Secret Headquarters (2022): Superhero Movie Ending Explained

secret headquarters 2022 movie ending explained

“Secret Headquarters” movie ending explained – Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are the directors of the 2022 superhero movie “Secret Headquarters“, which they also co-wrote with Josh Koenigsberg, Christopher L. Yost, and Yost. The story involves a little boy (Walker Scobell) and his friends (Keith L. Williams, Momona Tamada), who start to wonder if his father (Owen Wilson) might be a superhero after finding a secret base in his basement. The cast also includes Jesse Williams, Michael Pea, and Jesse Williams.

On August 12, 2022, Paramount+ in the United States released the movie.

The story concludes with a climactic fight between the teenagers, the superhero, and the villain, after a lot of chasing and running. If you’re interested, we can tell you how that plays out.

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secret headquarters 2022 Plot Synopsis

Secret Headquarters (2022) Plot Synopsis

Captain Sean Irons attempts to pursue an alien ship when it emerges in the sky. Due to the crash that results from this, Jack, a regular guy who had been camping nearby with his family, arrives to assist. An orb is let out from the ship, and Jack is chosen to be its protector. Ten years later, Jack has evolved into The Guard, a superhero. He has contributed significantly to the preservation of life and the establishment of peace, but his own life is in ruins. He hasn’t had any time for his family because he has been so busy saving the planet. Now that his wife has filed for divorce, Charlie, his kid, despises him since he is an absentee parent.

On the pretext of a work necessity, Charlie asks his buddies to “throw a rager” at his father’s house after Jack leaves once more. Even though there are just three attendees, the celebration quickly turns fascinating when Charlie and his friends find Jack’s man cave underneath.

While Charlie struggles to comprehend the fact that the superhero he loves so much is actually his father, his friends explore the headquarters’ impressive equipment. They begin using these items for amusement, but they are unaware that The Guard’s adversaries are keeping tabs on the energy source. When the enemies knock on the kids’ door, chaos ensues.

Secret Headquarters Ending

What Happens to the Source at the End of “Secret Headquarters” Movie?

The Guard uses his abilities to make a significant positive impact on the world, which causes a sharp decline in crime and hostilities. While most individuals would benefit, Ansel Argon, a business mogul whose future depends on selling weapons, will suffer a significant financial loss. He agrees to assist Irons in finding the Source when he asks for it, hoping that the Source’s energy will enable him to create new weapons and increase his profit. To restore the world to its previous state and maintain Argon’s wealth, he also intends to abolish The Guard.

Irons, on the other hand, is merely looking for the Source to harness its energy for the sake of humanity. He thinks the Guard is a self-centered guy who utilised the Source to act like a superhero when he might have shared it with the world and made many other changes. Later, Irons discovers that Argon has the same goal as the Guard, but unlike the Guard, Argon has no trouble playing the villain. Irons decides to work with the Guard to stop Argon when the going gets tough.

Everyone ends up at the school while searching for the Source, where the climactic showdown takes place. Jack and Argon battle it out in the Source-powered suits, but Jack has been doing it for ten years while Argon has only recently experienced its might. Argon makes a death threat toward Charlie after realising he cannot defeat Jack. Argon is duped by the father and son using the hidden ball ruse. But after a struggle between Jack and Argon, the latter manages to take control of the Source.

Charlie tosses a bomb at the Source simultaneously, and it hooks on to it, causing a blast that appears to have obliterated everything in its immediate vicinity. It was later discovered that the Source survived the explosion. It can withstand modest human explosions better because it is an extraterrestrial technology. As a result, the Source is unharmed by the blast, which may have destroyed any other ordinary sphere.

Jack finds it and uses it to continue saving the planet. This time, he tells his wife and son, who both assist him in doing his superhero duties. Irons, who appear to have been selected by the Source itself, are also welcomed to the squad.

Irons had a vision when stealing the Source from Charlie that helped him see why Jack had kept it hidden from the rest of the world. Jack also interprets the vision as evidence that the Source believes in Irons because it doesn’t always grant visions. Irons is currently working in the background as The Guard does his duties.

The most intriguing of Charlie’s companions, Maya, continues to live her own life in the meantime. Although it is unknown what she does or if she even works there, she appears to be an intern for the CIA.

What Happens to Ansel Argon

Secret Headquarters Ending: What Happened to Ansel Argon (Michael Peña)?

Ansel Argon (Michael Peña) is angry that The Guard is trying to change the world and reduce the need for weapons while its power source is crime and violence. Argon locates the Source with the assistance of Irons, although he has been working toward his own objectives the entire time. Argon wants the Source to be more potent, while Irons wants it to aid the planet. Even if it means murdering five youngsters, he is willing to do whatever it takes to obtain that power.

The Source may appear to everyone as another thing they might manipulate for their own ends, yet it actually demonstrates some degree of sentience. It is capable of telling a reasonable individual from a bad one. It knows who to trust and when, which is why it initially shows Jack its powers but withholds them from Irons. The Source can detect that this person cannot be trusted when Argon is obtained. Charlie also throws a bomb at it, which causes it to energise.

The blast doesn’t really have much of an impact on the Source, but it does enable Argon to be sent to a location from which he can never return—at least not on his own. He gets transported into another dimension while wearing the winter coat, where there is nothing but emptiness.

The dimension’s background makes it appear like something the Source created. The orb and other items it created had hexagonal patterns similar to these ones. It is already known that the Source has its own will. It continues to function even without Jack. This is demonstrated when the children find the headquarters and observe the 3D printer building escape hatches all by itself.

Aside from that, nobody is aware of the Source’s exact origins or the extent of its power. It appears to be able to transport objects via another dimension. However, it’s also possible that it built the pocket dimension that presently houses Argon as a jail on its own. Based on the similarity of the patterns, it is also possible that the dimension Argon is currently in is the same one that the Source originated from. However, this merely raises further doubts about where it came from. There is no denying anything. For a very long time, that Argon won’t see anyone else.

“Secret Headquarters” (2022) movie is currently streaming exclusively on Paramount+, beginning on Friday, August 12.

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