Julie Griffith Murder Case: Where Is Keith Griffith Today?

Julie Griffith Murder Case

When firemen in Reidland, Kentucky, arrived to combat a house fire on January 17, 2014, they had no idea what they were in for. After the fire was put out, firefighters entered the building and discovered Julie Griffith and two of her pets shot to death.

Fatal Vows: Reduced to Ash,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, paints a graphic picture of the horrible murder, including how the perpetrator attempted to order a hit on the main investigator before being apprehended.

Let’s get into the intricacies of the case and figure out where Julie’s killer is right now.

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How Did Julie Griffith Die

What Caused Julie Griffith’s Death?

Julie Griffith and her husband had been inhabitants of Reidland, Kentucky, for the majority of their lives. They were high-school sweethearts, and people said that in the early days of their relationship, the couple appeared to be very happy and were frequently seen spending time together in public.

They were also proud parents, and Julie was characterised as someone with a huge heart and a lot of kindness. Her community cherished her, and she is still sorely mourned today.

When 911 operators in Reidland, Kentucky, received word of the fire at the Griffith home, they dispatched firefighters right away. The firefighters were ultimately able to put the flames under control after a long and gruelling battle, but nothing could have prepared them for the scene that awaited them inside.

When the firefighters entered the building, they discovered Julie’s body and discovered she had been shot to death. She and her husband’s two dogs were also found dead nearby.

When the cops came, they investigated Julie’s body and discovered that she had been shot three times in the chest at close range. An autopsy eventually revealed that she died as a result of gunshot wounds, and the incident was ruled as a homicide.

Investigators were also certain that the fire was not an accident, but rather a purposeful act intended to conceal the crime.

Julie Griffith Killer Keith Griffith

Julie Griffith: Who Killed Her And Why?

Unfortunately, the police had few leads on which to base their investigation; therefore, the case did not develop much in the early days. Keith Griffith, Julie’s husband, was also not at home at the time of the fire, as he was staying in a motel in another part of the state.

Keith looked to break down and appear deeply disturbed after the authorities notified him of his wife’s death. He claimed that he would help the detectives in any way he could and insisted that he adored his wife.

Keith maintained his innocence when questioned, claiming that he was not at home at the time of the murder. However, when investigators checked his alibi, they discovered that he had left the hotel earlier than reported, leaving him enough time to go to Reidland and murder Julie inside the time frame.

Furthermore, while questioning Keith, authorities discovered that he was a savvy operator who was attempting to avoid inquiries about the slaying.

Despite the fact that they lacked sufficient evidence to arrest him, they soon discovered that Julie and Keith had a troubled marriage and frequently engaged in altercations, as depicted on the show.

Keith was smitten with a woman named Deanna Cloe and saw his marriage as an impediment to his love life. Keith appeared to be completely smitten with Deanna, and the show mentioned that he planned to purchase her a house in Indiana and raise a family with her.

He also lavished her with presents and began grooming himself in the hopes of impressing his new love interest. Deanna enjoyed Keith’s companionship and attention, but she had no intention of entering into a love relationship with him.

Keith, on the other hand, had no idea what Deanna was up to and assumed that Julie was the only thing holding him from starting a new life. As a result, the police decided to arrest Keith and accuse him with Julie’s murder based on a mountain of circumstantial evidence.

Where is Keith Griffith now

What Has Happened to Keith Griffith And Where Is He?

Keith appeared in court for the first time in February 2015, but the trial ended in a hung jury. In an unexpected turn of events, while awaiting retrial, Keith attempted to order a hit on the lead investigator, trying to kill him before he could testify.

The FBI and the police department, on the other hand, were alerted of Keith’s plans and were able to thwart them.

Keith pleaded guilty to murder, first-degree arson, tampering with physical evidence, and two charges of animal cruelty at his retrial. He also admitted to attempting to hire a hitman to assassinate the primary investigator.

Keith was sentenced to 30 years in jail in 2016 based on his plea. He is currently detained at the Roederer Correctional Complex in Oldham County, Kentucky, and is scheduled to be released in 2034.

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