Netflix’s Taiwanese Movie ‘The Falls’ (2021) Ending, Explained

The Falls Ending Explained

Netflix’s Taiwanese film ‘The Falls,’ directed by Chung Mong-hong, is about a mother-daughter relationship between Pin-Wen and Xiao Jing.

They become secluded in their apartment during the Covid-19 outbreak. The film, which stars Alyssa Chia as Pin-Wen and Gingle Wang as Xiao Jing, is an intriguing cinematic experience as the mother and daughter’s lives take an unexpected turn due to Pin-mental Wen’s illness.

The dramatic drama comes to a stunning conclusion, leaving the futures of the characters in limbo.

Let us share our full account of the film’s intriguing finish if you’re interested!


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Synopsis & Plot of 'The Falls' Movie

Synopsis & Plot of ‘The Falls’ Movie

The Falls opens with Pin-Wen and her daughter Xiao Jing being confined in their apartment after a classmate of Xiao Jing’s tested positive for Covid-19.

The mother and daughter begin their quarantine in separate rooms, despite their tumultuous relationship.

Xiao Jing keeps her distance from her mother during the seclusion and remains in her room without engaging with Pin-Wen.

She calls her ex-husband Qi-wen to discuss their daughter, and she conveys her affection for him despite his current marriage.

Pin-Wen rushes outside on a wet night, thinking her daughter has vanished, to hunt for Xiao Jing.

The cops take her to the hospital and call Xiao Jing, who had been at the apartment all while. Xiao Jing learns from the doctor that her mother suffered a nervous breakdown.

She also discovers that her father had an affair with his current wife and that she has a step-brother who was born prior to their parents’ divorce.

Pin-Wen, on the other hand, is sacked from her job due to her unusual behaviour.

Pin-Wen and Xiao Jing’s apartment unit catches fire after a few days due to the former’s mental collapse, and the doctor confirms to Xiao Jing that her mother has psychosis.

Pin-Wen gets a job at a neighbouring grocery, and the daughter begins to look after her mother. They also sell their fancy flat and relocate into a low-rent apartment when they are facing foreclosure.

Pin-Wen goes on a date with Mr. Chen, the manager of her grocery, while Xiao Jing considers continuing her studies.

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Is Xiao Jing Dead or Alive

Is ‘Xiao Jing’ Dead or Alive at the End of Movie ‘The Falls’?

Xiao Jing is still alive and well. Xiao Jing attends a BBQ party with her classmates and friends by a river a few days after moving into a new apartment.

While she and her classmates are enjoying their outing, the river floods owing to dam water discharge, sweeping Xiao Jing and some of her classmates away.

Pin-Wen is informed of the incident by a call from one of her daughter’s teachers. She watches the news with bated breath, hoping to learn something about her daughter. She sees rescue workers saving youngsters on the news.

Despite the fact that her face is obscured on television, we can tell that Xiao Jing is alive and may be identified by her clothes.

Pin-Wen, who is anxious to see her daughter alive, is relieved to learn that she has been saved and is being treated by paramedics.

Despite the fact that the news takes her breath away for a brief moment, she recognises her daughter, who is alive and well. Xiao Jing’s survival saves her mother from another serious psychotic episode.

Pin-Wen Recover From Psychosis

Is Pin-Wen Able To Recover From Her Psychosis?

Xiao Jing’s connection with her mother alters when Pin-Wen is diagnosed with psychosis. She begins to spend more time with her mother and engage with her more than ever before.

Pin-Wen, who is dealing with significant financial difficulties, mental anguish following her divorce, and a newly diagnosed psychosis, finds her in an unbelievable support system.

Xiao Jing does everything she can to take the weight off her mother’s shoulders. Above all, the warmth she creates between herself and her mother has a positive impact on Pin-Wen.

Pin-psychosis Wen’s is helped by Xiao Jing’s change. Pin-Wen is on the path to recovery with the support of her daughter, despite the fact that she does not and cannot heal from her mental illness in such a short period of time.

With the presence of Manager Chen, Pin-Wen is able to move on from her fruitless affections for her ex-husband. She also realises that Qi-wen, who had cheated on her without her knowledge, is no longer in her life.

Her mental health benefits from the realisation as well. Pin-Wen can anticipate to continue her recuperation with the help of her daughter now that Xiao Jing is alive and healthy.

Pin-Wen and Manager Chen End Up

Is it Possible That Pin-Wen and Manager Chen Will Ends Up?

Pin-Wen lets go of her expectations when she realises that Qi-Wen has no intention of returning to her life.

Manager Chen appears in her life at the time and asks her out. She admits to him that she is suffering from psychosis on their first date.

She also claims that in order to secure a job at the supermarket, she lied about her husband’s death and her previous work experience.

Chen seeks to understand Pin-Wen rather than confronting her about the lies she told him. When she expects him to leave her, he tries to hold her hands.

Although Pin-Wen and Manager Chen have a long way to go before they can be together, his capacity to understand and appreciate her allows him to do so.

He assists Pin-Wen and Xiao Jing in moving into their new apartment after the date night. After assisting the mother and daughter, he vows to be around her.

Manager Chen stands out in Pin-life Wen’s because the people around her have always isolated her, whether it’s her ex-husband, former colleagues, or neighbours.

His sensitivity and compassion for Pin-Wen have a great effect on her, and we can expect them to start a family together.