Release Date, Time, and Spoilers for ‘American Auto’ Episode 3

American Auto NBC Series

Katherine is unable to reverse the negative reputation that her company obtains in the second episode of ‘American Auto.’

A serial killer is on the loose, and his getaway vehicle is a Payne truck. Despite being advised against making public declarations, Katherine agrees to an interview in the hopes of assuaging the public’s worries about their guilt.

Her scheme, however, backfires, and the allegations stand. More on that is provided in the summary.

Now, if you’re curious about what to expect in Episode 3, we’ve got you covered!

When Will American Auto Episode 3 be Released?

Episode 3 of NBC’s ‘American Auto’ titled ‘Earnings Call’ will air on January 4, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET.

The current season consists of ten episodes, each lasting approximately 21 minutes.

On Tuesdays, new episodes are released once a week.

Spoilers for American Auto Episode 3

‘Earnings Call’ is the title of the third episode of ‘American Auto.’ It will follow Katherine’s major announcement, which has the potential to influence the company’s future.

At the first quarterly earnings conference, she might develop a good proposal. Meanwhile, Jack and Elliot will contact the lineworkers union and negotiate a deal.

Recap of American Auto Episode 2

The second episode, dubbed ‘White Van,’ begins with Katherine Hastings confronting the negative press that she and Ponderosa have been receiving.

Katherine wants Sadie to remove the story from the public view in some way. Meanwhile, serial killer Johnny Turner is imprisoned inside a Payne van with a male prisoner.

Payne Motors is the subject of yet another unfavorable report in the press. Katherine then requests an interview with Point On Detroit in order to salvage the reputation of her company.

The FBI has subpoenaed the company for location data on the serial killer operating their truck, according to Elliot.

Katherine addresses the FBI’s subpoena during the interview, but the host misinterprets her statement as one seeking to protect serial killer Johnny Turner.

Katherine says she’d like to speak with a producer about making a few changes. Katherine refuses to cooperate with the subpoena, whereas Sadie does.

Meanwhile, Wesley has persuaded Jack to work for him as an underling. Cyrus and Elliot appear to refuse to give the FBI the killer’s location information, but they covertly reveal it to the agents.

Sadie tries to videotape the families claiming to support the company’s innocence, while Katherine works to create a serial killer-free van.

Wesley is irritated with Elliot for making Jack run errands while Sadie attempts to interview Fay, the wife of a pastor who was murdered by the killer.

As a publicity ploy, Katherine decides to give the ailing wife a van.

Wesley, on the other hand, tries to claim Jack as his own, but he is dismissed by the latter. Fay explains to Katherine that her husband has spent his entire life opposing the homosexual agenda.

She expresses her willingness to use the van to continue Clive’s fight against homosexuality. When Sadie hears that the cops have apprehended Johnny Turner, she decides not to react, and Katherine agrees this time.

Where Can I Watch NBC “American Auto” Episode 3 Online?

You can watch the third episode of ‘American Auto‘ when it airs on NBC at the stated time and date. The episode is also available on NBC’s official website and the NBC App.

Furthermore, the show may be watched live on services like YouTube TV, DirecTV, Fubo TV, & Xfinity Stream.

You can also see if it’s available on VOD services such as iTunes, Vudu, YouTube, and Spectrum.

The show is also available on Hulu & Peacock.