Gaslit Episode 1 ‘Will’ Recap and Ending Explained

Gaslit Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

Gaslit Episode 1 Recap {season premiere} – Gaslit is a limited television series in the United States based on the first season of Leon Neyfakh’s podcast Slow Burn. Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin, Shea Whigham, Darby Camp, and Aleksandar Filimonovi are among the cast members. On April 24, 2022, it premiered on Starz.

The Watergate crisis is the subject of the series, which focuses on various unknown stories, including those of Richard Nixon’s subordinates, crazy zealots, and the whistleblowers who would eventually bring the entire operation crashing down. Martha Mitchell, a famous Arkansan socialite, and wife of Nixon’s faithful Attorney General, John N. Mitchell, will be the focus of the story. Regardless of her political background, she is the first to publicly raise concerns about Nixon’s role in Watergate, which destabilises both the presidency and her personal life. Mitchell is forced to choose between Martha and the president as Attorney General.

On the big and small screens, the Watergate Scandal has been reinvented numerous times. What makes ‘Gaslit’ unique is that it focuses its narrative on the women who were affected by the historic break-in and how they dealt with it. The show also marks the first collaboration between Oscar winners Sean Penn and Julia Roberts.

In the pilot episode, titled “Will,” John N. Mitchell (Penn) summons John Dean (Dan Stevens) to his office and informs him about the Democrats’ spying activities. Mitchell’s wife, Martha (Roberts), fears that the First Lady has devised a plot against her. When Dean meets Maureen “Mo” Kane, his life is changed forever. Here’s all you need to know about the first episode of ‘Gaslit.’

Gaslit Episode 1 Recap

Gaslit Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Will’ Recap

The first episode of the series is titled ‘Will,’ after G. Gordon Liddy’s (Shea Whigham) 1980 autobiography. Liddy makes one of his outstanding commitments by holding his palm over a candle flame in the first episode. This perfectly establishes the character, as well as the show’s setting and tone.

Dean, who works for Attorney General Mitchell, is concerned that he will be fired during Mitchell’s spring cleaning campaign. Dean casually peers out the window as he cruises through the streets of Washington in his Porsche, and the rampant socioeconomic disparity and unrest gaze back.

He is obviously perplexed when he arrives at the White House and learns of Mitchell’s plans to spy on the Democrats. Their President is polling well, so he doesn’t see the need in doing anything that may damage Nixon’s re-election campaign by imprisoning some of them. Mitchell, on the other hand, makes him complicit by appealing to his ambition. Mitchell accepts Dean’s suggestion that Liddy leads the espionage team as general counsel, with him functioning as an advisor.

Martha was born in Arkansas and grew up as a socialite. She is one of the most well-known members of the Nixon administration. Pat Nixon, she believes, is envious of her because of her celebrity. Despite their obvious affection for each other, she and her husband frequently quarrel over his passionate loyalty to Nixon.

In this episode, their dispute escalates into violence, with both of them slapping the other. Mitchell offers tickets to California as a peace offering the next morning.

Dean and Mo meet through a Washington dating agency, and the first impression Dean makes on the latter isn’t exactly glowing. He takes her to a gathering at the Mitchells’ house for their second date. While her parents quarrel in another room, Mo sees a new side of Dean as he speaks to Marty, John, and Martha’s daughter.

Gaslit Episode 1 Explained

Does John Dean Resign in Gaslit Episode 1?

No, John Dean will not step down. He has been worried since hearing about the CRP’s (Committee to Re-Elect the President) plans to spy on the Democrats. He even turns down the offer at first, but Mitchell persuades him by telling him that Nixon has specifically requested him. Also, there is Jeb Magruder (Hamish Linklater), who explains that the President will never engage in criminal activity. Almost every scene in the show contains a biting farce.

Dean subsequently finds Mitchell’s deception and decides to submit his resignation letter after chatting with Mo, but he doesn’t divulge anything to her. He writes it down and personally delivers it to Mitchell. His supervisor, on the other hand, isn’t in his office right now. He discovers numerous notes on Mitchell’s desk, possibly left by his secretary, as he is about to leave the letter.

The secretary informs Mitchell that the Chief of Staff has called in one of the notes. Nixon appears to be impressed with Dean and wishes to meet him. Dean’s revived ambition suffocates his desire to do the right thing right now. He takes his letter and quickly leaves, leaving no one in the dark.

Gaslit Episode 1 Recap and Ending

In John’s Papers, what Does Martha notice?

Martha notices a few lines on her husband’s paperwork near the end of the pilot episode, including “bugging and sound equipment” and “automatic telephone wiretap devices (3).” Meanwhile, Liddy, James McCord (Chris Bauer), and their gang arrive to the Watergate building to view their “destiny.” Martha’s future and place in history will be shaped by her actions from this point forward. On a personal level, Mitchell will very certainly be forced to choose between his wife and Nixon, which will undoubtedly affect her marriage.

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