Paramount’s Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 4×03 Recap

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 03

On the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, the opening scene alternates between shots of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) sitting peacefully in front of a fire and shots of Kayce (Luke Grimes), Rip (Cole Hauser), and other law enforcement officers taking down the white supremacist militia that Kayce believes is responsible for the attack on his family.

Blows are delivered, firearms are drawn, and the Duttons are successful in exorcising the region’s violent racist vigilantes.

The next morning, John greets Carter (Finn Little), the new stable lad, and Carter is irritated that he wasn’t the first one back to the barn.

When John and his son meet up, they’re both a little depressed because they don’t know how many more days they’ll be able to go on these early morning drives without being interrupted.

Rip’s decision to send Jimmy (Jefferson White) away does not sit well with Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith), but Rip believes Jimmy needs to leave in order to mature.

Lloyd is irritated by Walker sleeping in a nice barrel racer’s trailer, and Rip tells him to get his head straight.

Mo tosses Checker’s – the man who claimed to be the mastermind behind the hit – a lunch bag and instructs him to eat quickly in another scene.

When Kayce walks into his office, he finds Emmett Walsh (Buck Taylor) eager to discuss his conflict with his new neighbour.

Emmett’s easement through his land has been erected with cow gates by a California landowner, allowing Emmett to continue to use the easement but only when the cattle are put into trucks.

Unfortunately, that’s expensive, and Emmett’s firm is struggling as cattle prices fall. Emmett says that the freight fees are devouring him, despite the fact that lawyers have been unable to help.

Emmett is unsure what Kayce can do to help, but he is optimistic that he will be able to find something.

Travis’s (series creator Taylor Sheridan) high-priced team works out in the ring at the ranch, and the ranch staff are intrigued by their ability.

Travis has put together an amazing team, says John, and Rip agrees. Colby (Denim Richards) compares Ryan’s trotting to a drunk catching a football, and the ranchmen taunt each other about their riding ability.

Jimmy is struggling to accept the notion that he will be relocated to Texas. Jimmy is unconvinced by John’s explanation that it is a chance.

Mia (Eden Brolin) broke up with him because he’s going, and Jimmy believes this punishment cost him the one person who’s ever loved him.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 4x03

Recap of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

If Mia truly loves him, John believes she will be waiting for him when he returns.

When Jimmy asks when he’ll be allowed to return, John assures him that he’ll be able to do so whenever he’s ready.

And who will be the one to make that decision? According to John, Jimmy will have to determine for himself whether he is mature enough to return to the ranch.

When the ranchmen learn where Jimmy is heading, they know he won’t be there for more than a week.

Rip appears to be having a wonderful time watching the pricey horses race around in the ring, and Beth is relieved that someone is enjoying her wealth.

When Beth notices Carter hard at work, she tells Rip that he’s done for the day. Rip is quickly shut down when he claims Carter still has hours of work to finish.

Despite Rip’s concerns about her spoiling Carter, Beth wants to take him shopping. Carter has a spot at the ranch, and Rip believes that’s all he needs right now, but Beth is determined to take him shopping for boots and a jacket.

Recap of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3 Beth is accurate in that the child needs to be dressed.

Rip is, too, because Carter has a lot to learn and will have to put in a lot of time. The argument over how to deal with the child continues, and Beth becomes furious when Rip falls in and promises her that she may do whatever she wants with her “pet.”

She’s furious, but she’s also cunning, drawing Rip in for a kiss before departing. “I love you,” the narrator continues, “and I’ll see you at the house.”

Beth shouts, “F*ck you!” Rip’s face lights up with a loving smile as she walks away, and he giggles.

Carter is told to pick out a proper jacket, boots, and cap when he arrives in town, but he ignores Beth’s advise right away.

He does not want to wear a cap and instead prefers to wear a shirt. Despite Beth’s complaints that it isn’t on their list, Carter puts it on. Beth loses it and demands that he take off his shirt.

They’ve stopped going shopping because he won’t listen. Carter tries to bargain for the clothes, but Beth is uninterested in discussing it.

As she tries to forcefully remove the garment, another client points out Beth’s child abuse. Carter adds to the tension by informing the woman that Beth is pressuring him to take off his shirt, which he refuses to do.

With her young son standing behind her, the mother has taken out her phone and is filming Beth assaulting Carter. As a response, Beth grabs the phone, slams it against the wall, and walks over it.

Beth tells her to take care of herself. Beth concurs with the woman in that she has no idea how to raise a child.

“He’s all yours,” Beth shouts as she storms out of the store, knocking things off a shelf. Beth locks the car doors behind her as Carter pursues her. He expresses regret, and she accepts it.

As they return to the ranch, she adds that there are only four ways to get rich: inherit it, steal it, work incredibly f**king hard, or learn how to suck a d*ck. She suggests that he go with option three.

Kayce pays a visit to the Peterson Ranch, approaching the gate and demanding a meeting with Ralph Peterson.

Kayce explains that he’s the cattle commissioner and that he needs to be let in, and the person on the intercom suggests that he schedule an appointment.

Kayce is sick of the voice refusing to open the gates, and she’s sick of being nice. He puts the car in reverse, speeds it up, crashes the gates, and smashes through.

Yellowstone Episode 4x03

Ralph (Jonathan Kells Phillips) is standing in front of his house, on the phone with the cops, when Kayce approaches him.

Ralph is shoved to the ground and manages barely a few moans before Kayce cuffs him and rolls him onto his stomach.

When Kayce picks up the phone, she tells the officer on the other end that Ralph has been arrested for refusing to enter the building.

He’ll bring Ralph in if he decides to charge him. Kayce and Ralph walks out to the easement, where Ralph admits that cows passing by his land irritate him.

Ralph further admits that he only raises llamas to benefit from a tax deduction. Kayce uses a cable to raise the cow guard and pushes Ralph into the hole beneath it.

As he lowers the guard and drives away, he says, “If you like your cattle guards so much, you should f**king live in them.”

When Emmett hears Ralph crying for help from beneath the cow guard, he is ready to use the easement.

Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Mo meet up with John. Thomas chose a quiet location to break the news to John’s family that they’d figured out who ordered the killing.

Thomas hands over a folder with information on the assassination’s mastermind, Riggins. Even though John does not identify him, Mo maintains that Riggins knows who he is.

He is currently being held in state prison. John is dubious whether or not he can trust this information and wants to know how Thomas got it.

If they tell him, Mo continues, it is John’s responsibility to dispose of the rubbish. John agrees and asks for whatever Thomas has discovered. Episode 3 of Yellowstone Season 4 Regardless of their differences, Thomas is deeply sorry for what occurred to John’s family.

He drives away, leaving Mo with John, and Mo does not drag Checkers (Brad Carter) from the back of his SUV until Thomas has left.

According to Mo, Riggins hired Checkers to put together the hit. After receiving a request for the hit, Checkers’ cellmate, Riggins, was in charge of gathering the men who carried it out.

He admits to enlisting the help of the militia. Checkers remained mute when John asked who gave Riggins the order. John is given the game of Checkers.

Walker (Ryan Bingham) speaks briefly with Jimmy and admits that leaving the spot where Jimmy is heading is his worst regret.

Jimmy says he should never return to the Yellowstone Ranch. Travis informs Jimmy that he will be expected to put forth a lot of effort at each horse show.

Mia’s eyes well up with tears as she watches Jimmy and the guys walk away. She and Jimmy don’t wave or even say goodbye as the rigs leave the ranch.

Rip is already at the table, ready to drink when Beth arrives home. Rip fills her glass with more shots.

The youngster, Beth claims, is in the barn, and she does not want him to spend the night with them.

Rip apologises after she admits he was correct. He offers to help the kid since he believes he has a man inside him.

As Beth takes a seat on his knee, Rip says, “I want you to listen to me.” He isn’t one of our children. Whatever he does, he’ll never be that.

Kayce serves plates of food to Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Tate (Brecken Merrill), who refuse to leave the bedroom.

Tate is hiding under the bed, and Monica is in a foul mood as Kayce reminds them that they need to eat.

Monica goes on to say that Tate’s condition is deteriorating by the day and that if anyone is present, he will not come out.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

Tate is horrified after killing the man who was beating his mother. Kayce feels enraged and frustrated.

He reminds Monica that he has been pleading with Tate to see a doctor for weeks but that she has yet to do so.

Recap of episode 3 of Yellowstone Season 4 Kayce yanks Tate from beneath the bed, and Monica sobs. Kayce encircles his son in his arms and assures him that he has already overcome his greatest fear.

He refuses to let Tate go, assuring him that everything will be great. Tate is told to take his plate and sit at the table by Kayce, which he does.

According to Kayce, Monica is to be responsible for Tate’s behaviour, who reminds him that she never wanted to live at the Yellowstone Ranch.

Kayce is enraged because she has always believed the ranch and John are evil. He understands that the ranch and his family aren’t evil; it’s the people who tried to take everything away from them who are.

Monica’s eyes flood up with tears as she replies, “I loathe you.” She implores Kayce to let her go home. Kayce responds with an embrace.

John tosses the matchmaker who set up his family for death into a field in the middle of the night at the end of the episode.

He hands the man a gun so they may have a shootout like they used to. John claims that his morals drive him to make this battle fair, yet this individual would have little chance against John Dutton, a trained cowboy, after days of famine, blood loss, and significant injuries.

Near the end of the episode, John shoots Chester several times, wanting even more vengeance against those who have wronged his family.