Now and Then Episode 5 ‘Face to Face’ Recap and Ending Explained

Now and Then Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

Now and Then Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained – ‘Face to Face,’ the 5th episode of ‘Now & Then,’ delivers some much-needed answers concerning the mysterious blackmailer who kicks off the show’s events. Flora’s inquiry, however, comes to a halt when she uses an unethical way to eavesdrop on Marcos. Meanwhile, while the FBI investigates Pedro’s books, restoring control of his political campaign is becoming difficult.

Marcos makes a game-changing move in the end, while Sofia steals the spotlight. Viewers will naturally seek an explanation for Sofia’s actions and their ramifications for the rest of the gang. If that’s the case, here’s everything you need to know about the fifth episode of Apple TV+ ‘Now & Then’!

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Now and Then Episode 5 Recap

‘Now & Then’ Episode 5 ‘Face to Face’ Recap

The fifth episode, titled ‘Face to Face,’ begins with Dani penning Hugo a letter in which he reveals the truth about his origins. Hugo, on the other hand, becomes disillusioned after learning the truth and begins to drink. He drives while drunk, resulting in a car accident that puts him in a coma. Flora, on the other hand, is able to retrieve the ransom money as well as Hugo’s phone. Flora discovers that Hugo’s phone was used to send the blackmail messages to Dani and the others.

Pedro is preparing for a television discussion with his political opponent. However, some fans disagree with Pedro’s views on immigrants in his camp. Pedro learns from Ernesto, his campaign manager, that the FBI is looking into Pedro’s team in connection with the stolen funds from their election fund. Meanwhile, Marcos appoints Sofia as his lawyer and files a lawsuit against his father, Arturo, for attempting to sell the clinic they both own. Sofia is able to prevent Arturo from selling the clinic.

After hooking up, Sofia and Marcos learn that the flat has been bugged. Flora records Marcos and Sofia admitting to paying the ransom money, but she is unable to use it as evidence since she lacks a wiretapping warrant. She does, however, summon Marcos, Sofia, Ana, and Pedro for questioning. Despite the fact that Hugo is in a coma and the ransom money has been collected, Flora is unable to gain any useful information from the group.

Ernesto is detained by the FBI ahead of Pedro’s debate on suspicions of theft of election funds. Pedro delivers a passionate statement that shifts the tide in his favour while the news is exploited against him in the discussion. In the end, Pedro discovers that Ana framed Ernesto in the matter of the missing cash.

Now and Then Episode 5 Ending, Explained

Is Sofia the Mastermind in ‘Now & Then’ Episode 5?

Pedro seeks assistance from his father over the wiretapping of his home in the closing part of the episode. Arturo agrees to assist Marcos on the condition that he separates from Sofia and marries Isabel. Marcos reluctantly agrees, and Arturo resolves the situation with the assistance of his lawyer. Sofia arrives at Marcos’ apartment complex in the last seconds of the episode. He, on the other hand, refuses to take Sofia’s calls or buzz her in.

As a result, Sofia is denied entry to Marcos’ home by security. Sofia eventually walks away. The episode then cuts to a flashback, which reveals alarming details regarding Sofia’s role in the entire blackmail scheme.

Sofia and Dani are seen hanging out in Dani’s flat in the flashback. The two women discuss their financial difficulties and believe that their lives have taken a turn for the worst since Alejandro’s death due to an accident. Marcos, Ana, and Pedro’s lives, on the other hand, have prospered. Sofia advises that she and Dani make their friends pay because they believe the situation is unjust.

Sofia and Dani had apparently been in contact for several years before their college alumni reunion, according to the episode. Sofia was aware that Dani was raising Hugo and feigned to be clueless about Dani’s personal life in flashback episodes. Sofia may have suggested the plot of blackmailing their friends for money, according to the finale.

Sofia’s financial troubles are explored in this episode, which reveals that she was bailed out of prison by a man named Bernie, to whom she owes a large sum of money. As a result, Sofia has a reason to blackmail her friends. The murder of Dani, however, is made even more complicated by the ending.

Sofia is a prime suspect in the case because she was in severe need of money, according to the report. Furthermore, if Sofia is the mastermind behind the whole thing, it would make sense for her to join the investigation in order to get rid of the evidence.

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