Where is John Wayne Gacy’s Second Wife ‘Carole Hoff’ Now?

Who is John Wayne Gacy’s Second Wife Carole Hoff

Where is John Wayne Gacy’s Second Wife ‘Carole Hoff’ Now? Let’s find her. Carole Hoff and serial killer John Wayne Gacy were high school sweethearts who married for four years while Gacy slaughtered young men, and it wasn’t until after their divorce in 1976 that she discovered the truth. In December 1978, the world knew John Wayne Gacy’s name after the child-raping serial killer was apprehended and confessed to the murders of over 33 young men. Carole Hoff, on the other hand, recognised him as her husband.

To the untrained eye, John Wayne Gacy appeared to be living a great life. He was well-liked, had a thriving business, and was surrounded by a loving family. John’s arrest in December 1978, on the other hand, revealed who he truly was. ‘Conversations With a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes,’ a Netflix documentary, follows John Wayne Gacy’s serial killing spree and how he was eventually convicted of over 33 killings. In June 1972, John married Carole Hoff, although he had already murdered his first victim.

So, how about we learn more about Carole and her relationship with John?

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John Wayne Gacy with his Second Wife Carole Hoff
John Wayne Gacy with his Second Wife Carole Hoff.

Carole Hoff, Who is She?

John had been condemned to ten years in jail for sodomy in Iowa before meeting Carole. He was, nevertheless, a model prisoner and was released after around 18 months. He then returned to Chicago, Illinois, and finally purchased a home in Norwood Park. In October 1971, John began dating Carole Hoff. She was regarded as a peaceful divorcee with two girls who were kind. They’d known one other since they were children.

Soon after, John invited her to live with him. According to the show, he wanted to be completely honest with her before marrying her and told her that he had previously been incarcerated. She did feel, however, that John had changed, and they married in June 1972.

He also told Carole that he was bisexual before their wedding, but she assumed he was joking. While the relationship appeared to be going well at first, it eventually fell apart due to John’s actions. Carole later recalled that he had images of naked males in his car, and that she had discovered the wallets of several teenage men in his car at one point.

Carole’s mother also claimed that John’s Norwood Park home usually smelled like “dead rats.” More than 20 remains were later discovered buried on the site by the authorities. Carole eventually became dissatisfied with her marriage.

She thought John spent all of his time working and didn’t approve of him hanging out with many adolescent boys. Carole claimed on the show that they didn’t have much sex anymore and that he didn’t want anything to do with her. After nearly four years together, they separated in March 1976.

Carole Hoff's Life with 'Killer Clown' John Wayne Gacy
John Wayne Gacy with Carole Hoff and her daughters.

Carole Hoff’s Life with ‘Killer Clown’ John Wayne Gacy

Although Gacy’s probation required him to live with his mother and follow a 10 p.m. curfew, he managed to renew his romance with Carole Hoff. Hoff was completely enamoured when he moved into his own home in Chicago’s Norwood Park neighbourhood and established his own property care service in 1971.

“He knocked me off my feet,” Hoff claimed.

In June 1972, Hoff enthusiastically decided to marry her old family acquaintance, who was now a self-employed homeowner of 8213 West Summerdale Avenue. Meanwhile, Gacy had already brought his first victim to that property a few months before, stabbing and burying 16-year-old Timothy McCoy in the crawl space.

While her two daughters seemed unconcerned about the foul odour, Hoff’s mother frequently remarked that it smelled “like dead rats.” Hoff believed Gacy when he stated rats or a leaking sewer pipe were most likely to blame. Gacy grew enraged when she asked her husband about a hoard of boy’s wallets she discovered.

“He’d throw furniture,” Hoff predicted. “He shattered a lot of my belongings.” If there were killings, I believe some must have occurred when I was at that house.”

Gacy had been convicted of rape, but she believed he regretted it and had served his sentence honourably. Gacy, on the other hand, was just getting started, abducting homeless youths or luring young men to his home under the pretence of paid labour, only to sodomise, torture, and strangle them.

Hoff believed Gacy’s claims of being bisexual, but was concerned when he “started bringing home a lot of naked males” just before they split up. She only left Gacy in 1975 after his behaviour became too unstable and he became physical during a chequebook disagreement.

She divorced him on March 2, 1976, “on the basis that he was meeting other women.” With Hoff gone, Gacy had complete control of the mansion and was free to indulge his bloodlust. It’s impossible to say whether Hoff saved her own life by fleeing, but once she did, Gacy went on to kill scores more people.

Carole Hoff
Carole Hoff’s current location is in Chicago.

What Happened to Carole Hoff and Where Is She Now?

Following the divorce, John went on to murder a number of other individuals before being apprehended in December 1978. He was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to death. Carole later claimed that John was sexually dysfunctional with women in a television interview. “He would toss furniture,” she claimed about the murders.

He shattered a lot of my belongings. If there were killings, I believe some must have occurred when I was at that house.” Carole has, obviously, avoided public scrutiny since then. Little is known about her present activities, and her last known whereabouts are Chicago.

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