How Did Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy Know Each Other? Did They Ever Meet In Person?

Conrad Roy and Michelle Carte

Conrad Roy III and Michelle Carter exchanged thousands of texts, but how many times did they meet in person?

The Girl from Plainsville,’ a biographical miniseries on Hulu, tells the storey of Conrad Roy III and Michelle Carter, two youngsters who build a bond only for things to go tragically wrong.

Conrad’s death becomes much more complicated when his “lover” Michelle is discovered to have encouraged him to commit himself.

Conrad and Michelle are at the centre of the heartbreaking storey and the real-life circumstances that inspired it (also known as the “texting suicide case“).

There is some dramatisation in the show, even though it recounts how they met and interacted. Here’s what happened in real life between Michelle and Conrad.

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Conrad Roy
Conrad Roy

How Did Michelle and Conrad Know Each Other?

Michelle and Conrad met in February 2012 while visiting their respective families in Naples, Florida, who introduced them. While Conrad was visiting a great-aunt, Michelle, who was fifteen at the time, was spending time with her grandparents.

Conrad’s younger sister Camdyn told their mother, Lynn, that her brother had “met someone” after spending a few days together riding bikes and watching alligators.

At the time, the two kids lived in Massachusetts, just forty miles apart. Conrad split his time between his mother’s house in Fairhaven and his father’s house in Mattapoisett, while Michelle lived in Plainsville.

They only met in person a few times after their initial meeting in Florida. According to the HBO documentary ‘I Love You, Now Die,’ Michelle and Conrad only met five times over the course of their relationship (from 2012 to 2014).


As seen on the Hulu show, they spoke mostly through phone calls, emails, and text messages, all of which were many. The two appeared to communicate several times a day, revealing their sentiments and battles with mental illness.

Conrad discussed his ideas on suicide as well as his plans for it in these communications. They also appeared to make plans to meet up several times but would cancel at the last minute, limiting their contacts to mostly long-distance chat and little personal connection.

Did Michelle and Conrad Ever Meet In Person?

Conrad Roy was eighteen years old when he died on July 13, 2014, and Michelle Carter, his girlfriend, was seventeen. In reality, court documents from the Commonwealth v. Carter case, in which Michelle was prosecuted in Juvenile Court and convicted guilty of involuntary manslaughter, refer to her as his lover.

The Esquire storey, which served as the basis for the Hulu drama, contains even more grim details about their connection. Michelle reportedly asked Conrad if she could pretend she was his girlfriend after he died during one of their chats about Conrad possibly committing suicide, to which he agreed.

Michelle, incidentally, seemed to get her ideas for their relationship from television, texting Conrad lyrics from a ‘Glee’ tribute episode. Michelle also watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ which ends with a prominent guy dying in his Jeep and contacting his girlfriend for rescue, shortly before his suicide. She later texted Conrad, stating she couldn’t stop crying.

Despite not being physically present in each other’s presence, Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III appear to have had a meaningful relationship. Conrad’s apparent agreement to let Michelle say she was his girlfriend, as well as their frequent conversations and sharing of profound feelings, appear to strongly corroborate that the two were dating.

Of course, certain aspects of their connection may appear unusual, such as their infrequent face-to-face contacts or Michelle’s usage of television lines. Michelle and Carter appeared to be dating for all intents and purposes.

After spending 11 months in prison for the killing of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, Michelle Carter has been released.

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