Eva Crist Murder: Where is Efren Meza Today?

Eva Crist Murder

Eva Crist Murder: Where is Efren Meza Now? – A seemingly innocent visit to a pub by Eva Crist in Yuba City, California, in December 1986 resulted in the police being called to a gory crime scene. The murder of Eva was horrifying. One of the two tales featured in the episode of “In Pursuit With John Walsh: Unforgotten” on Investigation Discovery explores the case. So, if you’re interested in discovering more about what happened to Eva, look no further.

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How Did Eva Crist Die

How Did Eva Crist Pass Away?

Eva Crist was a resident of a Yuba City apartment at the time of the occurrence. She was a devoted mother to four kids and prioritized them all the time. The 32-year-old took care of providing the children with a place to live, clothing, and food. After her divorce from their father, the kids were with Eva, and in the months before her passing, she had been content living alone.

The final time Eva ever left was during one of these excursions to a neighborhood tavern. She dressed up and went to the bar for a night of dancing and celebration on December 7, 1986. A 911 report about a woman being attacked was made on December 8, 1986, at 12:20 AM. Eva was discovered in a pool of blood behind the back doors of the bar after they hurried there. The new mother had suffered from beatings and stabbings. An autopsy indicated that she had suffered 13 stab wounds to her upper torso, including one that completely severed her arm.

Who Killed Eva Crist

Who Killed Eva Crist and Why?

Efren Calderas Meza, who was also 32 then, and Eva had just broken up. According to the investigation, Efren was violent toward Eva. He had additionally threatened to kill her, telling her family members about it as well. According to reports, Efren threatened to “chop her up” if Eva danced with another man; it appears that’s exactly what happened that evening.

Eva was punched numerous times before she fell to the ground, according to witnesses who named Efren as the assailant. She was then mercilessly stabbed. After being attacked in the back alley, Eva could enter the pub. She was immediately taken to the emergency room, but she eventually passed away. As soon as the authorities named Efren as a suspect, they started looking for him.

Efren, however, was not to be found. Christina Gordon, Eva’s daughter, thought he was the murderer. She asserted, “I know 100 percent it was (him). He was a very violent person. He broke her nose twice.” Although there were allegations of physical and verbal assault, nothing was ever reported to the police. Another daughter, Honey Main, related it to the times they had been living in at the time.

According to Eva’s daughters, Efren returned home later that morning. They said that he entered the bedroom, picked up a few items, and then quickly left. The lack of many leads pointing to Efren’s location made it difficult for the authorities to continue their search for him. In April 2019, Christina remarked, “It’s not right. He removed a mother from her four kids. And it’s difficult to explain to my kids why their grandmother won’t ever meet them or be present for important occasions in my life or my sister’s life.”

Where is Efren Meza Today

Where is Efren Meza Now?

At first, the police thought Efren might have escaped to Mexico immediately after the crime. He will be living by changing his name after a while. Efren is five feet four inches tall, of Mexican descent, and has a stocky physique. The authorities have had trouble locating him throughout the years. Efren would now be in his 60s, and the investigation was given to a new head detective in 2019.

Thanks to Efren’s age-progressed photos that were made public, Eva’s loved ones hoped for new leads. 

Christina, one of her three siblings, said, “I’ve been on the phone with the coroners, the lead detectives, everybody, trying to find out why nothing’s being done. It would mean the world to me and my sister. We’re the only ones left, and I don’t want him to get away with it. I don’t want her to die in vain like that and no justice be served.”

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