Is ‘Hype House’ a Real Place? Is Hype House a Scripted Show or a Reality Show?

Hype House Netflix Series

Hype House‘ is a Netflix reality show that chronicles the life of each member of the eponymous social media incubator, where influencers go to grow and enjoy their professions, as the title suggests.

It thus digs into their path to success, as well as how they attempt to strike a balance between their online presence and their real-life relationships.

In brief, the production explores every facet of being a member of this content collective, with a particular focus on cooperation and interpersonal turmoil.

So, if you’re curious about how legitimate it is – if at all – we’ve got the information for you.

The Hype House Mansion

Is ‘Hype House’ a Real Or Fake?

Since it was first revealed by Netflix in April 2021, ‘Hype House,’ as previously said, has been marketed as an unscripted reality series.

As a result, it appears that no cast member reads pre-written lines or is told to perform in a certain way in front of the cameras, all in the aim of keeping the underlying feelings as genuine as possible.

Furthermore, because The ‘Hype House‘ is real, having moved from Los Angeles County to Moorpark in early 2021, there is an evident conflict between the members practically all of the time.

After all, the majority of The ‘Hype House‘ content creators live together in an opulent house for constant cooperation and business prospects, but this frequently leads to personality clashes and disagreements.

The Hype House

“Imagine a fraternity packed with people who have millions of followers and dollars at their fingertips, together with high school drama and like…a ring light,” Nikita Dragun stated in the series, precisely encapsulating not only the house setting but also the Netflix original’s entire concept.

While we know that the cancel culture examined within is quite real, we also know that the influencers’ motivations and worries are extremely real.

Having said that, given the amount of resources required to bring such a performance to life, producers frequently provide prompts or make a few editing tweaks to add a little flair.

But, again, it’s manipulation, not a fabrication, and the goal is to boost viewers’ total enjoyment value.

The sectioned editing-in of Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson moving off of the estate, drifting away from his co-founders, and their reactions to it over time is a perfect illustration of this.

From this and other evidence, it is clear that the goal of ‘Hype House’ is to provide us with a complete image from all angles.

Hype House is Real or Fake

In short, while some aspects of the show are overdone, every event and emotion – whether it’s Nikita, Larray, and Alex Warren’s terrible background, Vinnie Hacker’s mental state, or Kouvr Annon’s reaction to her phoney marriage to Alex – is genuine.

We can’t dispute that the ‘Hype House‘ feels a touch scripted at times, but that’s to be expected when the ensemble is made up entirely of people who know what the public wants and who normally video all of their antics.

That means either a camera is always trained on them to ensure they don’t miss any major events, or they reproduce a few real-life events shortly after they occur to complete the plot, making the series feel a touch scripted.

But, even yet, it doesn’t appear that prepared scripts are used.