Poker Face Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

poker face episode 8 Recap and ending explained

Poker Face Episode 8 Recap – The eighth episode of the eighth season of “Poker Face,” entitled “The Orpheus Syndrome,” focuses on Laura, the CEO of LAM, a successful practical effects studio and production firm.

Charlie Cale, the protagonist, is a woman with a talent for detecting dishonesty who deals with various crimes and cases every week. Natasha Lyonne portrays the series’ main character, Charlie Cale. Peacock’s thriller series “Poker Face” is directed by Rian Johnson, who has helmed numerous hit movies.

As soon as her ex-husband, Max, commits suicide, everything improves. Arthur, a close acquaintance, offers to sculpt a likeness of Max for Laura to view whenever she needs an emotional boost. Charlie Cale, the sculptor’s assistant, discovers Laura’s deceit, prompting her to investigate two inexplicable deaths. This episode concludes with a sequence of stunning revelations. In that case, please allow us to elaborate on our views.

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poker face episode 8 recap

Poker Face Episode 8 “The Orpheus Syndrome” Recap

In the first scene of “The Orpheus Syndrome,” a distraught Max jumps from Laura’s home’s terrace. Laura confides in the sculptor and former business associate Arthur about her grief following her ex-husband’s demise. She begs Arthur to sculpt Max so that she may deliver it to him as an act of repentance. Arthur, observing his friend’s intense anguish, intends to experience the same. Max has discovered footage of Laura committing a crime. Although he implored her to reveal the truth to Arthur, she instead poisoned her ex-husband. Before succumbing to the poison’s effects, Max jumps off the terrace, causing his face to be disfigured.

For Laura to convince Arthur to build the sculpture, she must appear to be in tremendous despair so that Max will allow her to use his face to open his computer and delete the tape. After accessing Max’s computer via Arthur’s innovation, she deletes the digital copy of the footage and asks LAM archivist Raoul to bring her the physical copy. Charlie became Arthur’s helper a few days before Max’s passing. He informed her of the tragic demise of actress Lily, who drowned in a water tank while working on Arthur’s film. Arthur has left LAM and now lives as a recluse in his studio, believing he was complicit in her murder.

On the day Max’s sculpture is done, Arthur calls Raoul to offer him the incomplete film’s raw materials. The archivist offers Charlie the Max sculpture as Charlie is about to deliver it to Laura. The sculptor discovered after examining the footage that Laura had switched off the emergency lamp that displayed Lily’s distress while she was underwater. The realization that Laura murdered Lily and not him eventually sets him in. When he approaches Laura, he discovers that she admitted to murdering the actress. Laura murders Arthur out of fear that he will expose her, the same way she murdered Max: by poisoning his drink.

poker face episode 8 ending explained

Poker Face Episode 8 Ending Explained

When Charlie and Laura first meet, Laura, requests that Arthur create a sculpture of Max, prompting Charlie to suspect that something is amiss. Laura and Arthur split ways after their disagreement, and Arthur returns to his studio, unaware that his friend has poisoned him. Charlie discovers him dead and investigates the sculptor’s car, where he finds a bunch of stones affixed to one of the tires. These pebbles are similar to those that surround Laura’s home. She confronts Laura about the two murders, but Laura lies about not being guilty of both. When Charlie discovers the truth and realizes she murdered them, she begins gathering evidence to solve the case.

Raoul delivered some video to Arthur, the sculptor, while Charlie was away, and when she returned, he informed her that Laura had also requested the same material. She hypothesizes that Arthur’s visit to Laura and subsequent suicide were motivated by something he witnessed on the recording. Raoul offers that they use Max’s account, which requires face recognition to be accessed, to see the reels because they cannot locate them.

Charlie believes that Max was commissioned to make the sculpture for Laura to create the account and delete the digital recording. In the meantime, Laura arrives at the studio intending to gather all the film reels and destroy them to eliminate the likelihood of a surviving duplicate of the tape depicting her involvement in Lily’s murder.

Charlie believes that Arthur buried the proof in the studio, and he discovers film reels on a Medusa sculpture. She uses Raoul’s identification to get access to LAM’s office, where the sculpture has been brought for the company’s 40th-anniversary celebration and pulls the reels from Medusa’s hair. She displays the film footage of Laura at the actual event. Generally speaking, the evidence leads Charlie in the direction of the murders. Laura convinces Charlie that she did not kill Max and Arthur, but Charlie discovers that Laura is the murderer. The human lie detector then combines information about Arthur, Laura, and Max to identify the killer’s motivation.

Why Does Laura Kill Herself

So why does Laura Commit Suicide?

Laura murders Max and Arthur to protect the name of the company she and Max founded, LAM. Once she murders them both, she begins to feel overpowered by guilt. At the anniversary party, she hallucinates that Max and Arthur are still alive. Due to her hallucinations, she interacts with two nonexistent characters. This explains why her hallucinations of her ex-husband and a fictitious Arthur lurking among the throng cause her so much anxiety. She yields to her hallucinations, which are expressions of her guilt.

When Laura is in a position to kill, she chooses the way that causes Max the least amount of pain. She administers poison to him and tells him he won’t feel pain for a while. She chooses to poison him because she may not be able to endure seeing him suffer. Because of this, she is severely affected by Max’s sad death after he falls from the terrace. She hallucinates that Max is falling down the company corridor due to a combination of shock and regret. Laura rushes to her phantom ex-husband’s aid out of apprehension of more shock.

Once Charlie outs Laura in front of her admirers, coworkers, and friends, Laura’s embarrassment must have increased significantly, forcing her to mistake her hallucinations for true events. So, Charlie’s research into the murders of Max and Arthur may be seen as a factor in her suicide.

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