Haylei Jordan: Where Is Laren Sims’ Daughter Now?

Haylei Jordan where is she now

Haylei Jordan is the daughter of a serial killer who spent her childhood on the run. Jordan will open up about her life for the first time in a new edition of ABC’s 20/20.

In her first interview, Haylei Jordan discussed what it was like to live on the run with “20/20.” She stated that she has been silent till now in order to forget about her history.

Jordan explained, “I spent a major chunk of my life being recognised as Elisa McNabney’s daughter.” “Previously, I refused to speak because I didn’t want to deal with it any longer.” I can think about it now. It never happened to me. “I experienced it firsthand.”

Jordan returned to Brooksville, Florida, when her mother died, where she had spent the majority of her childhood. Her mother came from a well-known family who had resided in the area for decades.

“I returned to the village where I was born and reared, although it had been almost a decade since I had seen my family,” Jordan explained. “I had no idea what to do because the only thing I had ever done was check on my mother.”

Jordan described her childhood with her mother as irregular, since the two of them were frequently on the road, only staying in one spot for a year to six months at a time.

Elisa McNabney and her coworker and friend Sarah Dutra, with whom she worked at the law firm, injected Larry with the horse tranquillizer drug xylazine at a Los Angeles hotel on September 10, 2001, following a horse show.

The arrest of Laren Sims in Destin, Florida, meant that the killer of lawyer Larry McNabney was finally apprehended. Her daughter, Haylei Jordan, who was a teenager at the time, was the one who informed the authorities about her whereabouts.

20/20: Hell in Heels,’ a segment on ABC News, dives into Laren’s life of crime and con artistry, and includes an interview with Haylei, who discusses growing up with a mother who was constantly on the road. So, if you’re curious about Haylei and where she might be currently, here’s what we know so far!

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Haylei Jordan pictured at 8-years-old

Who is Haylei Jordan?

Jordan is the daughter of Laren Sims / Elisa McNabney, a woman who used the alias Elisa McNabney to murder her husband.

Laren had two children, a daughter named Haylei and a son named Cole, shortly after dropping out of school. Haylei spent the majority of her childhood in Brooksville, Florida, where her mother was raised. She described her childhood as chaotic, with her family constantly travelling and only living in one spot for a few months or a year at a time.

“When I think about my mom from that time, it was all about fun until it wasn’t,” Haylei said. Until it came to waking up in the middle of the night and saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got to get out of here.’ Because she owed rent and was about to be evicted.”

After getting into some legal difficulties in 1993 for stealing, Laren moved her daughter to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she met and married Larry in 1996. Haylei and her mother eventually moved in with the rich lawyer, but things were not going well.

Larry’s alcohol and drug problems, according to Haylei, made her feel dangerous. He also physically abused Laren at one point, according to her. Laren had left Larry, according to Haylei, but he had followed them down and threatened to kill them before committing suicide.

Larry, according to Haylei, was aware of her mother’s pending warrants. Laren sent Haylei to Maine for a job that required her to teach horses after an incident in which Larry allegedly grabbed her forcefully.

Laren and Haylei were on the road when the authorities discovered Larry’s death in 2002, and had travelled through various towns before settling in Destin under different names. Haylei didn’t know about Larry’s murder at the time, and she didn’t question their movement because she was used to it.

Haylei, on the other hand, refused to relocate when Laren requested it. “I just felt resigned,” she later explained. I’m just a non-person, a non-person, I’m just a non-person. I exist, but I’m not the same person I used to be.” Regardless, they travelled to South Carolina before returning to Florida.

Around the same time, Laren informed her daughter that she had killed Larry with the assistance of Sarah Dutra. Sarah worked as a legal secretary at Larry’s law business at the time. Haylei contacted the cops after her mother departed after putting her off in Destin, fearful that Laren would harm herself in some way.

Laren was eventually traced down and apprehended by the cops. “I couldn’t find out a way out,” she said in a letter to Haylei, explaining her actions. He couldn’t get himself out of the darkness, despite the drugs, drink, prostitutes, trust account, and other things I told you about.”

Sarah’s case went to trial while Laren committed herself while awaiting extradition. Sarah claimed she was duped by Laren, but Haylei testified for the prosecution, saying Sarah was never afraid of him.

Where is Haylei Jordan today

What happened to Haylei Jordan and Where Is She Now?

Haylei was moved to live with her maternal grandparents in Florida when Laren died. She talked about how she’s been recovering from what happened and how she believes her mother was a victim of domestic abuse.

“You never have to stay in a position where you don’t feel safe, a place where you question,” Haylei added. You have the right to feel secure, and you have the right to create whatever future you want.”

Haylei appears to be doing lot better now, despite her belief that she will never have a normal life. She has a Master’s degree in Nursing and is a mother of two children who works in the healthcare field. Haylei appears to still reside in Florida, as far as we can tell.

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