Is ‘Owen Hunt’, Played by ‘Kevin McKidd’, Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18?

What Happened to Owen Hunt

When recent developments on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ hinted at Owen Hunt’s (Kevin McKidd) possible death, fans were taken aback.

There have been rumours that the programme would kill off Owen, and fans have asked if this means actor Kevin McKidd’s career is over.

We decided to research and find out the truth because fans are now desperate for answers to their questions!

Owen Hunt die

Owen Hunt: What Happened to Him?

Owen Hunt, the Head of Trauma and previous Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, is shown in the programme as someone who is incredibly dependable and trustworthy.

Owen is a doctor with a conscience who goes above and beyond the call of duty on occasion. As a result, he frequently violates the rule of conduct to commit mercy killings. Despite this, Owen is committed to his work and has his patient’s best interests at heart.

Owen, his wife Teddy Altman, and Cormac Hayes go to get a donor heart for Owen’s nephew Farouk in season 18 episode 8.

Farouk’s situation is severe, so all three of them are hoping that everything goes smoothly. However, disaster comes soon after, and their vehicle’s driver has a major stroke while driving.

As a result, the vehicle loses control, veers off the road, and comes to a stop on the precipice’s edge.

The lives of all three protagonists are jeopardised as the car hangs precariously over a brink. Teddy, on Owen’s repeated prodding, gingerly emerges from the wreckage with the heart.

Hayes also manages to escape out of the car before it crashes off the cliff, leaving Owen’s destiny hanging in the balance.


Is Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘Kevin McKidd’ Leaving Or Not?

Viewers should relax because nothing in the trailer suggests Kevin McKidd’s departure from ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Kevin’s character, Owen, was thought to be dead after the cliffhanger ending of season 18 episode 8, but the show showed that he had survived a major leg injury.

Fans were overjoyed to learn that Owen had survived his fall, despite the fact that the fracture necessitates surgery and may result in paralysis.

We may confidently presume that, given Owen’s popularity as a character, the programme would not write him off so quickly and without explanation.

Furthermore, there is still a lot to learn about Owen’s character arc, such as his bond with his son and the truth regarding his role in mercy killings.

When it comes to the speculations concerning McKidd’s departure, it’s worth noting that neither the actor nor ABC have verified or refuted the reports.

Moreover, McKidd seemed to imply that he was fully committed to his ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ job when he added, “Obviously, I was kind of nervous.” ‘Perhaps I ought to look for a new career!'”

McKidd, on the other hand, hinted at a potential future showdown between Owen and Teddy over the question of mercy kills.

With the actor confident in his ability to continue playing Owen on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ we can fairly predict that Kevin McKidd will not be leaving the programme anytime soon.