Jessica Alva’s Death: How Did She Die? Was She Murdered?

Why Did Jessica Alva Pass Away

Jessica Alva’s Death or Murder? – Jessica Alva, a young mother, was taken to the hospital early one morning in April 2019 following what appeared to be a suicide attempt. Her family, on the other hand, felt that wasn’t the case and thought she was a victim of malicious intent. The second section of “Still a Mystery: Suspicious Circumstances” on Investigation Discovery includes Jessica’s story. The family has fought for an investigation despite the authorities declaring her death to be a suicide. Let’s, therefore, learn more about what transpired at that time.

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Jessica Alva's Death

Why Did Jessica Alva Pass Away?

1984 saw the birth of Jessica Nicole Alva in San Bernardino, California. The third of four children, she was reared in an Army household and moved about a lot until settling in Redding, California. The 35-year-old had a troubled past due to domestic abuse in the home, according to the show. After participating in a rehabilitation program, she eventually overcame her addiction and became a loving mother to six children.

Jessica, her two youngest children, and her boyfriend, Clayton Rhoades, were residing in San Francisco, California, at the time of the incident. On April 2, 2019, at around 6:30 am, he dialled 911 to report Jessica’s unresponsiveness. After Clayton informed officers that she had attempted to hang herself, she was taken directly to the hospital. In the end, Jessica’s brain injury was too severe; four days later, she died. Her death was deemed a suicide by the authorities.

Was Jessica Alva Murdered By Her Husband

Was Jessica Alva Murdered By Her Husband?

According to the episode, Jessica Alva relocated to San Francisco in 2015 with the intention of starting over with her two children. She appeared to be doing well, helping others who were struggling with addiction, supporting various organizations, and learning about her Native American ancestry. However, as depicted in the program, Jessica started writing to Clayton, a childhood buddy. Clayton was incarcerated and had a history of violent crimes; he was found guilty of second-degree robbery and violence on a peace officer.

He had a history of domestic abuse, the show added. Clayton moved in with Jessica and her two kids after getting out of jail. But soon after, everything started to go south. According to Jessica’s family, she was not permitted to leave the house by herself or make phone calls without him being there. They thought she was involved in an abusive marriage with Clayton. Then, on April 2, 2019, he called the police to report Jessica’s attempted suicide.

The family saw Jessica had multiple scratches and bruises on her body and some dried blood coming from her mouth when she received life support at the nearby hospital. Family members recalled Jessica calling her Godmother a few days earlier and telling her she feared Clayton and worried about her children’s safety. Clayton gave the police a bogus identity when they first questioned him, and they neglected to verify his identification.

The family stated that despite a preliminary determination of suicide, the police did not investigate into the matter until Jessica’s mother wrote about it on social media. The police, according to her family members and others from the Native American community, mishandled the investigation. In the days that followed, Clayton and a few other people remained at Jessica’s flat. Jessica’s brother reported that the residence smelled like bleach when Jessica’s family eventually gained entrance. According to the program, jewellery and the children’s social security cards were also missing.

Additionally, witnesses accused Clayton and Jessica of abusing one another on April 1, 2019. When Clayton was accused of beating and dragging Jessica to a nearby ATM while they were visiting a park with the kids, he was enraged. It was revealed on the episode that Jessica’s neck was covered with reddish brown fibers and that the police later went back to the flat in search of a reddish brown leather strip but were unsuccessful. Police bodycam footage from the initial visit to the residence on the day of the incident shows a similar strip.

The case is still ongoing but open, according to the officials. The family still maintains that there was foul play, though. In an interview with police authorities in April 2019, Clayton stated, “I have always cooperated with them; I have informed them what happened. They saw everything I did, and I was completely honest in my responses. I had nothing to hide. He was detained for violating his parole that month, but owing to capacity concerns, he was freed a few days later. Regarding Jessica’s death, Clayton has never been put under investigation.

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