Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10 {Finale} Recap and Ending, Explained

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Finale Recap – Courtney A. Kemp is the writer behind Starz’s second instalment of their ‘Power’ franchise, ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ The show centres around Tariq St. Patrick, played by Michael Rainey Jr., who is the son of James St. Patrick or Ghost, also played by Michael Rainey himself. Tariq is intended to lead an ordinary life after fatally killing his father, but his mother, Tasha (Naturi Naughton), hopes for normalcy. However, they soon realize that his past will follow him wherever he goes. Tariq discovers that his father’s past continues to haunt him no matter where he goes.

Divided We Stand” is the tenth episode of season three of Power Book II: Ghost. To escape law enforcement and dangerous drug lords present in New York, Tariq forms tentative alliances with individuals who had previously deceived him. However, this could become his undoing if he’s not careful. He is surrounded by individuals driven by power, wealth, and revenge-seekers. If Tariq becomes too trusting, they could manipulate him into becoming their pawn in their schemes. For complete season 3 finale details, click here!

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10 [Finale] Recap

As the third season’s finale unfolds, we meet several characters, including Lauren, Tariq, Effie, Diana, Monet, and Cane. Tariq meets Brayden at the hospital to discuss future plans. However, when Tasha goes missing, Tariq remains determined to locate her. Monet is suspected of having contacted Saxe before telling Tommy about her search efforts.

Monet visits Noma with an irresistible offer that Tariq and Brayden cannot refuse. However, when Tariq and Brayden return, Monet is already there instead of them. She had used her last option by agreeing to work for Noma instead of their employer, Noma. Monet pulls Tariq aside and confronts him about being honest with Diana regarding Lorenzo, but Tariq denies knowledge and accuses Monet of disclosing Tasha’s location to Tommy. Monet maintains her innocence regarding all allegations related to Tariq’s claims against her.

Tariq goes to Tommy’s house, believing his mother will provide protection, only for Tommy to reveal that Monet has stopped by with a note for him. Believing that Monet specifically targeted his mother, Tariq prepares for battle. When he finally finds Tommy again, he learns that Tommy and Tasha have reconciled, as Tasha had earlier knocked out Tariq before shooting Tommy. Tasha refused to lose anyone she cared for to the brutal criminal world. Tariq asked Tommy for assistance, but he declined, saying he had already died there. Before leaving, however, Tommy warned Tariq against starting any fights and left the city limits.

Other individuals with hidden agendas had already taken steps. Brayden had been acting oddly since pushing his uncle off a balcony. When Keke mentioned Lucas’ death, Brayden almost lost control and nearly hit her with his car. Monet and Cane show up late at night at Brayden’s place to demand that Tejada receive his money back, threatening violence if the Westons fail to repay Tejada.

After making their demands known, they flee with both Monet’s painting and an important family heirloom timepiece. Lauren begins to suspect Tariq of involvement in Saxe’s murder. While visiting Effie in prison, Lauren recognizes her facade of evilness and treats her accordingly, leading to Effie’s release from incarceration. Rashad is re-elected, yet Harper realizes his corruption continues despite this decision, so she decides it’s best for both parties involved to part ways for good.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10 Ending Explained

After season three, an important development occurs. Monet and Cane are shot, leading to an explosive scene where Diana encourages Tariq to kill her mother without facing any repercussions, claiming that Monet was responsible for Cane’s death. Tariq accepts Diana’s explanation and positions himself outside the Tejada residence armed with a gun, waiting for his mother to pass by before shooting her down.

At the climax of season two, Cane is shot. Tariq finds himself trapped in Monet’s hideout after both Effie and Diana betray him. When Cane points a gun at him, Tariq takes it in stride while facing imminent danger. Brayden arrives to save Tariq by opening fire, with one bullet hitting Cane directly. Once they escape safely from Monet’s hideout, Brayden recounts events, including Obi’s warning about Tariq facing danger. Tariq fulfils Obi’s request regarding green card distribution to Brayden in gratitude for Brayden’s help.

Although Cane was shot in the leg, he recovered and returned fire. With Monet in a coma and Cane’s introduction into the storyline bringing in Tejada siblings that forced Monet to cooperate with her devious children, his death could end Diana and Dru’s troubles in season four. Tariq and Brayden will find themselves aligned on one side, while Noma, Nojada’s siblings Effie, Monet, and potentially Monet will form another camp during season 4.

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