The Continental: Did Frankie Really Die in Episode 1?

Did Frankie Actually Die in Episode 1

Frankie Death – If you have recently discovered the thrilling world of Peacock’s The Continental,’ chances are its captivating plot and intriguing characters already hook you. Set in 1970s New York as a prequel to the John Wick franchise, this gripping series takes us on an exhilarating ride filled with heists, shootouts, and underworld drama. Here, we explore one of the pivotal and heart-wrenching moments in episode one – Frankie Scott’s tragic death as we unravel its mysterious circumstances.

Who is Frankie in “The Continental?”

Before discussing Frankie’s tragic end, let us introduce you to him first. Frankie Scott (portrayed by Ben Robson) is a pivotal character in “The Continental.” He plays an integral part in setting off events by stealing an object from Cormac (portrayed by Mel Gibson).

Frankie’s character is captivating because he longs to flee his dangerous life and start over with his beloved wife Yen (Nhung Kate), far away from criminal entanglements. However, his actions set off a chain reaction that ultimately leads him down an irreparable path, ending tragically for himself and Yen.

Frankie Death

Why Did Frankie Steal The Coin Press From Cormac?

At the very start of ‘The Continental,’ viewers witness an engaging opening sequence – Frankie Scott is conducting a daring heist that sets up an exciting narrative. Frankie has his sights set on an unknown object within New York’s Continental Hotel, which later turns out to be a coin press.

As we learn, a coin press is a device used to produce currency by imprinting coins with authenticating marks and serial numbers. Frankie plans on stealing one so he can create his own version of Continental’s currency and purchase his freedom from the criminal organizations he’s been involved with.

Frankie’s actions soon spiral out of control; Cormac becomes relentless in his pursuit to recover the stolen object he believes Frankie took from him at the end of episode one. Still unknown: where has Frankie hidden the coin press at that time?

How Are Frankie and Winston Related to Cormac

How Are Frankie and Winston Related to Cormac?

To understand the full impact of Frankie’s theft and its subsequent repercussions, we must investigate the deeper connections between Cormac O’Connor and his brother Scott; these date back to a family tragedy when their father, in financial need, took out a loan from Cormac despite knowing it would put his home and lives in jeopardy. Eventually, they lost it all when Cormac attempted to collect on this debt with interest owed – an event which precipitated their downward spiral of despair and tragedy.

As the plot unravels, it becomes evident that young Winston and Frankie had no parents due to the actions of their father, leading them into dire circumstances they desperately desire to escape from. It soon becomes evident that, in order to secure his family’s future, Winston’s and Frankie’s father took out a loan from Cormac that caused them to lose their home; Frankie later began working for Cormac.

One thing remains unmistakable in their complicated relationship – Frankie and Winston share an undeniable bond as brothers. Frankie’s selfless actions as children to shield Winston demonstrate this bond, adding depth and emotion to their narrative.

Did Frankie Actually Die in Episode 1

Did Frankie Really Die in Episode 1?

Frankie’s decision to jump from a helicopter is the turning point in “The Continental,” episode 1, and proves heroic in terms of both courage and emotional cost. He takes this risky action to protect Yen and Winston from Cormac’s twin assassins hired by Cormac; one shoots Frankie directly in the head, seemingly ending his life.

Frankie appears to have met an unfortunate end; however, in John Wick’s world of seemingly unlikely heroes who seem immune from death’s grasp, such as Frankie, characters are known to survive seemingly fatal situations and return later. Some evidence points towards Frankie being truly gone; notably, he was not mentioned during John Wick’s storyline, suggesting his fate may have been decidedly set.

Winston’s response to Cormac’s death is one of profound grief and resolve, setting in motion his quest for revenge against him. After seeking help from criminals with connections in the criminal world, Winston vows to avenge his brother’s death – an iconic line from “I Need Guns, Lots of Guns” by Keanu Reeves from “The Matrix.”

At its heart, episode one of “The Continental” offered a thrilling introduction to this series, unveiling its intricate relationships and the deep motivations of its characters. Frankie’s death marked an unexpected yet tragic turning point as we followed Winston’s quest for revenge against Frankie’s family. Though much remains uncertain in “The Continental,” one thing is certain – justice will ultimately triumph, and viewers can look forward to what comes next in anticipation.

Are you curious to know more about Frankie death and Winston? Stay tuned as the upcoming episodes of ‘The Continental’ reveal their mysteries – don’t miss the next exciting instalment airing every Friday on Peacock!

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