Release Date, Time, and Spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 Recap

As the FBI searches for their lost agent in Episode 7, the shaky peace of Kingstown becomes increasingly dangerous.

Despite being pursued by federal officials, the titular “Mayor” is forced to have an awkward encounter with Milo, who tells him to locate another mystery box.

With no trace of Iris, Mike throws caution to the wind and begins digging for the metallic container Milo told him to look for.

Meanwhile, the convicts have gone on strike, putting the situation in prison in jeopardy. To Ed’s and the other guards’ chagrin, the warden is forced to reach a compromise with the prison gangs and agrees to lift the lockdown.

The topic of Kenny’s planned murder is also brought to light, and the warden chooses to investigate, which might make life tough for the guards.

If you’re curious about where the gritty story will go next, you’ve come to the correct place!

Here’s all we know about the eighth episode of ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’

Release Date for Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8

Episode 8 of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ will air on Paramount+ on December 26, 2021, at 3 a.m. ET.

On November 14, 2021, the first two episodes of the series were released on the streaming platform simultaneously.

Every Sunday, fresh episodes of the brutal crime drama series are released.

Spoilers for Episode 8 of Mayor of Kingstown

Mike will most likely find out what is inside the mysterious metal container Milo has instructed him to get in Episode 8.

Mike could end up in much more trouble than he already is if the container contains something unlawful, especially since the FBI is still after the McLusky brother.

Milo’s box could possibly include something that undermines Kingtown’s peace or power balance, which would be extremely inconvenient for Mike once again.

We can also anticipate the continuation of Iris’ parallel story. Despite her horrible conditions as Duke’s prisoner, she does not appear to be giving up and may try to contact Mike in the following episode.

Iris’ much-touted “dangerous” side has yet to be shown, and we could see her finally taking matters into her own hands.

Finally, the situation in prison appears to have calmed down, although this may not be the case.

Ed may decide to exact vengeance on the inmate who first brought up Kenny’s murder. Given that the inmate is Bunny’s cousin, if Ed kills him, the implications could result in bloodshed spilling into the streets of Kingstown.

What Is The Best Place To Watch Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8 Online?

Episode 8 of “Mayor of Kingstown” will be available exclusively on Paramount+.

On the streaming service, you may watch brand-new episodes as well as ones that have already been released.