Is Anna and Bru Dating? Are They Still Together?

Are Bru and Anna Still Together

Are Bru and Anna Still Together? How Did They Meet? Let;s find out. When fans learned that Josh Brubaker, aka Bru was a contestant on season 4 of ‘The Circle,’ they were taken aback. Apart from being a well-known radio personality, Bru has amassed a sizable internet following, with over 4.1 million followers on TikTok alone.

Furthermore, his lovely demeanour, natural wit, and vitality rapidly endeared him to show fans. Bru’s personal life, like that of most new reality stars, has been scrutinised since his presence on the game show, and fans are now curious if he and fellow TikTok star Anna Sitar are still dating. Let’s see what we can find out.

Are Bru and Anna Still Together
Are Bru and Anna Still Together? Let’s find out.

What Brought Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar together?

Despite the fact that Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar are both from Michigan, they met in March of 2021 while both were staying in Los Angeles. Anna rose to prominence in 2019 when her TikTok videos capturing her daily life attracted thousands of viewers.

She currently has over 11 million Instagram followers, where she predominantly uploads vlogs and lifestyle videos to keep her fans up to date. It didn’t take long for Bru and Anna to notice each other and feel a spark between them. Soon, the two recognised how nicely they complemented one other.

In early 2021, Anna, who was already a well-known TikTok star at the time, broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Hawkins. Anna was open about her past relationship on social media, according to reports, and had revealed details about her and her high school sweetheart’s lives. As a result, when she and Bru started dating, they chose to embrace seclusion and keep their relationship quiet for a few months.

By Summer 2021, however, Bru and Anna had chosen to leave hints for their fans, and they frequently appeared in each other’s social media posts. Interestingly, their followers were persuaded that the two TikTok stars were dating each other as a result of their taunting. Despite this, Anna and Bru chose to remain silent about the rumours for a few months.

Finally, in December 2021, the couple made their relationship public via TikTok posts, much to the pleasure of their admirers. Anna confirmed their relationship by posting a picture montage of their time together on TikTok with the remark “You already know:),” on December 7, 2021.

Bru, on the other hand, followed suit and even claimed to have told his parents about Anna. “Texting my folks back in March,” Bru wrote over the footage he shared. ‘Hey, mom and dad, I met a fellow Michigander in Los Angeles.’

Is Josh Brubaker Still Dating Anna Sitar?

Yes! We are glad to announce that Bru and Anna are still together and doing well. Even after the two lovebirds made their relationship public, they have frequently featured each other on their social media profiles and do not hesitate to publicly profess their love. The TikTok stars also like taking time out of their hectic schedules to spend with each other, as evidenced by their Instagram accounts, which are filled with sweet experiences they’ve had together.

While Bru and Anna’s love and respect for one another are obvious, fans are awestruck by their undeniable chemistry and admire the talented stars’ devotion to one another. It’s been wonderful to watch their friendship grow stronger with each new day, and we wish them nothing but happiness in the years ahead.