Explained Ending of Season 1 of the ‘Invasion’ TV Series

Invasion Season Finale Episode

In the alien invasion subgenre, ‘Invasion‘ is a one-of-a-kind entry.

Instead of focusing on larger-than-life existential wars between humanity and invading extraterrestrials, the Apple TV+ series follows four seemingly regular people as they try to survive in an exceptional period.

They struggle with extremely human concerns such as betrayal, heartache, homesickness, and loneliness.

Their need to protect their loved ones may one day prove to be a critical component in the human race’s survival.

Here’s all you need to know about the season 1 finale of ‘Invasion.’


Recap of the first Season of Invasion

Invasion‘ is mainly focused on its four primary protagonists. Aneesha Malik (Golshifteh Farahani) is a loving mother and wife in the United States whose life is turned upside down when she learns that her husband, Ahmed (Firas Nassar), is having an affair.

The aliens commence their attack just as she confronts him. Aneesha and Ahmed flee north with their two children, Luke and Sarah, as a result of this.

Luke discovers a mystery relic on their trek, which the military eventually refers to as “the Claw.”

The aliens are impervious to common human weapons, but Aneesha manages to kill one with the Claw.

Trevante Ward (Shamier Anderson), a US soldier in Afghanistan, loses his whole unit in a battle with an alien spaceship.

Ward desperately seeks to return home to his estranged wife as the war-torn country sinks into even more catastrophe.

Caspar Morrow (Billy Barratt), a British adolescent, suffers from seizures frequently. It is revealed that these are linked to the aliens and the way they communicate with one another.

Long before the appearance of the extraterrestrial beings, he began to experience these episodes.

Casper, who has been severely tortured by his father and brothers at home and by a bully at school, emerges as an unlikely hero for his classmates when the bus they were riding crashed into a crater just as the invasion begins.

JASA employee Mitsuki Yamato (Shioli Kutsuna) is having an affair with Captain Hinata Murai, the commander of the next trip to the International Space Station.

When Hoshi, the JASA space shuttle, is destroyed in a collision with an alien spaceship, Mitsuki refuses to accept Hinata’s death and contacts the aliens in an attempt to uncover confirmation that the other woman is still alive.

The world celebrates the apparent human victory in the season 1 finale, titled ‘First Day,’ but Aneesha’s instinct tells her that the war isn’t over yet, and she and her family can’t go home just yet.

The Maliks are devastated by Ahmed’s death, and Luke grows increasingly enraged with his mother.

Casper, on the other hand, appears to be dead. Ward rushes him into the hospital, passes him over to the physicians, and quickly departs, not wanting to spend any more time in the room than is absolutely necessary because it reminds him of his late son.

He and Jamila say their goodbyes, but not before she hands over Casper’s sketchbook to him. He is able to arrange a trip back to the United States this time, and he is reunited with his wife.

Mitsuki flees the city and seeks refuge in a temple with a monk who is through a spiritual crisis.

She had gone to her apartment earlier and taken one of Hinata’s denim jackets. She creates a fire and burns the jacket as the sun sets.

Invasion Season Finale

Are the Aliens Back at the End of Season 1 of Invasion?

The human replies to the alien onslaught unexpectedly coordinate in the penultimate episode, giving Earth a temporary advantage in the conflict.

Mitsuki continues to send messages in Japan, believing Hinata is on the other end of the line. In order to acquire access to the extraterrestrial communication conduits, Casper has an induced seizure in the United Kingdom.

When the aliens discover what’s going on, they attack. As Casper appears to gain power over the aliens, Ward and Jamila protect him.

When he tells them to “halt,” they remain motionless. The spacecraft is then targeted by a nuclear weapon, which destroys it.

Almost everyone on the earth is aware of nuclear weapons. Even though they don’t know who she is, the Japanese people are aware that a Japanese person made a big contribution to the struggle against the foreigners.

Except for Ward and Jamila, no one knows what Casper did. Ward, too, has begun to believe that it was all due to the nukes.

People all over the world are seeing ominous signals as the world breathes a collective sense of relief, believing that the war is ended.

The ripples on the “Claw” indicate that the aliens are on the move, which Luke notices. The rainforest’s downed spacecraft comes to life.

Casper gets a vision in which he encounters Ikuro, or rather, the aliens’ version of Ikuro formed from Hinata’s memory.

“Ikuro” offers Casper a compass, exactly like he did Hinata. Casper approaches a bed of alien flowers with the compass, which glows and dances with anticipation of what is to come.

Ward and his wife are standing nearby, watching the ocean recede. They must be terrified when the sky appears to split, and a massive spaceship appears.

Its major goal is to extract resources from the planet, such as water, and then terraform it to suit their demands.

This means that the native people will almost certainly be wiped out. Following the events of the previous aliens, this new group of adversaries is likely seeking vengeance and will not stop until either humanity or they are exterminated.

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Invasion: What Do the Aliens Want?

As previously said, the aliens most likely came to Earth in search of resources and to create a colony.

However, because they are created in a completely different way than any other species on Earth, they are unlikely to be able to thrive in the Earth’s environment.

And it’s for this reason that they’ve started terraforming Earth using the black stuff they’ve left behind.

The chemical metabolises, emitting gases into the environment and altering the atmosphere.

They’ve begun to alter Earth in small areas at a time. However, due to Casper, Mitsuki, and the nukes, the aliens appear to have abandoned that plan and have arrived on Earth with a vessel capable of transporting all of Earth’s resources.