Is Hulu Miniseries ‘The Girl from Plainville’ Based on a True Story?

hulu the girl from plainville true story

The Girl from Plainville is, in fact, based on a TRUE STORY. Following the events that led to Conrad Roy III’s death, the aftermath resulted in a major trial. Conrad’s 17-year-old girlfriend, Michelle Carter, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and convicted guilty.

The Girl from Plainville‘ tells the storey of an adolescent friendship that ends with Conrad Roy III’s tragic suicide at the age of 18. The Hulu drama explores two timelines: one depicting the aftermath of Conrad’s sudden death and the other depicting their relationship in the years preceding up to the disaster.

What makes the whole situation, so stranger is Michelle’s role in encouraging Conrad to commit suicide.

When investigators read over the communications the two adolescents exchanged, it reveals a whole new dimension to the case that is perplexing.

So if you’re curious about how much of ‘The Girl from Plainville’ is based on true story, we’ve dug into the specifics and discovered what’s what.

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Is There a True Story Behind ‘The Girl From Plainville’?

Yes, the storey of ‘The Girl from Plainville’ is based on true events. The miniseries is based on an Esquire piece by Jesse Barron, which show co-creators Liz Hannah and Patrick Macmanus regard as a “fair” portrayal.

The show, like the film, focuses on the development of Conrad and Michelle’s friendship as well as the inquiry into the latter’s role in the former’s death. Michelle’s subsequent trial is also covered in the show, as well as how it impacts everyone involved.

Conrad Roy III’s death made headlines around the world because of the terrible circumstances surrounding his demise. The 18-year-old died of carbon monoxide poisoning on July 13, 2014.

Conrad Roy III

Authorities discovered Conrad in his car, asphyxiated by carbon monoxide generated by a water pump, in the parking lot of a Kmart on Route 6 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Conrad II, the boy’s father, calls his mother Lynn and says, “There’s yellow tape over our son’s truck,” among other heartbreaking details from actual life.

Despite the fact that Michelle Carter and Conrad spoke on the day of his death, no records of their conversations have been found. Michelle’s communication to her friend Samantha Boardman, on the other hand, caught the curiosity of the investigators because it sounded like a confession.

“I could have stopped him,” said the message, which went on to become infamous. I was talking to him on the phone when he got out of the car since it was working, and he became terrified, so I told him to get back in. I had the opportunity to stop him, but I [expletive] didn’t.”

The performance recounts the extremely draining journey of all people affected by the tragedy in vivid detail. The storey also goes into detail about the subsequent trial, in which Michelle, who was 17 at the time of Conrad’s murder, was found guilty of being a youthful offender in juvenile court.

She was convicted guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to prison in 2017. Michelle was released in January 2020 after serving more than 11 months of her 15-month sentence at the Bristol County House of Corrections.

The Girl from Plainville‘ oscillates between young romance and the grim circumstances behind the claimed suicide coercion, which is fitting. It depicts Michelle’s lovely vacation in February 2012 in Naples, Florida, where she met Conrad for the first time.

However, there is a persistent undertone throughout the storey of the young central characters battling with their mental health. In fact, Michelle and Conrad bond over the fact that they both need to take “drugs” to feel better during one of their first encounters.

The showrunners claim to have tackled the production with respect, claiming that Elle Fanning, who also serves as an executive producer in addition to playing Michelle, has been sensitive to the feelings of others.

In tackling the production, the actor appears to have attempted to portray accurately what the families of those involved went through while also drawing attention to the issue of mental health.

Of course, the miniseries dramatises various aspects of the storey despite its accurate portrayal (which it clearly mentions at the beginning of every episode). This is perhaps what prompted Lynn St. Dennis, Conrad’s mother, to express her concern that it could be used to justify or defend Michelle’s actions.

She did say, however, that the show would draw further attention to the issue and could aid her effort to make suicide compulsion a widespread crime.

To be clear, “The Girl from Plainville” is based on a true storey. Despite the slight dramatisations in the storey, the fact that it is based on a journalistic report implies that it covers the majority of the publicly known real-life events.

In addition, of course, the personal relationships between the main characters (particularly Conrad and Michelle) that it depicts are very complicated in terms of their nuances and emotional dynamics; consequently, the dramatisation of the same cannot always be taken as accurate.

However, in terms of the timeline, the show appears to be entirely accurate to what happened in the summer of 2014.

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