Night Sky: Where Is Jude’s Father ‘Gabriel’?

Where is Jude's father

Where Is Jude’s Father, Gabriel, in Night Sky? – ‘Night Sky‘ on Amazon Prime Video reveals glimpses of its vast world in its first season. While the show’s main protagonists are Irene and Franklin York (Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons), it also features a cast of great supporting characters. Jude (Chai Hansen), the Yorks’ intriguing guest, is arguably the most prominent of them.

He eventually admits that he’s come to find his father, Gabriel. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering where Gabriel is at the end of the first season of ‘Night Sky.’

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Where Is Jude’s Father, Gabriel, in Night Sky

Gabriel, Where is Jude’s father?

Gabriel and Jude were both members of the world’s most secretive and powerful cult. It is revealed that chambers similar to the one found on Irene and Franklin’s home can be located in a variety of places. The majority are under the control of the cult.

Gabriel had visited Farnsworth, Illinois, some years before and used the chambers. He has been on the run since then. He has been labelled an apostate by the sect. Given that Jude’s mother is a high-ranking cult member, it’s pretty ironic.

Jude also manages to get away from the cult via the chambers. Irene locates him in the alien planet’s room and returns him to Earth. Irene dedicates herself to making Jude healthy, remembering how she lost her son. For the majority of the series, Franklin is distrustful of the boy.

Irene decides to help Jude find his father after understanding his motivations for coming to Farnsworth. Jude has just a Polaroid of Gabriel. They use it to corroborate Gabriel’s presence in Farnsworth. In 2005, he was arrested for loitering in the park. They discover Gabriel hitched a ride out of town on a truck after Denise, Franklin and Irene’s granddaughter, joins the search.

Despite the fact that the trucker has died, they speak with his son, who is aware of the incident. Jude and the others discover from him that Gabriel was abandoned in Enfield, Michigan.

When Jude, Irene, and Denise go to the precise spot where the truck driver dropped Gabriel off, they find bed and breakfast managed by a woman named Hannah. Gabriel was there for a long, she recalls, and they became close during that time. He eventually moved away. She allows Jude to remain in the same room with his father.

Jude discovers the codes he needs to find his father on a message hidden inside a copy of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ Jude decides to continue looking for his father near the end of the season, and Denise joins him. They use the machine to enter the code and wind up in Bangkok, Thailand.

Gabriel’s visit and stay there were not by chance, given the discovery that Hannah is also an apostate and heads an anti-cult organisation. Hannah most likely knows what’s in the book and makes sure Jude finds it. According to all indicators, Gabriel is in Bangkok, and Jude is extremely close to locating his father.

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