“Last Seen Alive” Ending Explained: Who Kidnapped Lisa? Is Lisa Dead?

last seen alive 2022 ending explained

Last Seen Alive Ending Explained – Without needing to go deeply into its subject matter, “Last Seen Alive” is a decent action thriller to watch for some light enjoyment. The plot or narrative of the movie follows Will Spann as he frantically tries to save his marriage and his wife when she mysteriously disappears one day. However, it never becomes monotonous and offers a decent experience without being particularly noteworthy.

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‘Last Seen Alive’ Plot Summary

“Last Seen Alive” Movie Plot Summary

Will and his wife, Lisa, are seen driving far, but something doesn’t appear right between the two of them right away as Will tries to persuade his wife of anything. Soon it becomes clear that Will and Lisa’s union is in danger of disintegrating, and Lisa decides she needs a break from Will and wants to spend a few days with her parents to gain a fresh outlook on life. Even though Will acknowledges that he has been absent physically or mentally for a significant portion of their marriage, he is still in love with her. He wants to give their relationship one more opportunity. However, things have only worsened since Lisa had an extramarital affair with another guy some six months ago.

This experience made Lisa realize how miserable and trapped she was in her marriage to Will. They soon need to stop for fuel, so Lisa goes to the gas station’s shop as the couple continues their discussions and thought exchanges. She enters, uses the restroom, and purchases a bottle of water.

Additionally, she has been neglecting the man with whom she had an affair for some time because she is shown getting emails from him. However, Lisa is seen being approached as she exits the store; a truck then drives up in front of them, blocking Lisa from view, and when it pulls away, the woman is no longer in sight. After a while, Will becomes antsy and searches everywhere for his wife, even calling her cell phone, but gets no answer.

He questions the employee operating the desk and looks through the store and the restroom, but to no effect. The shopkeeper claims not to have seen anyone who fits Will’s description of Lisa, which is extremely weird and further adds to the mystery. Even though he spoke with Lisa, she gave him a decent tip. The husband is unaware of all this as he now calls the police in a panic to report his missing wife, who appears to have gone out of thin air.

How Did Will Track Lisa

Who Kidnapped Lisa? How Was Will Able To Find Them?

Detective Paterson shows up at the site as the police begin their investigation and collect all the essential data from Will. Will had already made the short trip to Lisa’s parent’s house, which is only a few miles from the gas station, to see whether she had arrived there for any reason. The parents, who don’t look like their son-in-law, become apprehensive when Lisa doesn’t come and even start to be wary of Will. The marriage was not at their happiest and was set to part due to Lisa’s extramarital engagement, so the police had their own early suspicions about the spouse. Will now has the ideal excuse to try to kill or vanish his wife, if not both, but Paterson temporarily lets Will off the hook.

Given that they both lived in the same small town, Paterson appeared to be quite familiar with the storekeeper of the petrol station. He called him by the name Oscar and asked him to show the security camera footage. Will notices one camera with its lights flashing, indicating that it is still operating after the detective leaves. Oscar had mentioned the cameras being out of order. Oscar is threatened by Will once more when he enters the room in a rage, and then Will beats Oscar and takes the hard drive containing the video to the police station. Looking at the video, they notice Lisa chatting with a man outside the store before she briefly vanishes as the vehicle obscures her from view.

Will learns from Lisa’s parents after he plays the tape for them that the man speaking to Lisa is Knuckles, their own handyman. They say that Lisa used to be Knuckles’ classmate, but because the youngster grew up without a steady vocation or employment, he now runs errands and performs odd chores for town residents, including themselves. The mother immediately recognizes the vehicle featured in the video and recalls having seen the exact same car a few days prior in a nearby garage. Without disclosing anything to the cops, Will quickly arrives at this garage and enters the barren property with a little, flimsy house on it covertly.

When he sees Knuckles attempting to stuff something into a bag, it almost appears as though he is managing a human being. Will enters the home but only discovers Knuckles is hurriedly packing his bags. Following a fistfight, Knuckles attempts to use his gun on her husband but is defeated by Will, who holds him hostage. Knuckles now reveals that although he had taken Lisa to a man by the name of Frank, he did not want to leave her there alone because Frank was reportedly quite dangerous. But before you can finish hearing, Will binds Knuckles’ hands and legs together, tosses him in his car, and tells him to show the way to Frank.

is lisa dead

A police cruiser is chasing will as he hurriedly approaches the destination in his car while exceeding the speed limit. He pulls up and helps with the regular inspection to avoid making matters worse. The officer, however, wants Will to exit the vehicle rather than merely issuing him a speeding ticket because he believes something is amiss. Will flees and reaches the surrounding woodland as the official is about to open the car’s trunk, where Knuckles is hidden with his breath held. When he is no longer being pursued, Will sets off on foot to find Frank’s location and arrives very quickly.

When he comes, he finds that the area resembles a camp for drug users where small batches of meth and other chemical substances are also produced locally. When someone calls out Frank’s name, he recognizes the man and follows him covertly to question him. Oscar is also spotted arriving at the camp, and it appears as if he frequents it. A firefight breaks out as Will approaches Frank and his crew after finally getting near Frank inside a large barn that has been converted into meth production.

After killing the thugs, the enraged husband attempts to corner Frank to ask him about Lisa but instead shoots him dead. Will is devastated since he has failed to contact his wife. As he dejectedly exits the building, he fails to see the tiny fire that has broken out due to the gunfight and all the potentially hazardous chemicals. Gradually his mental state deteriorates as thoughts of Lisa now plague him, until suddenly Oscar emerges from the barn brandishing a rifle at Will.

Now that the shop owner claims to be aware of Lisa’s whereabouts, he demands $20,000 in exchange for his information. Will first does not take him seriously, but this quickly changes when Oscar pulls out Lisa’s phone and makes it quite plain that he is also implicated. Oscar is about to say anything when the entire barn erupts in flames, quickly killing him. Will agrees to pay the money.

Detective Paterson eventually arrived at the highway location where Will’s car had been abandoned, and Knuckles was discovered inside. Knuckles is currently being questioned by a police officer, who uses all necessary force to get information. Knuckles finally breaks down and explains what exactly had happened: because the man had a costly drug addiction to deal with but no significant job, he was constantly short of money. After learning that Lisa was returning to the area while working at Lisa’s parent’s home, he created a kidnapping plan and communicated it with Frank.

They knew that Lisa was married to wealthy real estate tycoon Will and that the husband would spend a sizable sum of money to save his wife. When Knuckles spotted his old pal at the gas station that morning, he decided to carry out the plan even though Frank didn’t exactly agree with it. Knuckles lured Lisa close to her father’s car by pretending to hand her some papers to give him. He then kidnaps Lisa. The man was furious because he believed Knuckles would have left his footprints at the gas station after taking Lisa to Frank’s drug camp.

Frank had instructed Knuckles to construct a pit in which Lisa would be buried after being killed, stating that it was too unsafe to keep Lisa or even return her. Knuckles fled into the forest while excavating the pit because he was terrified of the entire event. When Will arrived and attacked him there, he had returned to his own home and was getting ready to leave the city. Knuckles repeatedly mentions that Lisa is now definitely dead in his sad confession to Paterson because Frank is too dangerous a man to keep her alive.

‘Last Seen Alive’ Ending Explained

‘Last Seen Alive’ Ending Explained: Is Lisa Dead?

After the catastrophic explosion, several police officers and fire emergency personnel arrived at the drug camp when Detective Paterson arrived. He locates a dejected Will sitting in a corner and urges the spouse to remain there without telling him that Lisa has passed away. Will thinks to hear a specific banging or thumping sound close as the detective begins to search the property and discovers a large pit dug behind a house. The hole is empty when Paterson removes the planks that cover it. The thumping sound comes from a small outhouse, which Will immediately discovers.

He unlocks the door’s latch with a sudden surge of renewed hope and walks inside to find Lisa lying there, still alive but with her hands and legs bound and her lips taped. While his wife cries out for him to help her and take her away, Will bravely drags her outdoors. Although Knuckles had predicted Lisa’s death, it was only his opinion based on how Frank was, and the drug lord had killed the woman after becoming preoccupied with his current tasks. It’s also possible that he had ultimately opted to keep Lisa alive if he could obtain some money in exchange for her release and avoid giving Knuckles a portion of the money.

Paterson meets will in the driveway after Lisa has been examined and escorted to her home. Paterson informs Will that Knuckles has signed a confession admitting to all charges of kidnapping. Although Knuckles’ account of what transpired after the abduction is the only reliable one, all others were killed, and Lisa would not have known about that. The detective tells us that Oscar may have seen the entire incident on the security camera footage and decided to take a portion of the ransom for himself. He must have picked up Lisa’s phone from the petrol station, which had fallen when she was kidnapped, on his way to Frank’s camp.

Additionally, Paterson discloses that not all of the dead in the barn had perished in the explosion, indicating that he was aware that Will had murdered them; yet, the police officer is unconcerned about doing so. Finally, as it begins to rain, Lisa emerges and invites Will to join her and her family inside, implying a heartfelt reunion between the two as she does so. After all, “Last Seen Alive” can come off like a highly complicated scheme to preserve a disintegrating marriage.

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