Is It Possible for Elliott and Rue to Ending Up in ‘Euphoria Season 2’?

Elliott and Rue to Ending Up in 'Euphoria Season 2'

Season 2 of ‘Euphoria follows Rue’s tale as she struggles to overcome her fears about life and find some stability.

Rue is relapsing into her drug-abusing habits, so she has a co-conspirator this time. Elliott is introduced in the season 2, and he instantly develops a friendship with Rue.

As the story progresses, though, the idea of the two becoming much more than friends starts to emerge.

Here’s everything we know about Rue and Elliott’s feelings for one other and if they have a loving life together!


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Will Elliott and Rue End Up Together in Euphoria

How Is The Relationship Between Elliott and Rue?

In season 2 episode 1 of ‘Euphoria,’ Elliott and Rue meet for the first time. Rue is hiding away from Jules during the New Year’s party in this episode, and she begins to feel anxious.

She joins Elliott in the backroom, where he is using narcotics. They get along swimmingly and spend all their time conversing and doing drugs together.

Rue’s heartbeat, on the other hand, becomes incredibly slow as a result of her drug use. Rue’s heartbeat returns to normal after Elliott gives her an Adderall dose.

Rue and Jules reconnect and continue their romance shortly after.

Rue is first afraid of telling Jules about her friendship with Elliott in the second episode. Rue is concerned that Elliott may inform Jules about her persistent drug addiction.

However, she quickly finds that Elliott is honest, and the duo has a lot of interests. Rue, Elliott, and Jules start hanging out together in the next episode.

Jules suspected Elliott of having a crush on Rue and attempted to persuade him to reveal the truth.

Elliott, on the other hand, is astute with his responses, employing sarcasm to sidestep the awkward inquiries.

Elliott and Rue to Ends Up in 'Euphoria Season 2'

Is it Possible that Elliott and Rue will End Up Together in Next Episodes?

In the HBO Max‘s Euphoria 3rd episode of Season 2, Jules (Zendaya) & Elliott (Dominic Fike) hang out as Rue tries to get her business off the ground. Rue asks Elliott if he loves him at this time, and Elliott confirms it.

Yet, considering his poker face & caustic responses earlier in the programme, it isn’t easy to believe his remark is genuine.

Furthermore, Rue appears to have a love interest in only Jules, and their connection is still going strong.

Finally, Rue, but on the other hand, regards Elliott as a close friend and confidant in whom she can confide her secrets.

As a result, introducing love feelings into the equation will undoubtedly disrupt their equilibrium.

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Rue, on the other hand, believes Elliott to be her new favorite person and has snubbed Jules in addition to spending more time with him.

Given how Rue and Jules’ romance grew out of a similar friendship, Elliott and Rue developing intimate feelings for one another aren’t out of the question.

Rue, on the other hand, has stated that she and Elliott don’t bring out the best in one other, which is undoubtedly concerning.

Rue’s substance abuse issues may cause a rift with both her and Jules. Rue & Jules might part up if things get too heated, allowing Rue to find solace with Elliott.

Rue’s sexual orientation, on the other hand, makes it improbable that she will end up with Elliott in the future.