Platonic Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

Platonic Episode 8 Recap – Nicholas Stoller reunites Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne from his ‘Neighbors’ film series for an Apple TV+ series titled ‘Platonic.’ The show revolves around Will and Sylvia (portrayed by Rogen and Byrne), who have a strictly platonic relationship. Sylvia loses her job on her second day of work, but she convinces Will to accompany her back home. Together, they join other colleagues at Johnny Rev’s Johnny 66 restaurant chain, owned by Ted McGinley, hoping to meet Johnny Rev.

Luke Macfarlane portrays Charlie, an additional character whose actions in this episode leave viewers intrigued and curious about the outcomes in “Platonic.” Episode 8 leaves viewers eager for its conclusion and what transpired at the end.

Platonic Episode 8 Recap

Platonic Episode 8 “San Diego” Recap

This latest episode of “Platonic” picks up where its predecessor left off. Sylvia, still reeling from her unexpected job termination, is welcomed home with open arms by her loved ones upon her return from her recent travels. Unbeknownst to her husband Charlie, Sylvia assumed she had returned for her second day at her new job. Just before Sylvia told Charlie about it all, her son surprised her with an impressive gesture: He had created a PowerPoint presentation at school lauding his mother as a hero.

The slideshow highlights gender equality with images of influential figures like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the U.S. women’s soccer team, and other noteworthy female celebrities like Sylvia. Meanwhile, Baha Men’s catchy song, “Who Let the Dogs Out,” softly plays in the background. Sylvia cannot dent the positive image her loved ones have of her, so instead, she keeps the truth hidden to maintain a positive atmosphere surrounding herself and those closest to her.

The next morning, Sylvia dresses professionally, grabs her coffee from Charlie, and heads back out into town as though nothing has changed. While driving around town, she eventually ends up at Lucky Penny Brewery, where Will quickly notices her presence, knowing about Friedkin’s painting scandal. He invites Sylvia for lunch before suggesting she spend the day with him. Will eventually convinces Sylvia to open up to Charlie about her job loss, but it takes several attempts for Sylvia to finally do so.

Sylvia feels frustrated with Charlie’s response to her differing perspectives. While venting, Katie overhears and informs Sylvia that Katie will join Andy and others for their meeting with Johnny Rev. As an avid supporter of Johnny Rev, Sylvia manages to convince Will, who initially is unwilling to attend, to join them at this meeting and bring Sylvia along as her date by using Johnny Rev’s fandom as leverage against Will.

Meanwhile, Charlie discovers photos Sylvia took before her confession at Lucky Penny and learns about this information from Sylvia informing Will. After Sylvia tells him, Charlie becomes aware of this information, and doubts resurface regarding their friendship, prompting him to seek assistance from the law office colleagues who suspect Will may be interested in Charlie’s wife. Upon further investigation, they inform Charlie that their pet lizard named Gandalf actually belongs to Will. When Sylvia returns from San Francisco, she finds Charlie amusingly preoccupied with Gandalf. At this point, Sylvia finds herself amusedly engaged with Gandalf until finally, at the end of this episode, she returns and finds Charlie with Gandalf.

Platonic Episode 8 Ending Explained

Platonic Episode 8 Ending Explained

Initially, Reggie and Andy hesitate to invite Will to the meeting with Johnny Rev because of his opinionated nature, which makes many reluctant to work with him.

Meanwhile, Sylvia is thrilled at the prospect of meeting Johnny Rev. When they arrive at Johnny 66’s headquarters; they are greeted by an employee from middle management and given a tour. Will expresses his satisfaction with an impressive brewery under construction. Then, they have an opportunity to meet and provide feedback to a brewer responsible for creating beverages similar to Will’s. Soon, Johnny Rev arrives, and everyone agrees that the beer is wonderful, despite Will’s doubts about its taste. When he openly expresses his doubts, Johnny Rev gratefully receives his feedback and extends an invitation for dinner with all parties involved.

Will’s relationship is improving, and there has even been talking of Johnny 66 trying to woo him away from Lucky Penny. When they arrive at Johnny Rev’s house, an awkward incident arises when Johnny Rev attempts to kiss Sylvia without her permission. She reminds him that she had already made her boundaries known, yet Johnny Rev dismisses this fact without any explanation from himself or anyone else in the group. Upon learning of this incident from others in the group, Will approaches Johnny Rev directly while Andy presents Katie with her wedding band proposal as well.

Sylvia takes Reggie’s suggestion and agrees to stay and reassess her situation before agreeing with Will that Johnny Rev has decided to expel them all from his house. Will correctly asserts that this termination does not apply to him and Lucky Penny, and Johnny 66’s contract has likely ended, as Will asserts they were not at fault for this unfortunate turn of events.

During dinner, Will is confronted by an outspoken narcissist known as Johnny Rev. He seems unaccustomed to rejection, and eventually, Johnny Rev decides to expel them all from his home. Ultimately, Will and Sylvia confront Johnny Rev, who eventually decides to remove them all from his house, thus concluding that their contract is likely terminated. Will correctly asserts that they were not at fault for anything that went wrong regarding Will being responsible.

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