting their stories with solid accounts and scientific substantiation. While discussing UFO sightings can often result in ridicule, “Encounters” aims to uphold individuals’ convictions by validating them with credible accounts of sightings.

However, much like its subject matter, “Encounters” presents both highs and lows.


A notable feature of “Encounters” is its commitment to featuring genuine eyewitness accounts and corroborated evidence from those who’ve experienced unexplained phenomena without fear of judgment from viewers. This approach humanizes these experiences while encouraging viewers to treat them with the respect they deserve.

Furthermore, this series dives deep into the historical fabric of UFO sightings. It demonstrates how these incidents are not isolated cases but global events, from America to Zimbabwe, Wales, and Japan – showing how UFO encounters transcend geographical barriers. From an international viewpoint, this shows why these encounters should not be ignored lightly.


While “Encounters” deserves praise for its effort to validate eyewitness accounts, it sometimes falls victim to information overload. The series attempts to prove UFO’s existence through copious amounts of evidence, which may prove too much for viewers to digest; an examination of maps or grainy footage, though significant to witnesses themselves, may not hold their viewers’ interest for too long.

One of the series’ biggest drawbacks is its failure to offer any conclusive explanation for some phenomena, which may confuse viewers who seek closure or deeper comprehension of these encounters. While some viewers might relish this mystery, others prefer concrete answers and find themselves frustrated that no answer is forthcoming.

Entertainment-wise, “Encounters” might not satisfy every viewer; its focus on facts and eyewitness accounts might disappoint those wanting a more exciting or cinematic experience.


“Encounters” is an admirable effort at exploring some of the highest-profile UFO sightings of modern times, providing witnesses an outlet to share their experiences and provide evidence. Unfortunately, as a series, “Encounters” may not appeal to everyone equally due to its information-intensive approach and absence of definitive explanations; some viewers may wish for more clarity and answers.

“Encounters” serves as an engaging series that challenges viewers to consider the possibility of extraterrestrial life and explore the mysteries of space. No matter whether the show piques your interest or not, “Encounters” contributes to ongoing discussions regarding UFOs while inspiring us all to continue gazing upon heaven with wonderment.

Are You Curious and Fascinated with UFOs? “Encounters” is sure to pique your curiosity! But can this series really answer all of our burning UFO questions? Though “Encounters” might not provide all the answers we seek, it still plays its part in furthering conversations around UFOs – making sure our eyes stay fixed upon the skies!

What were the Major Sightings

What were the Major Sightings?

“Encounters” takes us on an engaging tour through some of the most significant UFO sightings from recent history, spanning countless parts of the globe and providing compelling glimpses into an unexplained phenomenon while prompting thought-provoking questions about its nature.

One of the most remarkable events explored in the series took place in Central Texas in 2008. Over 300 witnesses reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky; among these witnesses was Steve Allen.

On January 8, Stephenville resident Allen experienced an extraordinary sighting while camping – blinding lights he hadn’t seen before appeared suddenly in the sky, without any engine noise, and vanished quickly into thin air. When sharing his experience with his wife, she encouraged him to remain silent in order to avoid being labeled as crazy by others. Lee Roy Gaitan of Erath County Constable had similar sightings near Dublin, where they saw an orb or fiery bubble-shaped object with flashing pulsating lights nearby shortly afterward – hinting at possible involvement by government entities in these events.

Robert Powell, a nanotechnologist, reported over 20 sightings in one area alone: Stephenville and Dublin. This staggering number drew much interest from members of his local community. Pat Leatherwood, Chairman of the First National Bank of Dublin, called together a gathering for individuals who had observed unusual objects in the sky, and to their amazement, hundreds attended to share their accounts of what had transpired. Houston and Dallas newspapers provided credibility to this event, while witnesses such as Pat and Lisa saw what appeared to be a large triangular vessel without sound; high school principal Norma Briseno also reported seeing strange lights in Dublin from 1989 onwards.

Ricky Sorrell’s account took an intriguing twist while deer hunting at night in darkness. While raising his rifle to get a closer look, Sorrell witnessed an enormous object lingering above him before it swiftly dispersed without making a sound. Sorrell described it as having no atmosphere interaction and depicted its inhabitants as looking similar to insects or mantises, in contrast to Lee Roy Gaitan, who reported having a second sighting in Stephenville but failed to capture clear video footage due to interference.

From these accounts, it becomes evident of their consistency of sightings in terms of time and location. Multiple people reported seeing mysterious lights during similar periods and locations, casting doubt on any possibility that their experiences had any connection between themselves or any possible falsehoods about what they experienced. Together, these accounts present compelling evidence for extraterrestrial phenomena, which challenge our understanding of reality and where our place in it lies in this universe.

Is it Worth to Watch 'Encounters'

Is it Worth to Watch ‘Encounters’?

Now, as we conclude our exploration of “Encounters,” the question still stands: is investing time and attention in this docuseries worth it? To address this question, it is necessary to evaluate its various aspects – its strengths and weaknesses – in order to come to a definitive decision.

“Encounters” offers an intriguing and thought-provoking viewing experience, diving deep into UFO sightings and encounters to challenge perceptions and inspire contemplation about extraterrestrial life. If you’re fascinated with unexplained mysteries of the universe and would like to understand them better, “Encounters” offers just what you need – individuals who have experienced these phenomena can share their personal accounts without judgment – making the topic humanizing and relatable for all viewers.

“Encounters” does a remarkable job of providing a global view of UFO sightings, showing how these incidents do not remain isolated to any particular region or culture. From America to Zimbabwe and Japan, “Encounters” demonstrates that UFO encounters occur worldwide – reinforcing that such experiences should not be dismissed as mere fantasies.

Encounters” explores the historical context of UFO sightings, looking into events from history that have left lasting impacts. Furthermore, this film challenges longstanding skepticism surrounding this topic by providing evidence and eyewitness accounts that could make even staunch debunkers reconsider their stances.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential drawbacks of “Encounters”. This series relies heavily on factual accounts and firsthand experience for viewers, leaving out those seeking something more sensational or cinematic in their experience. Furthermore, an abundance of evidence and no clear explanation may leave some viewers craving answers or closure.

“Encounters” may not engage all audiences equally in terms of entertainment value. As it relies heavily on information-intensive maps, grainy footage, and scientific discussion for its entertainment value, some viewers may not find “Encounters” riveting enough.

“Encounters” is an engaging series that is sure to speak to those fascinated by UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters. It provides a distinct perspective by giving voice to witnesses while offering evidence supporting their claims, offering unique testimony, and giving voice to witnesses of sightings that support those claims. Your level of interest in this subject matter and willingness to explore unknown matters will determine if you find it worthwhile watching it or not. However, “Encounters” might not offer all of the answers we seek about these phenomena, but it certainly adds another voice to the ongoing dialogue about UFOs while encouraging us all to keep looking up in wonder at our skies with wonder and curiosity!

If you enjoy investigating mysteries and exploring uncharted territory, “Encounters” is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

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