Recap: Chucky Season 1 Episode 1- Who is Chucky’s first target?

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Chucky, our favourite demonic doll, has returned to the Syfy/USA series! What happened in the first episode of season 1? What is the name of the series’ first victim?

Let’s go through everything again!

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If you haven’t seen Season 1 Episode 1, be aware that there are spoilers ahead. Before continuing, watch the episode.

What happened in the first episode of Chucky’s first season?

The series begins with a sequence of unexplained deaths announced on the radio. We observe a young woman brushing her hair through the eyes of someone we can only presume is Chucky.

She turns around and gasps as she senses someone behind her. The scene shifts to the present day, and the audience is brought there.

Jake (Zackary Arthur) is on his way home with his new doll, which he found at a yard sale.

Jake listens to The Mystery Podcast by Decon Evans (Björgvin Arnarson), his best buddy, as he walks home (and secret crush).

Devon is discussing the city’s high crime rates and how there hasn’t been anything like it since the renowned serial killer Charles Lee Ray.

Audiences are aware that the serial killer’s spirit is contained within the doll, but Jake isn’t yet aware of this. He wants to finish his doll sculpture with Chucky’s head.

He’s an artist, which his father, Lucas, despises. We quickly discover that Lucas isn’t a big fan of his son.

In truth, Lucas denies his son’s homosexuality and refuses to embrace Jake.

Jake’s father is even less pleased with Jake during a family dinner with his uncle Logan Wheeler (Devon Sawa), aunt Bree Wheeler (Lexa Doig), and cousin Junior (Teo Briones). The Wheeler family is wealthy and successful, which makes Lucas even more ashamed of his kid.

Lucas ruins the doll sculpture Jake had worked so hard on after the family has left. Madalen Duke’s song “How Villains Are Made” plays, which is both apt and foreshadowing of what’s to come. We now have a better understanding of how much rage Jake harbours.

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Aside: the soundtrack for the Chucky premiere is fantastic!

Jake discovers Chucky’s true identity.

Chucky is the only doll Lucas does not damage, so Jake decides to take it to school with him to keep it safe and sell it later.

Jake takes Chucky to school, thus Chucky witnesses the bullying Jake faces on a regular basis, particularly from Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind), the daughter of Hackensack’s mayor, Michelle Cross.

Jake receives a call from an eBay customer who is interested in the doll and wants to know if anything strange has happened since he received it.

Jake is warned about Chucky by the caller, who advises him to check the batteries. The doll, indeed, is devoid of batteries.

This piques Jake’s interest, so he goes online to find out more. He discovers that the doll is said to be possessed by Charles Lee Ray’s spirit.

Jake tries to get rid of it, but you know what happens.

The next day, Chucky is set to perform at the school talent show. This is when we finally get to witness some of the famous Child’s Play humour.

Chucky does all the talking at the talent presentation, giving the impression that Jake is in charge.

Chucky makes jokes about Lexy’s search history on her phone and pokes fun at others, and the audience buys it and laughs.

In the first episode, who does Chucky murder?

Jake returns home to an enraged (and inebriated) Lucas, who asks Jake if he’s thrilled about his school punishment and why he’s acting so strange.

Jake informs his father that he understands what his father is truly embarrassed of: he is gay.

Lucas punches Jake and sends him to his room, but the possessed doll remains in the room.

Chucky makes his way to the basement to turn off the lights. When Lucas investigates, he discovers unsecured electrical cords and Chucky.

Chucky electrocutes Lucas by spitting out alcohol from his mouth. Jake moves in with his uncle Logan after his father passes away.

Chucky tags along, and when Chucky inquires about Lexy, we know we’re in for more deaths. We have to agree with Chucky that Lexy should leave. She is the most aggressive bully.

The episode’s last moments take us back to the first few minutes. Charles Lee Ray, as a child, is the one staring at the woman brushing her hair.

Ray’s storey as a child appears to be included in the series. We’re eager to learn more!