Mr. Harrigan’s Phone: How Did Craig’s Mother Die?

How Did Craig’s Mother Die in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

How Did Craig’s Mother Die in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone? – John Lee Hancock wrote and directed the horror drama film “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” which is available on Netflix. The Netflix movie centers on Craig (Jaeden Martell), a young man with a unique connection to solitary businessman Mr. Harrigan. But following Mr. Harrigan’s passing, Craig notices odd things happening to his old phone. The movie is based on Stephen King’s self-titled novella, which was included in the anthology “If It Bleeds.”

The story details Craig’s past and gradually paints a picture of his bond with his mother, who passed away. It also looks at how Craig’s early loss of his mother affected his relationship with his father. The reason for her passing is never made clear, though. Viewers must be curious about Craig’s mother’s death as a result. In that case, below is all the information you require regarding Craig’s mother’s passing in “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.”

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How Did Craig’s Mother Die

How Did Craig’s Mother Die in the Movie?

The main character of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is Craig. The teenage boy and his friendship with the reclusive millionaire Mr. Harrigan are at the center of the movie. The movie also discusses Craig’s bond with his mother, though. Craig’s narration introduces viewers to the town of Harlow, Maine, and its famous sites in the first few seconds of the movie. Craig explains in the montage that his mother passed away when he was still relatively little.

Craig’s age at the time of his mother’s passing isn’t stated in the movie; however, it seems like he was about 7-8 years old. The loss of Craig’s mother negatively impacts his father, who becomes uninterested in his job. But Craig’s father is quite concerned about Craig’s upbringing.

Viewers will watch Craig reliving parts of his mother’s memories as the story develops. Craig reveals that his mother’s cemetery is close by when Mr. Harrigan passes away. He doesn’t have the guts to go to his mother’s grave, though. In the movie’s concluding scene, Craig finally succeeds in overcoming his challenge and chooses to go to his mother’s grave.

The identity of Craig’s mother, Joanne Poole, is revealed on the gravestone. It also mentioned Joanne’s passing in 2001. However, the precise reason for her passing is never given. Viewers watch a young Craig visiting a hospital with some flowers in the film’s opening seconds. It appears from the scenario that Craig was seeing his mother. As a result, it is possible that Craig’s mother had sickness and passed away.

Craig feels guilty, so he is afraid to go to his mother’s grave. Craig thinks that he could have prevented his mother’s passing somehow. Craig feels terrible since he did nothing to stop his mother from dying. Craig’s mother passed away from sickness; therefore, it is unlikely that the little child could have done anything to prevent the unfortunate tragedy. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone eventually ends without disclosing Joanne’s cause of death.

Nevertheless, Craig’s life is profoundly changed by her passing. The young youngster is traumatized by it and finds it difficult to accept the loss of his mother. Craig eventually passes past his grief over Joanne’s passing, though, and resumes his life.

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